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  1. Yeah, that would be interesting. But I believe the SC said some time ago, that the bigger the ship, the more processor you need. You could have a few of those big ships and watch your computer turn into a 386 or even a 286!
  2. I was patrolling around the Earthstar Starstation, in my Nightstar Heavy Carrier, when a Val/Raider Solnar Heavy Cruiser comes in. I figure let's go take it out. After a few minutes of action and with the help of a couple of fighters from Earthstar its History. Well just as this finishes a BC MKII raider HJ into the region also. I launch all 4 fighters and the MKII launched fighters and again with the help of some fighters from Earthstar, we sent the raider to its death. My fighter jocks, interesting enough took out all 4 of his fighters. Not bad, 1st combat mission, and 4 kills. I thought enough of this, and HJ over to Polaris Star system. I was enroute to Polaris-2 when the TAC Officer said, "There's something out there"! Then I saw the flash across my screen which told me I had a cloaked Carrier out there. Well I was just done from rearming and recharging the fighters up to full capacity when I was alerted, "We have intruders on board"! Knowing that my Combat Officer is a goober, I checked the Perscan and found 6 intruders. Before I could do anything, I hear Mid-turret Laser array is damaged. Still no ship had decloaked, therefore the intruders are taking out systems. As that happens a Val/Raider BC MKIII decloaks. Surley enough its target was me. Next I hear marines engaged in combat on Deck 2 and 3. Well I said enough of this! Changed direction to Velari Starstation. Sent 10 marines out searching for the intruders, and before I could launch fighters, Mid-turret laser is destroyed. Well by this time the MKII was upon me with her fighters also. Well better launch all fighters, when to my surprise no fighters could be launched. It seems the intruders made it to the flight deck! All 4 fighters had 10 to 20 percent damage, 1 Fpilot was dead and the other 3 were injured. Well I cut launch power quickly seeing this and said it don't look good. No fighter protection, intruders running amok on the ship, and a MKIII coming in for the kill. Well at this point in the nick of time I was close enough to Velari starstation to be under there protection. I took some laser and missile damage and was able to dock with Velari. This put the 6 intruders in the brig, but cost me 3 marines and alot of internal damage. I took a look at the damage, bought the spare parts and quickly took off again. I put the engineers to work and stayed within the area of Velari startstion. Thank god we beat back the MKIII and its fighters, but at what cost: 1.) I had 1 operational fighter and 2 shuttles. 2.) 5 pilots were either wounded or dead. 3.) 3 marines killed in action. 4.) Mid-turret PTA destroyed. 5.) Other internal and external structural damage. 6.) Velari starstion, shields at 1000 and armor had lost 1000 points. I thought, well I am too banged up to go anywhere, might as well stay here and protect the Starstion and repair my self. After a few hours, I have all shuttles and 2 fighters operational. Mid-turret laser is functional also. Internal damage and systems coming back online, and 1 pilot cloned and 3 pilots coming out of medbay. The ship is somewhat operational and Velari is about 6000 shields so I decided to HJ over to Actis-IV in Procyon system And it started all over again, "There's something out there"! This time a Raider Firestorm decloaks. In closing, this is one hell of a game, and the AI is something to be reckoned with! If I didn't know any better, I think the SC was actually the raider AI! [ 12-28-2001: Message edited by: jstuart ]
  3. posted by the SC quote:Or you can use the support units tab in Tacops/Zoom-To. I implemented it specifically for that purpose. And in 1.0.03, it will work even if the CC is NOT on the planet. Yep, works great, that was the little fix I needed! SC, ever thought of being a mind reader?
  4. I agree with everyone, after patch 1.0.02 , I have experienced "0" problems. Any additional patches is just extra gravy for all of us! And SC what happen to relaxing? Time for a preemptive strike on all of SC's computers, may be turn them off for a couple weeks so he can get some rest!
  5. If it is as good as the books, then it will be awesome!
  6. You guys are kidding right! You want to see pictures of mt 18 year old daughter! Well, just because she is blond, blue eyes, and about 5 ft 7 in tall! I don't think were are taking this too an appropiate place! [ 12-19-2001: Message edited by: jstuart ]
  7. jstuart

    New computer

    Thanx for the link Some very good prices, especially with the AMD XP systems.
  8. jstuart

    New computer

    Nice system! Did you get the 19 inch with the system or already have it? With that type of PC, hell go for the 21 inch!
  9. quote:Pics? Yeah, I have some at one of my PC's at home. Just your run of the mill stuff.
  10. Without a doubt, BCM is the most intriguing and messmerizing game I ever had the opportunity to play. Words alone can not express my enjoyment for this game! I can only say: "God created the Heaven and the Earth in 6 Days", "On the 7th day he rested", "And on the 8th day he created Derek Smart"! With the recent events happening here on the forum board, whatever you think you have to do Derek in taking time off and whatever, go for it! With BCM, you have hit the top!
  11. quote:I still have yet to turn 18 Don't wish your life away! It will all be too soon and you will be saying, "where did the time go"! I have a 18 year daughter, and all I hear is I wish I was older to do this and do that! I wish she was older too, then I could kick her out of the house and the Mrs. and I would get our privacy back! But honestly, live life to the fullest and cherish everyday as a great one!
  12. Paddy, I see by your system profile info that you have a Dell. Do you the system restore and recovery disk that came with the computer? If you do, that has everything you need to reload your system! If you do not, then you have a little work ahead of you. You need a win98se boot disk and the win98se cd-rom along with install number. That's basically a starting point, from there its a tedious process of re-installing software, drivers, and other programs. Good luck
  13. I believe that the SC would be assigning those along with some type of input from the Fleet Commanders. I would imagine that the system (assigning of assets) would be based upon the individual fleet or wing make-up. If you are a covert ops wing, I wouldn't think that you would be flying around in Warmongers!
  14. Sorry to post this here, SC Been away from the forum a few days Tried downloading the latest patch, and all I get is a blank white screen! Any thoughts?
  15. SC is the da Man! I didn't think I would need the newest drivers. That did the trick! Now its time to register Go explore the game And its bunny hunting time!
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