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  1. The link shows 2 games being sold, of which one is out of stock and called Battlecruiser Millennium W98. This is sold by chips and bits. I guess this is not the game that is being produced by 3000ad so I guess there is some glitch here. anyway thanks for looking into this.
  2. Sorry guys to break the atmosphere here, but I dun have the faintest I dea what is gooing on in here, I read the RP threads and do not know what is going on, how does one get to command a ship in these RP threads??
  3. SC below is the link to the mentioning of the BCM W98 I saw. I hope this helps you. BCM prices [ 05-14-2001: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  4. SC whats teh third mission abt and do we get to see it in the next episode of the demo? Anyway still drooling over your cool graphics and can't wait for the game release so I can get it.
  5. Anyone knows if there was a version of BCM released in 1st april 2001?? I checked ard and found this site selling it. It stated BCM W98 or something like that and stated that it was out of stock. I dun think this is the same BCM that is being release by Ebgames, but if anyone got any info of this matter would really help me. Thank you.
  6. Thanks SC as usual you have cleared things up thanks again.... I am very anxiously waiting for your game to come out.
  7. What you selling man... the weather here is hot as hell, you guys know if the game ever gonna get shipped here, although the e-mail reply I got was go check on the sales info and notthing is said there. I am trying all my means to get a copy of the game as soon as it is out, but so far no one in singapore ( the shops I mean ) knew abt BCM. What a shame, i did ask them to look at this website if they had the time. I do hope some one will bring it here or if not then I just have to order it thru the net.
  8. OK.... I did try with the new shortcut i made. Does it work if I jump to another system and then jump back and try it on that starbase??? if it does let me know if not I will try it anyway thanks for the info also.
  9. Thanks soback for your help, will try that station mission again thanks. Well i have tried it and I tried to dock to the station after it was on SOS. I got an Invalid target msg flashing b4 me... oh well but the game did not throw me back to the desk top this time, anyway thanks soback for the all the help so far. [ 05-09-2001: Message edited by: Guyffon ]
  10. Guys... I know that this may not be much ... but I have seen a anime abt a ship called Sol Bianca and although the size of it is like that of a BC, it has awesome power. Imagine a ship that can regenerate and parts it looses and they are not holographic, but actual usable parts that were destroyed ( dun know how it works ) and weapons that emit out like streams of beam weapons that have the ability to bend and slice thru any ship ( even shielded ones ) like butter. Yet it is as small as a BC. Hmmmmmm a dream come thru??? Well I think that this is the only ship that has teh abilty to rival all other ships mentioned here. If you guys have not heard of it, look for a Japanese anime called Sol Bianca it has english subtitles and you will see what I mean.
  11. Hello tac I am new, I can draw, only mechanical items, e.g. ships, vehicles, mechas..... Maybe I am a bit late though... would like to see what cartoon you doing.
  12. I have gotten my demo working and its a fine game that I can see... only thing is in the 2 missions, I dun really know what to do, well at least for mission 1 I know what to do, but mission 2, I dun really know how to capture the Starbase. But I still like flying ard in the BC and its lots of fun, looking at the worm hole the cool graphics and all. I am just wondering, my game drops out to desktop a lot esp when I play at it for a long time, is this normal?? anyway I still dun know whne the actual game is coming out yet, I am very anxious to get it, but being from a country out of the US and Eroupean market, I wonder if I can get it at all. Well I cannot wait till the planets come out. This is the most impressive game I have every seen so far, not just the graphics but down to the concept of teh game.
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