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  1. This was a couple years ago for me. Finally got back to college and graduated with honors. Life is a fun journey. Haven't had a bunch of time for games until recently, since I was working and going to school full-time as well as being a single parent. Now that I'm 33 enjoying my mid-life crisis and riding my Harley Davidson around.
  2. Doing pretty well. My oldest son is in high school now, and my daughter is in 2nd grade. Just life getting busy. Hard to believe I've been registered on here for 14+ years.
  3. Seems like it works. Long time no see everyone. SC, you and I go back and forth on Twitter periodically. And on the SA forums. @lljksilk
  4. Far more talented than me.
  5. I'm still alive. Haven't been on here in a while. How goes it?
  6. Kick ass to see people rolling back in.
  7. Good to see you back Aleksey. Been a while.
  8. Hey guys. Not sure what we've got left, but putting this out there if anyone wants to report in and group up.
  9. Been a while... clicked 'like'
  10. If you want to increase the difficulty, you can export your ship designs and allow the AI to use them. The vanilla designs are easily countered and the AI does not generate new ones without your help. Give the AI better ships, learn to counter, repeat. Also... wow, I haven't been on here in forever. Surprised I remembered my password.
  11. Howdy folks. Checking in. More RL drama has been keeping me away from gaming in general.
  12. IANAL but trademarks can be lost if you don't actively defend them. I'd just have your attorney send them a friendly notice that 3000AD is trademarked and ask them if they could rename it something else.
  13. Eh, I've owned all three and the only thing I use my PS3 for is blu-ray movies. The gaming situation is horrible, most online games work better on the 360, the 360 comes with a headset so I can actually talk with my friends, the 360 matchmaking is easier, and so many other things I could name. Most PS3 games are average, and none are really 'system sellers' unless you are an absolute fan of the series (MGS4). MGS4 wasn't even a game as far as I was concerned... just an interactive movie. For every hour of gameplay I had the controller sitting in my lap for 45 minutes watching a movie. Then it'd give me 30 seconds of gameplay and then play another 15 minute movie. The two games I've enjoyed on the PS3: Warhawk, and Uncharted. Otherwise the situation has been pretty lame. Where is Sony's "Home"? Isn't it 2-3 years late now? Where are Sony's system sellers? White Knight Chronicles? Sony is taking so long to get their act together, that by the time they do surpass the 360 we'll have the XBox 720 with Indigo-Ray drive that can play Blu-Ray, HDDVD, LaserDisc, and 8Track tapes via a hologram loader. The 'free' PSN isn't comparable to XBL in terms of what you get. Right now the 360 feels like the more complete experience for gaming. PS3 for movies. Wii for Mario/Zelda/Metroid fans.
  14. Talk about threadnomancy (and a huge coincidence). After some recent events, I had decided to come back here and reflect on the past and noticed someone was reading this thread also. Much to my surprise, they posted as well. My children are fine, and I have a daughter now, as well as a new wife. (One tends to follow the other) My ex-wife has been convicted of Aggravated Child Abuse and Child Neglect in the state of Florida, and is awaiting sentencing in October. She faces 30 years in state prison. Reading this thread again, I sort of shake my head at the bullet I dodged by her acting psychotic instead of friendly. I'll check in at some point for replies, but you can contact me via myspace (myspace.com/danielcooper2006) or YIM dc2005silk or AIM dc2004silk or MSN ([email protected]) or email (mcooper7470 ((AT)) charter.net) God bless.
  15. Born on May 4, 2008. I'm proud to announce the birth of my third child, and my first daughter, and my wife's first baby: Callie Jordan.
  16. Well, if that is the case why outlaw counterfeiting? If all you need to create value is a print-press after all. Having a commodity on which to base a currency has the advantage of being finite. You have a set amount of money in circulation, each denomination of that money has a set purchasing power in relation to your commodity, and it remains fairly stable because that commodity does not increase/decrease drastically. Creating money from nothing, backing it with nothing, then making promises (Medicaid/Medicare) which surpass even what you've created is a recipe for disaster. We've promised so much in entitlement spending that by 2019 our entire budget will only be enough to cover two programs: Medicare/Medicaid & Social Security. That is it. We won't be able to meet those obligations. http://www.cnn.com/2008/US/03/26/beck.deficit/
  17. I partially agree with this - though I believe having our currency backed by something other than "full faith and credit" would be a good thing. It limits the amount you can print, it keeps the value stable, and it prevents the wholesale destruction/dissolution of banks, etc. when things go bad. The entire industry is being ravaged because of Enron-like accounting also. All these companies gave out subprime loans - then insured them - then counted the insurance as an asset. We've seen major banks going down in the past weeks. We've seen our currency devalued before swiss currency and canadian currency - something which has never happened in my lifetime... and I'm not sure if it has ever happened. Something bad is going on... I just hope it isn't an unstoppable trend... I think the stimulus payment just delays the inevitable. China wouldn't be diversifying if we weren't tanking so bad because of our own poor choices.
  18. Thank you guys. It has been a good one. I'm expecting my 3rd child (girl this time) in May also, so things are going pretty good. Lots better than 2003 anyway.
  19. My personal opinion is that the value of Gold/Silver is not increasing. The value of the dollar itself is decreasing, thus it takes more dollars to purchase these commodities. The dollar will collapse if we don't get rid of the Fed and start backing up our currency with something of real value.
  20. I disagree: Ron Paul raised more money than any other GOP candidate in the 4th quater. Ron Paul was barred from a Fox News debate in NH (and the NH GOP dropped sponsorship as a result) even though he beat 2 other candidates who were allowed to attend in number of votes. Ron Paul was virtually ignored in terms of news coverage on Fox - I even did a search via Google site:Foxnews.com "Ron Paul" and the only stories which come up in the results are either negative or repeating disproven claims. CNN/MSNBC neither of them had a problem covering Ron Paul (granted, in the amount of recognition he earned so they didn't focus on him) so I'm just wondering what Fox News didn't like about him that caused them to give much less coverage as well as attempt to marginalize him with certain debate questions. Let me be fair: Fox News can choose to cover/not cover whatever stories they want. I have no problem with this at all. What the did however, was specifically biased - i.e. editing Ron Paul out of replays of debates, editing references (3 - 4 words max) out of reprinted AP articles, and basically showing that there was more going on than just ignoring him. This wasn't a bias of not covering him so much as an explicit bias of Orwellian-style editing of the News. Youtube has been very wonderful in highlighting the bias of Fox. There was an "undecided voter" group of stories they kept running around IA/NH and they got busted using plants who were supposedly undecideds from either state.
  21. I voted for and gave money to Dr. Paul's campaign. I voted along with about 3% in Alabama. I'm sure if everyone who said "I'd vote for him but he won't win" had actually voted for him we might be talking about nominee Paul. As-is people are scared to death of getting McCain and are running toward American taliban.
  22. My wife's birthday doings are going on so I won't be able to make it.
  23. UK Independent Reuters "The men and women of Afghanistan are building a nation that is free, and proud, and fighting terror - and America is honored to be their friend." - George W. Bush
  24. I agree. Fox News has been caught red handed removing Ron Paul from coverage. In the Fox News debate post-New Hampshire Ron Paul gave a scathing retort of the Fox News moderator. Fox News subsequently removed that part of the debate from the re-airings. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSMjYXFYmTY) In another controversy, Fox News purchased an AP article about Wyoming - and then edited out all references to Ron Paul. ( ) Fox News also refused to invite him to the New Hampshire debate even though they invited Guiliani (whom Ron Paul has a 4-1-1 record against). Fox News can of course do what they like (free market, etc.) - but they shouldn't pretend to be "Fair and Balanced" when they have already showed multiple times in the past month alone that they try to fix the news. Edit: I also remember they got busted in Iowa using the same group of people in supposedly "random" samplings of undecided voters to claim that Guiliani/Romney were the best candidates.
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