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  1. Here mines: Disorder Rating Paranoid: Moderate Schizoid: Low Schizotypal: Low Antisocial: Moderate Borderline: Low Histrionic: Low Narcissistic: High Avoidant: Low Dependent: Low Obsessive-Compulsive: Low hmmmmm, oh well
  2. You upload it to a free servise provider, and using the ubb code to direct a link to it... You do not want to connect it directly to your hard drive because, then that will easily get hacked and people can steal valuable info from your computer or worse... completly erase your whole harddirve and the such... YuY out...
  3. *Best South park voice(s)* "Oh My God! you got asked to send in your work to wrok for GCO!" "You [email protected]%&ed!"
  4. Ok, Ok.. Ummm I would like a nightstar please! well just for now.... Done [ 08-08-2001: Message edited by: aramike ]
  5. Hey, Just a short question... whats the offical BC date right now? 3008? or is it still 3000? Just a question.
  6. *goes and knees* Can I pleeeease have my stormcarrier? I'll be really careful with it! really I will! Gammulans honour* heh really tho, can I have the stormcarrier untill SC releases info about other alien military? And i'm also the ONLY Gam military so i need to protect myself!
  7. who said you can't get BC's? ever heard of the black market? LOL! really tho, if you got the creds then you prolly got the ship,
  8. Yea, ok I see what you mean aramike... *goes in a corner and cries* Then what should I chose?
  9. Really thhough, why can't I have a stormcarrier, I am in the military so wouldn't they give military commanders like me one of those ships? just a thought... Update It also says on the asset page CASTE CAREER CHOICE ASSET CHOICE MILITARY COMMANDER Any cruiser/carrier/transport PS PILOT Any close air (PAS/HAG/LAG) / shuttle EF PILOT Any fighter MI MARINE Any ground vehicle Type1 (ATV/APC/HAV/LAV) EF MARINE Any ground vehicle Type2 (HUMVEE/CAB) so a military commander gets his choice of any crusier/carrier/transport. [ 08-07-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]
  10. quote:Originally posted by aramike: Err, perhaps after you've established yourself online in MP. Oh poopy..
  11. OH NO SC's going to blow! heh j/k go easy on him SC... hes only a little boy. and yes 598 its you that has the problem, the first time I d/l E1 I got an invalid error, I re-downloaded it and now it works fine! and I had no problem with E2 so far. Thanks SC
  12. Well since im Gam military... I get a stormcarrier?
  13. Just a side story [rp] Meanwhile... 1:04 May 17, 3008 Gamma-1, Gammula War Council room Darien Mane yelled at the top of his multiple lungs, "Get out of here! and don't come back untill you have sufecient information on Galcoms defencive system!" "Yes sir, but please remember that I'm only a Tacops commander and have control of only a few areas in Galactic command, I don't have the right access codes for all the information your looking for". "SO!? Get them! I didn't let you live so that you could stand here and object to what I order you to do, you lousy TERRAN! If you cannot comply to my instructions I will feed you to the Mandorian slaves!" "Yes sir, I shall do as you wish" The Terran known as Randy Karynia turned and headed towards his shuttle. Darien Mane turned and headed into a room where the rest of the Gammulan War council was located with some vital information that the terran left him about the defencive system at polaris-1... [/rp] Hey I just wanted to add a few twists... if I cannot have this tell me
  14. I use zonealarm and black ice together, black ice dosn't do that much but I use it to gather information about the attacker.... 'nuff said.
  15. [rp] As if you dont already have some prejudice against me! I'm Gammulan, and that very name sends shivers up your spine! As for having something to do with me... as you said, it dosn't! I was just giving a warning, somthing us Gams don't do very often so take it, and heed that warning... And as for my poetic statment, that is also something you will not see VERY often... Herro out! [/rp] [ 08-03-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]
  16. [rp] My dear Spuzzum, let me tell you a very popular phrase done by the great poet (yes us gams have poets) kar'lazu, it goes something like this... "Take the Universe and grind it down to the finest powder, and sieve it through the finest sieve, and then show me one atom of justice, one molecule of mercy. And yet . . . and yet you act as if there is some ideal order in the world, as if there is some . . . some rightness in the Universe by which it may be judged." If you do not understand what im trying to say, i'll help you... To us gams, there is no law in the Universe- and no terran shall ever try to inforce such a thing upon us! And if you try to... If you try to inforce that such a thing upon us Gammulans you'll be sure that those will be the last of your days... [/rp] heh [ 08-03-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]
  17. Owww that hurt.... ------------------------------ But lets just keep it between you and me, you have been a good help to me, and you inspired me to try getting more people to be Gams , yes I will miss you from the indie organizeation (hey untill BCM comes out Alien military is considered being indie) and I hope you all the luck in Orion fleet. ------------------------------------- Ok 'nuff of that... [rp] Thanks for the warning, LOL! but when gco comes out (im assuming there will be alot of Gams then) we'll see who gets the first Viagrent up there tail pipes! [/rp] Oh and 1 more thing, Outlaw is a Gam to... so theres 2 gams!
  18. EWWWWWWWWW! you had to put that warning up didn't you?? HUH! Always remember, if someone says not to do something to a teenaged male like me, they will never listen and do the exact oppisit! I was eating cereal (honney nut cherrois to be exact) and I almost puked watching that thing... *puts visien in his eyes* And almost blinded to! *gets a bit of a grip* over all tho.. it was pretty funny... and disgusting.... -Herro
  19. 1:04 May 17, 3008 Hydar 9, Cyrian UCV-Angel of Death Bridge ...Shingens not in his room, theirs no trace of where he could be. I knew he was trouble when he first came onboard this ship, he's jepordizing this mission and I will not allow that... I pushed the button to open up a comms link to Tar'nok. "Tar'nok, any luck at finding Shingen?" "No, I sent out a warning to everyone on the ship to look out for him, but we assume he has disguised himself". "Ok, keep me updated on this, Herro out" ...Where could he be? Where is that blasted Shingen? He's going to have to contact his people, but that means he would have to be in the comms room, or does it?... "Admiral Yuy, we have just cleared hyperspace, sheilds are at maximum, cloaking is on, and we're entering the Tyrus-2 region." "Ok halt here, wait for the rest of the fleet to join up, Lexi-get anything from the probe?" "Negitive sir, it seems the prob has been damaged and its sensors are malfunctioning". "Ok, wait for the rest of the fleet to come and tell them to set there sensors to max and scan this region for any signatures, anything! Vapor trails, whatever I wan't to know whats here and whats been here" "Aye sir, sending instructions" "Admiral Yuy, we may have figured out where Shingen could be, he's probably in enginering, we secured all the decks except this one, we dont know if hes in there already or not..." "Good Tar'nok, secure the area and get Shingen, gas him out if you have to... Just don't kill him, I want him alive..." "Aye Sir" [/rp] There that might start the thread again, oh well, theres no rush... [ 08-07-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]
  20. [rp] gahh, it dont matter te me... You terran? You dead! [/rp] heh well, you still havn't told us why you left...
  21. Herro

    Matrix rant

    Hmm, I was reading the previews for Matrix 2&3 (here) and all I have to say is... awesome! But somethings missing... The original Matrix was something no movie producer made, the special FX were phonomanl, the story was great and over all it set a new perspective for us all in this world... But its been 3 years since the movie came out, and during those years, the matrix has been deprived of its dignity. There have been countless movies each copying the films once classified "unique" special FX, each movie each time degreading the movie of what it was worth. 3 years ago, hearing of a sequal of the Matrix would have been one of the greatest things that could have happend... Now i'm not so sure, of course the movie(s) will be great! But it wont be as goodas it should be, because of the movie industrie imitating the films, thinking they will have the same success as the films with the "origional" ideas. I'm sure Matrix 2&3 will have a huge success when they get relessed to the theters, but they wont be as successive as the first film... What are your guys thought on this?
  22. [rp] Heh, i'll tell you of a ship you'll never get your hands on if you become Syrion... It has 7 turrets 4 main guns 16 fighters Is owned by the one and only supreme ruling race and will be the last thing you see if you come in contact with it on a 1v1.... Yes thats it, a StormCarrier [/rp] Since this really isn't my argument because us Gammulans don't talk with terrans, i'll just sit back and grab some popcorn [ 08-01-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]
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