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  1. Ok, that covers the Reputation system... but what about a stash? As quoted before, when we die in GCO, everything thats on us will be lost, so shouldn't we have something like a bank where we can keep our valuables safe? just a thought...
  2. Hey, I was reading over the GCO faq and I have a few questions... -In GCO, when I die "you will lose everything that you are carrying at the time" but do we get like a stash or a "bank" where we can keep some of our items safe, and wont lose em if I die? And also since Im going to be Gam in GCO, does that mean i'll have an instant "bad" reputation on the reputation system?
  3. LOL yes some are from movies but... I like em all the same
  4. Hmm well its a nice sig, for me it dont matter, if your terran-you dead in my book.. LOL . Since you doin quotes like that tho, you could use one of these if you want: "Fate is not without a sense of irony, it seems." "I do not suffer from insanity, i enjoy every minute of it." "Alpha, and omega; death, and rebirth. As you die, so I am reborn." "If I cannot bend Heaven, I shall move Hell" Oh well, use at what ever...btw since he brought that up... what about my quote? any comments? [ 07-30-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]
  5. Well if someone is a raider/gam /assassian there going to kill someone... its there "role" and besides theres the cops(aka police caste) and there will be zones that will be patrolled, PvP is just another form of roleplaying (remembers back to diablo) the thing is, if your scared of multiplayer... dont play it. Just my 2 cents [ 07-30-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]
  6. What the heck, i'll just join in on this as well. I'm 16 going on my 17 in 3 months... there I brought the average down.... Oh, and welcome to the war Jaxom
  7. Heh, if your clan does decide to join, i would consider you guys to be an indie, cause like you said, you have 5 squads but they all act independently another thing, if you like to be big an powerful and the whole bc universe shudders at you... join the gam military... lol anyhow, good luck at finding a space sim for your clan...
  8. Hmm, PC Gamer said it was a great game, and that it has a feature called "slo-mo" where when you press it, everything goes in slomotion and that its good when you have difficut things that requier percise timing and so on, I think thats cool, can't wait to try a demo, as for the game hours, I doubt its as low as 15 hours, but I don't really know... just my thoughts....
  9. hmmm, I saw it again, and all I have to say is this, the movie was overall but it could have been so much better, the only reason it wasn't as good as it should have been was because of... Hironobu Sakaguchi's direction of the film, this movie is directed like the stereotypical science fiction episode we might see parodied on late night comedy shows – Sakaguchi's handling and blocking of many sequences is undynamic, and rarely pulls us into the drama, into the action, or into the moment. It feels like a video game cut scene, leaving us to watch the eye candy... This film struggles to convey deep thoughts and cosmic meanings, but it's ultimately cold and heartless (accentuated by Sakaguchi's clunky direction), and is sometimes little more than an protracted series of science fiction conceits and clich├®s. Leaving us to watch the eye candy... The filmmakers seem to have mistaken visual substance for narrative substance. A frequent, but catastrophic, misstep in films of this kind. Thats all.... to bad tho... BTW, IM BACK!
  10. LOL. no worries Welcome Back! oh and on a side note i'll be goin on vacation leaven tommorow at lunch time(monday 12:00 pm) and i'll be back around friday so if the thread goes on, you can all RP me, just don't kill me
  11. Don't you worry I watch alot of anime to So i'll live up to Herro's reputation as being the "perfect" solider(just instead of being human, i'm Gam ) and I'll have alot of emotions to "push" to their catotic side(hey thats what it says in my book, herro uses his emotions to give him the urge to destroy all of OZ/kil) anyhow, see you out there! P.S. At least I didn't name my ship "Zero" even tho I should have (hey wing zero custom in endless waltz is aswome!) ok enough anime [ 07-22-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]
  12. Hello Sebastian For joining into the fire I believe you e-mail Blades, as for Independed way, ask shingen..(btw WHERE IS SHINGEN!?!? lol ) I also believe there is enough room on both threads for people to join, (for Independed way, everyons after me , well almost everyone) so if your able to join em, i'll see ya there btw... Welcome to the War
  13. Heh... I liked the movie, the graphics were outstanding! I liked the plot IMO. It was based on Japanese Folklore (like you already know)that everything has a spirit and that when you die you join the big spirit of the earth, i.e. Guia(sp?) As for some off the rip offs from other movies.. I agree, but what about some of its originality? *spoiler* The love scene in zero gravity? c'mon I havn't seen that in any movie so far.. LOL! As for everyone dieing... I liked that "funny guy" LOL! All in all it was a good movie and I will go see it again...
  14. quote:Originally posted by $iLk: Or as seems to be the popular theory around here now, Seven of Nine fell through a dimensional rift and her hoohoo's knocked the Space-Time continuium off it's axis and now the past is the future and the future is the past? I like that "explanition/theroy"
  15. quote:Originally posted by Jaguar: And 7 of 9 is, was, and forever shall be, the greatest Star Trek female of all time!! and with that Jaguar closed the holy trek bible, to never be read again... Amen brother.. [ 07-14-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]
  16. quote: -from setion31 interview- MARK: As you look around, this is a lot more advanced than the '60s, even though you're earlier in time. SCOTT: It's kind of a tricky thing because we obviously have more technology now at our disposal in terms of the shooting of it, but we had to go back and make it look like it was before. So this has more of a submarine type of feel to it. You go in the submarines of today and there are a lot of similarities to their kind of stations and things. So projecting that ahead and still making it seem like it's before Kirk is complicated. -------------------------------------------- MARK: The legacy of this whole "Star Trek" series -- tell me about it. SCOTT: Well, it has been over three decades, and I go back to the very beginning of it and have a very serious relationship with that first "Star Trek" show. To be able to be a part of that, to continue that and yet be the first at the same time is pretty intriguing. Again, we have all this new available technology so we can set it up in a new way and give it a new look. "To be able to be a part of that, to continue that and yet be the first at the same time is pretty intriguing." Huh??? How can you continue something, and be the first?!?! [ 07-10-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]
  17. Herro

    Movie Night: AI

    quote:Originally posted by Korono Lakeela: ..."uh, Steve we need a happy ending really bad........I know!!! ALIENS!...or super robots, whichever they were" ROFL I believe they were aliens... lol or super robots...didn't really matter because I was a) half asleep lost all feeling in my legs and c) got completly lost cause of thos "super bots"... and it still took close to 30 minutes to do conclude(sp?) the damnd film! P.S. I like that bear bot that followed david around, he was prolly the coolest thing in the film LOL [ 07-10-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]
  18. quote:the writers describe the vessel as "more rocketship than starship". If I may say so but... thats just plain stupid...*cross fingers* I just hope the show ain't as stupid as that quoote... *sighs*
  19. quote:Originally posted by Shingen: Since the Gam Admiral is now an actual Commander,(ie:Herro Yuy) I don't think that we can really kill him off, 'cause we can only kill NPC's in the RP so this means that the assassination will not be successful? and that I will eather forfill my mission or head back to gam teritory?
  20. Heh, the movie is frekin funny! It's a must see... But sadly... Its not as funny as number 1 but still worth it!
  21. [rp] 00:48 May 17, 3008 Hydar 9, Cyrian UCV-Angel of Death Bridge "Sir, we have 16 minutes left untill we are at Tyrus-2!" "Good, Trena do you detect anything at Tyrus-2?" "No sir, just some trader vessels-I can't get a good reading while were in the worm hole." "Ok, Tar'nok any luck at finding our assassin?" "No sir, the ship seems to be ok, maybe that Valkerie was just bluffing it?" "Maybe, but who would have the guts to come and enter a stormcarrier full of high trained Gammulans, just to bluff something?" "Good point sir, i'll tell my security team check again." "Good, what about our Half-Breed? Any status on him?" "Yes sir, he checked into his room, 1 hour and 15 minutes ago, i'll send another troop to go check again." "Ok. Trena engage cloaking, I don't wan't any more traders knowing where we are, oh if they get to close.. Shot them." "Aye sir, cloaking engaged-we're comming out of the wormhole sir, continuing on plotted course" I nodded slightly and wen't into my quarters, and sat down at my desk. -00:53- Bridge "Commander Tar'nok, there seems to be a gas in Lt. Shingens quarters, I have also found a dead medic, his cloths wer..." the officer fell quiet from the nerve-gas, never to breath again... "Rex'sha?, REX'SHA! come in please!" I knew it was hopeless calling him, but I needed to make sure- "Lexi-reventilate Lt. Shingens room and send a medical team there" "Yes sir, Mr. Tar'nok, should I also send a computer analyst to see if he also accessed the security logs?" "What? Oh yea, sure" I opened up a commlink to Admiral Herro Yuy. "Sir I have some news for you" [/rp] Don't worry Shingen, with Tar'noks thick skull he still doesn't realize its you...yet [ 08-02-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]
  22. Herro

    Movie Night: AI

    quote:Originally posted by Eclipse: why couldn't they just END THE THING!?!?!! Heh, you could say that again... when you think its over, they add another scene... It was pretty tiresome... all in all it was a good movie [ 07-07-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]
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