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  1. quote:Originally posted by Menchise: Which Linux OS are you using (just curious)? I'm thinking about getting Debian. I'm currently using Linux Mandrake 8.0 which is good for starters(like me) Debain is a good OS, but the installation isn't as easy as Mandrake or Red hat.
  2. Heh, well I aint upgrading to windoze XP or office anytime soon, I'm happy with my win 98 OS and office 97, plus and the side note I only use windoze for my games, other wise im usually surfin the net listen to music and the rest with my lunix OS [ 07-05-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]
  3. quote:Originally posted by Spuzzum: Ah, roleplaying threats. Gotta love 'em.
  4. LOL I believe the hot dogs hes refering to are the ones that you order when your ont the floting fortress(I don't remember what it's called) As for the movie i'm also going to see it becasue of the CGI... (and maybe also becasue the girl looks kinda good ) [ 07-04-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]
  5. [rp] Yea and it will also unbored me while I tell my PTA's to shoot his arse down... [/rp] serously...the Gam quadrent is the place to be if your bored and to be to get killed...
  6. yea I know... but I still clasifiy them as "nintendos games" becasue I have the first 2... (ok so thats a lame excuse..) Now back to the topic...I heard it took 4 years to draw/make the main character for the movie and they had 26 artists working on her face alone... [ 07-03-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]
  7. I dunno.. I don't think it's based on the Nintendo game series. And yes... It does look cool
  8. HAPPY CANADA DAY!! I am...you know I am...I am CANADIAN! (love that commercial)
  9. quote: Originally posted by Cmdr Nova Nevermind. I don't think it could tie in, beause the investigation is starting only at 20th/21st May, 3008, which is around 4 days from your position. Sorry. Well, at least I tried....... does that mean we won't be able to tie in with Into the Fire? [ 07-01-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]
  10. Yup Shingen, we're at Cyrain and we're continuing our plotted corse to Lanix-V(aka were about to enter the wormhole to Tyrus-2.. Hope that also clears up things....
  12. quote:YES!!! LoL! As for internet connection... Cable RULEZ! [ 06-28-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]
  13. [RP] 00:09 May,17 3008 Hydar-9, Cyrian UCV-Angel of Death (stormcarrier) Med-bay I steped out of Medbay and walk to the commlink and messaged Tar'nok "Tar'nok I want you to set the ship on a priority 1 alert, I wan't there to be Identification checks at every corridor!" "Aye sir! But if I may ask...why?" "Why? becasue I have gotten word of someone that is trying to kill one of the officers and I have a strong feeling that its me their after" "Haha, I pitty the fool who tries to kill you" "I don't... and neather should you. Someone already tried to kill me and that someone was Valdmar-we let down our defences and he attacked, We will not let that happen again or else your going to see the outside of the ship Tar'nok... Oh and as a side note, keep an eye out for that Half-Breed, make shure he doesn't do anything foolish" With that I turned off the commlink and walked to the airlift. "Bridge" the same acknolaging sound that i've heard a thousand times sounded... 00:11-Bridge "What is the status report of the ship? where are we?" "The ship is on a priority 1 alert and were approching Tyrus-2 sir!" "Good, wheres Elpison?" "He's escorting the valkery to his shuttle" "Naw, tell him to throw that excuse for a trader out the air-lock, then check his shuttle for anything valuable,if theres nothing, throw it out with the rest of the garbage" "Aye sir" I sat back in my chair and looked around the bridge...There was Tar'nok at security, Trena at tactical, Elpsion's seat beside me was empty, Lexi-my operations officer was at his counsol and there was Ryi'Veer my helms man, all of them were working hard at their stations... Just the way I wanted them too. [/RP] Just thought I would brush up on things... and I introduced the rest of my officers [ 06-27-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]
  14. Since i'm done exams I woke my guy up and hes ready to siege Lanix V *evil grin* LOL... Just waiting for the thread to move on... [ 06-26-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]
  15. [rp] 23:52 May 16, 3008 UCV-Angel of death Medbay "....Huh?..Whats going on? Where am I?" "Calm down Admiral, your in Medbay-you were poisioned, I revived you with an antiste-" I cut my docter off "What was the cause?" Annoyed as he was he said "it seems it was something you drank...are you trying to commit suicide Admiral?" "Haha, not anythime soon...something I drank...WHERES COLONEL VALDEMAR??" "I don't know sir...I'm only a docter" I opened a comm link to Elpsion "Wheres Colonel Valdemar??" "He left to Lydon sir, about 10 minutes ago" "ok I can't be bothered by that, even tho he tried to kill me... Send a probe to Lydon, I wan't to see why hes there." "Aye sir... probe dispatched" "Sir, I have someone here who wants to talk to you" "Who?" "Its a Valkery Trader, he says he has some important information you might like to know..." "Alright, send him down to Medbay-and if he has no valuable information...I'll throw him out the air-lock..." [/rp] Update: I just wanted to update my post so it fits in with shingens reply... [ 06-27-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]
  16. quote:All pc crafts will survive so does that mean I aint gona die? LOL thats allot of caps...and fighters... this is gona be fun... Oh wait! im out cold for the time being...(just incase you guys don't know why I did that is becasue I have to DO exams.. but I only have 3 so I have one tommorow[riday] then the rest on the following week) oh well I'll join shortly.. btw wars go on for a long time right? but if Im correct we havent even gone a day yet in the thread LOL... oh well i'll be on on friday night/saturday so c-ya all then... [ 06-21-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]
  17. Hmm jsut onething im comfused about... Where is Epsilon? I thought he was at polaris-1, not Lydan...
  18. hmmmm, well, im only uncounsious not dead yet... I was hoping that maybbe Tar'nok or Elpsion came in to check on me and then have me go to sickbay.... ohwell, i'll go with the flow...
  19. lez do it... [RP] 23:29 May 16, 3008 UCV-Angel of Death (StormCarrier) bridge "Sir, Colonel Valdemar is onboard, should I tell him to meet you in your quarters?" "Yes, tell him I will be there shortly. Ok Elpsion you have the bridge" "Aye sir" 23:30 UCV-Angel of Death Admirals Quarters As the door slid open to my quarters I saw Colonel Valdemar sitting down at my desk with the chair facing towards me. "Ah Colonel, how long has it been?" "4 years and counting Sir... here I brought you a drink" "Gammulan ale... its been a while since i've had some, I never really had the time to sit down and enjoy a drink, here..." I walked to the front of my irragularly shaped desk and pulled out two glasses and poured some of the ale. "Here you go, so tell me, what are you doing in this region of space?" "I'm just off to Credian region, I heared that something on, so Im going to check it out, what ever it is it equals credits, alot of it" "ahh yes I forgot that your a mercenary, well I haven't heard of anything" "I see, oh well. So what are you doing all the way over here at Lanix V?" "Well im not suppose to tell but..." I was starting to feel abit drowsy "I'll let you on a little secret, were here on a mission to siege Lanix V so we can cut the galaxy in half, then we will be one step closer to annailating the Terrans and conquring the Galaxy..." I then fell uncouncious... [/RP] ok outlaw you can finish the rest of the show... [ 06-21-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]
  20. [rp] 23:25 May 16, 3008 UCV-Angel of Death (StormCarrier) Admirals Quarters I stood up, I got a duty reminder form Elpsion, seems I missed my duty 5 minutes ago, I guess time goes by fast when your under pressure. I walked too the sink to wash my face and walked to the airlift. "Bridge." I told the computer, I felt the airlift rise and the doors slid open to the bridge. "Admiral on deck." that was Tar'Nok my security officer. Everyone stood, faced me and saluted. "Status" I roared out "Sir the fleet is in halt position and we are ready for your orders to continue on to Lanix-IV". That was Trena my tacopps officer. "Very good, set a course for Lanix-IV" "Course set Sir." "Excellent, Let's go." [/rp] hope I didn't go to fast I wont be able to reply for a while becasue I have to study for exams... sorry... [ 06-16-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]
  21. [rp] 23:06 May 16, 3008 UCV-Angel of Death (StormCarrier) Admirals Quarters I stared at Sargent Shingen, or that's what he called himself. I could tell he was scared, I smelled it, but I couldn't tell if he was telling me who he really was, I never thought the war council could give permission to a half-breed and I couldn't ask the council until this mission was complete. "It says here that you are half-terran. I've never met a half-breed. Why is it that I've never heard of you?" "I could not say, Sir. Maybe you need to get out more?." Wrong answer, I was starting to get annoyed by his attitude. "Tell me, First Sergeant, Do you enjoy killing terrans?" "I do what is commanded of me." "That's not what I asked you!" "I have no love for terrans. Killing them is part of the job." He was really getting me annoyed. I stood up and walked to my main window. "Collect your gear and report to the LRT-10 military transport Gorath'meck." I turned to face him and he stared right back at me. For a half-breed he was pretty impressive, showing bravery to face me. "If I find out your not who you say you are, I will kill you and your death will be prolonged and deliciously excruciating." I turned around again and looked out the window. Sargent Shingen left the room and I told the rest of the guards to leave. I was alone in the room, except for the sound of the bubbles from my aquarium the room was silent. I looked over the data pad one last time to make sure I didn't miss read it. Everything was as it said, I was supposed to let Shingen on my ship as First Sargent. Well at least the politics were correct, but I wasn't sure how he was going to survive on a ship, or a fleet for that matter that was pure Gammulans. I haven?t seen a half-breed before and I was sure as hell none of my crewmembers have seen one either. I went back to my chair and sat back, this was going to be a long and vital mission for the Gammulan race and no mistakes were allowed to be made. If Mr. Shingen showed any motion of betrayal, he was sure as hell not going to see the inside of the ship much longer. This was gonna be a fun ride. [/rp] Keep it goin' Shingen [ 06-16-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]
  22. WHere can I get the actual webpage of the author? I tried http://www.darksavior.net/ but it only sent me to a page with a "Dark Savior"
  23. Im sorry Jaguar, but im gona have to disagree with you... Yes guns are tools, but they were made for only one purpose, to kill, whers a knife was made for more pratical reasons as stated above, to cut food or anyother use that you can think of that doesn't result in killing another human being. Don't get me wrong tho, but I haven't seen a gun being used for anyother reason then to kill except on the "simpsons" where homer uses his gun to open a beer can or to get a ball thats on the roof (Roflmao!)
  24. Its sad really, the game did have alot of potental but... I guess it was to rushed and now we have to see such a good game go down the drain... But on the bright side, lets hope most gaming companys learn from the mistakes of the games that didn't do so well (yea right, most companys don't learn). Oh well, I just can't wait till GCO comes out!
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