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  1. quote:[21:08] <@Lum_> this game is more complicated then windows... ok, in my opinion, who ever finds windoze complicated has serious issues...
  2. I'm with you Epsilon, i didn't like that article that much also...I didn't agree with much of what he wrote about.... just a fellow canadian adding his 2 cents... [ 06-07-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]
  3. quote:<@Lum_> WHY DOES IT TAKE SO LONG TO LAUNCH A TANK I CANNOT DRIVE?? [20:54] <@Lum_> GAMES WITH TANKS I CAN DRIVE LAUNCH MUCH FASTER!! <@da_slog> IT'S REALISTIC LUM <@Lum_> it is NOT REALISTIC <@Lum_> IN REAL LIFE I CAN FIRE A RIFLE! LOL OMG!!!!!!!!! seems they are having some difficulties... *Keeps on laughing....*
  4. I too would like to know about these races and about there background history, but I guess we have to wait untill BCM comes out? (assuming we get to know that stuff in BCM)
  5. LOL, I could start a recruting campaign...it is something to think about
  6. LOL, so right now im just a one man in the gam/mill The Admiral position is just for Rp purposes in the Indie thread and I believe its not a valid gam rank... I also don't have any palns of running for a "supreme" position in the military, altho if the position arises(asuming more people join the gam/mill)and someone askes me about the position, then I will take it into consideration... [ 06-05-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]
  7. [RP] Aye, if you hate to say something then... dont SAY IT! and don't inform me of things I already know! I know who my enimies are! and I know who is going to win between us! I have only one thing to say, are you, my lad on the right side? [RP] more people will join the gam military, i'm shure of that... [ 06-05-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]
  8. lol, yes, but isn't the gam military or any other military for that matter like a fleet? if so then I guess i need more people....
  9. Also, I believe im the only Gam/Military as far as I know of(check fleet database under alian military) [RP] quote:Their current leaders are megalomaniacs? WHAT! you call our Glorious war council megalomaniacs!?!? you shall pay dearly! I Shall have your head mounted on my wall! [RP] *grinz* [ 06-05-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]
  10. I guess I have ta shift into high gear now, eh? That was a good ending shingen! toodles!
  11. Ok guys, sorry I havn't been rping, but as you said im not a major char at this moment... so im just kinda waiting for the thread to advance, you guys seem to be stationed at jupiter for a long time, hmm i'll prolly add something to sidetrack my char. oh well [ 06-01-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]
  12. Hey! I joined the fleet database, but as you know, I wanted to be Gam/Mil, but for some reason it said I was an assassian, so I just asked why, and aramike fixed it up for me! now theres a new thing in the database called "Alien Millitary" and im the only one in it, I guess im the only Gam/Mil! Thank you Aramike! P.S. i'll be posting later today, and is a Stormcarrier a heavy carrier or super carrier? [ 05-25-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]
  13. Errrr...ummm I put myelf in o the Fleet database, but I wanted to be part of the Gam Military, so thats what it says, but it also says im an assassian.... don't remember doing that.. is there anyway t just be Gam/mil, or do I have to be assassian..?
  14. [RP] 10:12 PM May 15, 3008 UCV-Angel of Death (StormCarrier) Admirals Quarters "Admiral, Admiral, ADMIRAL!" I woke up with a sudden shock that I over slept. I opened my eyes and looking down on me was my first Commander Tar'nok. "What is it Tar" I growled, I hated being woken from a good dream, I was slitting the throat of a Terran commander and then, I couldn't finish the rest… I also especially hate it when people come into my quarters and wake me up. "Sir it is time to depart from Gamma-1" I quickly glanced at the clock and it read 10:12 "What are you talking about Tar? We have another hour and 30 minutes before upgrades are done! And why didn't you just call me on the coms link?" "I know Sir, we tried but you wouldn't answer, also from the message sent form the War Council the upgrades were put to a priority one and we will be ready to depart in 5 minutes!" "Damit, why didn't you tell me sooner Tar? Maybe I should slit your throat if you ever delay stuff like this again I'll Gah, Nevermind! I'll be at the bridge in 3 minutes." Tar turned and left for the airlift. I quickly got ready and left for the bridge… 10:16 UCV-Angel of Death Bridge "Status" I roared when I entered the bridge. "Fleet will be ready in one minute sir." Did Trena have to say that so nicely? Especially since I wasn't in a good mood? And that I didn't get my sleep? she probably didn't have enough sleep ether and yet she can act like that? shes just as bad as the terrans... "Sir, Fleet is ready to depart" "good, tell the fleet to set a course to Cyron VI, there are 2 shuttles filled with the newly recruited Marines there, I was ordered to take them with me to Lanix V." "Coarse set Admiral, waiting for your signal…" I took a deep breath "Alright then, Engage!" [/RP] lol I just had to say "Engage" [ 05-24-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ] [ 05-31-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]
  15. Yea one of the neat things was that armor, lol the borg queen kept on losing her body parts, I thought that was funny..... I will miss it and I hope "Enterprise" will be better then ST:V...
  16. quote:elson closed his press conference, crying quietly and saying, "I just don't want any more children have so much fun... my God, why won't someone think of the children?" Yea! think of the children! ROFLMAO! im soory but its tooo funny....
  17. quote:Eventually I would eat more bad food, smoke more pot, drink some beer, masturbate, smoke more pot, play more games, eat dinner, masturbate, smoke more pot, masturbate, and finally play some more games while masturbating. I would finally fall asleep at about six AM, wallowing in my own filthy, crusty clothes." that guy masterbated to much.... ROFLMAO!
  18. Ok..... I changed my sig, I ain't really an Admiral, you guys keep making a big fuss, so i'll still RP him but I just won't go any further then the Indie thread... Just wish we had more info on the Gams tho.... Oh well
  19. Yes please tell us what we could say? and if I recall correctly, we dont have that much info on Gam military/social structers so we pretty much had to make it up, and if this conflicts with anything, then what is your suggestion, it can't be commander becasue im at a higher rank then that(RP of course).... *ponders* [update: if I want to register in the Fleet data base, what fleet would I join since I desire to join the Gam Military..... and they dont have anything there about gam military and no caste seems to fit in whith it..ie. Explore, paramedic, Diplomat etc...] [ 05-21-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ] [ 05-21-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]
  20. ok... but... Gammulan are part of ther own military/fleet... just seems fair that theu have there own Prefix... oh well
  21. oh, ok thanks, that was helpful... now could you tell me what prefix I could use for Gammulan Military vessel/vehicle?
  22. Hey, where cn I get info on Prefixes? and could GMV be a valid prefix? GMV=Gammulan Military vessel/vehicle? SC, guess I might need you on this one... [ 05-20-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]
  23. Okay I finally posted something in the thread and I did it on the admiral, please tell me what you think... if you dont like it, tell me and i'll delete it... [ 05-20-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]
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