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  1. Hey all, okay here goes the admiral post. Tell me what you think.


    10:05 PM May 15, 3008

    UCV-Angel of Death (StormCarrier)


    Second Deck-Admiral Quarters

    I woke up suddenly to the sound of the door beeping. Man that gave me a heart attack, I got to stop being so jumpy. But I have to be, especially in the last few stages of our plans; That's not all the reason why I'm jumpy too, this is my first time being in command of a fleet this big, so I have to set a good example

    -Sound of door beeping again-

    "I'm coming, I'm coming!"

    I walked up too the door and pressed a button on the keypad, and the door slid up. It was Elpsion, my first officer and close friend.

    "Admiral YuY, I have urgent news to tell you!"

    "Spit it out Elpsion, I need to be on the bridge"

    "Yes sir, sorry sir for disturbing you, but the Valkarie deploy fleet that we left at Jupiter has been destroyed!"

    "WHAT! By who?, and when?"

    "Reports have shown that it was by a GalCom attack fleet."

    "Okay is there any more news that I need to know?"

    "Yes Sir there is but this news is good, the fleet is almost ready to depart form Gamma-1."

    "Okay very good Elpsion, take a break and report back in 2 hours to the bridge"

    Elpsion bowed and walked down the corridor to the airlift. I stood there by the door and thought about what was going on I needed to make sure that everything was well, and with the loss of the Valkarie fleet meant that we were opened for attacks I just hoped that some lowly GalCom fleet wouldn't destroy our plans.

    I turned a left and went down to the airlift. "Bridge" I told the computer, a slight beeping sound was made and I started to rise. The doors slid open and I walked onto the bridge. "Commander on deck!" yelled Tar'nok. Tar'nok is my security officer, I knew him for a long time but we really didn't become close. I guess it was because he was more aggressive then the average Gam, but I didn't really mind, he was a good security officer and a good gunman.

    "Status" I called out, "fleet is almost in position, were just waiting for the last Storm Carriers to finish upgrading sir, ETA-2.5 hours". "Good" I called back to my tactical officer Trena, she was also good in her field and the nicest personal on the ship, I don't really know how she could stand a ship with so many people that are aggressive but I guess she can manage

    "Okay all of you can come off duty for 2 hours, report back here no laterÔǪ now try and get some rest all of you" everyone agreed and left the bridge, I had it all to myself, I set the ship to auto pilot and gave it the halt command. I looked out the main bridgeviwer and saw all the ships in the fleet, 12 StormCarriers, 7 Firestorms and 3 A├½stroms, we'd be getting more on our way to Lanix V, a lot more.

    I decided to go back to my quarters to get some more sleep. I assigned a few co-pilots to the bridge and, returned to my quarters, for the nicest sleep I'll be getting in a long time


    ok, give me feed back, please. I fixed the prefex prrblem(changed it to UCV, hope thats correct..)

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  2. quote:

    I'm not saying you can't RP the Admiral. in fact, I doubt I'll have time to do both my character and the another one.

    Hmmmm... well do you want me to take the part? its up to you thats all, if you think you have someone better to play the part, thats good to. But i'm just trying to say that im free to take the part tho....

    and if I don't get the part, oh well, i'll just incorperate myself into the existing plot....

    [ 05-18-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]

  3. Ok... I would like to be the admiral. But maybe writing on a everyday bases might be a bit hard for me to do but i'll try.... and since this is your thread, you know what you want to do and if you want to take the Admirals position then thats ok, If you want someone other then me to take his position, thats ok too..

    P.S.Could you tell me where I could get some information about the socity structure of gammulans?

    [ 05-17-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]

  4. LOL, interesting indeed. I would like to play the Gammulan Admiral but its just to big for me to play him becasue, I havent really RPed before so I wouldn't want to mess up the story thread.

    But i will be joining shortly with you guys in the thread as someone who also has to assassinate the admiral, unless that could confuse the story line?

    [ 05-17-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]

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