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  1. its just you. If your in Tacops you can tell your shuttle to deploy the drone at a waypoint.
  2. i have a TNT2 with 12.41 det3 drivers and the only probs I had was not installing the drivers properly as per the specific instructions on installing the card drivers. Had no probs with episode 1 after turning of the z buffer, and absolutely none with episode 2. But maybe its because i read the FAQ. The specs well Duron 800 Gigabyte 7Zm Mainboard 128 mg Ram TNT2 32 mg ram 98 SE and only 2.1 gb HDD And it works damn fine [ 07-17-2001: Message edited by: Falcon ]
  3. This is a direct quote from the BC3000ad Man. I dont know whether SC has change it at all. But!!! Emergency Operations The front part of the Interceptor is a self contained module which can be ejected using the [CTRL+E] command. If the integrity of the craft should fall to critical conditions, the computer system will sound a klaxon with an eject recommendation. Failure to eject will result in the destruction of the ship and the death of both pilots once the nuclear core explodes. Upon a successful ejection of the module into space, the main body shell of the craft will self-destruct. A homing device in the module will automatically send a signal to the Battlecruiser announcing its location and status. Using data feedback from the Battlecruiser computer systems, the module is capable of locating and docking with the Battlecruiser. Upon successful retrieval, surviving pilots are taken to MediBay for post-flight checks. The computer system in the module is retrieved for analysis and the module itself is discarded. If the module is ejected on a planet or moon, it will fall to the ground under gravity (if applicable). Damage at speed of impact determines the survival of the occupants. Once the module lands, the pilots will be able to leave the craft and await extraction once the Battlecruiser receives the location of the ejected module. Surviving personnel emitting an IFF beacon can also be tracked using the SUL mode of the TACSCAN. The module has rations that can sustain the pilots for a period of 8 hours. It also contains protective suits in case the pilots chose to exit the craft in hostile environments. The pilots carry standard issue sidearms which may be used to defend their location should they come under attack by hostile forces.
  4. http://www.gamerush.com/cgi-bin/download/q...mdemo_e2hcb.exe You can download it from here
  5. Battlecruiser3000ad is a Dos based game you may have to change your Shortcut settings to run it. Right click on your sound setup icon and select properties. Click on the properties Tab and then select advanced. Tick the box marked " Prevent MS-Dos from Detecting windows" untick the other two boxes. Click Ok and close the window boxes do the same for the BC3000ad.exe icon. Try running the Sound setup from the created MS=Dos icons. If this works run the game from the other new icon. If this is not quite right im sure someone will correct me. But I do know ive never had to worry about IRQ's and DMA's I just fiddled around in the Sound Setup box until I found a driver or setting that worked. [ 07-02-2001: Message edited by: Falcon ]
  6. It took me 12hrs and two attempts to download the second eposode but hell it was worth it.
  7. Snyone would think that SC was making a game for ONE particular person. I liked the Planetfall transition!!
  8. Did i forget mention I like the new opening screen logo for BCM.
  9. Well after waiting 5 days and 10.54hrs downloadtime for the 2nd Ep do I think it was worth it. Hell yeh. Cool. Worked after the first install no worries. Cool graphics in space and on planet.Haven't got any complaints as far as misses.The only problem is going with the gold edition is its going take a long time to even consider that you a seasoned player of it. And hits are to many to list here. But I reckon if this is just the Demo the game is going to take em by Storm. This is the type of game that I've always wanted to own because if you enjoy it your not going to turf it off your computer for a long time. So much scope.
  10. read above. GOne mad and put myself down [ 06-21-2001: Message edited by: Falcon ]
  11. match sticks holding eyelids open broke at about 3.00 last night. Ran out of coffee. Thanks for the heads up SC as in supreme commander [ 06-21-2001: Message edited by: Falcon ]
  12. This wait is so you enjoy it even more. Gone to camp out
  13. wondering how long it would take to hitch a ride to the US
  14. geez its already thursday 11.00 and i stil cant download it. Pain in kybosh when your a day ahead four hours left in your day gone campimg [ 06-20-2001: Message edited by: Falcon ] [ 06-20-2001: Message edited by: Falcon ]
  15. my head is sore from hitting it up against a brick wall
  16. ive got match sticks keeping my eyes open now
  17. Geez that was the longest week i have ever had
  18. lol to that! if all else fails read the instructions or the faq. I must have been lucky i read the Faq before i ran it. Not!!!
  19. If i remember rightly once a fighter is destroyed its crew are ejected in a life pod which then tries to make its way back to the battlecruiser. This can take a long time depending on how far away you are from the battlecruiser. Some one else could probably shed more light on this
  20. Did yoou download the demo fix file from the faq page as well.
  21. lol If it was in Australia I would say the Surgeon General would be idiotic enough to put that Label on as is without any revisions.
  22. Pentium 4 yuck, I have an AMD Chip and Gigabytee motherboard made that choice after reading that Intel are pushing their Pent 4's with Rambus even though they know there are problems with that technology (i.e they want to get rid of current stock)I havent had any compatibility probs with 98 and Amd chips either.
  23. quote:Originally posted by Falcon: try disabling any anti-virus software including your BIOS virus protection. This is the only way I could produce a similar fault. Should do this when installing any thing that causes an install problem. p.s scan the program first and then shut down your anti-virus programs. [ 06-02-2001: Message edited by: Falcon ] this was mentioned elswhere in another thread
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