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  1. quote:Originally posted by Cmdr_ Laracuente: Towing your Carrier is the only tactic i see that you can use on ACM to keep in the same place as the diplomats to protect them... you can't rely on "out of the box pilots" for protections of unarmed transport in dangerous areas even if you launch the whole squadron.Tow the diplomats, then. Instant control of where they are, when, and why.
  2. I was just curious for the future, that's all. I wasn't implying anything... [ 03-01-2002, 13:20: Message edited by: Spuzzum ]
  3. Okay, now I'm a little confused. Derek says that it will affect your own assets. But that's not every asset... that's just your own assets. However, the general view (and indeed, the current functionality) is that it will affect every asset on your personal computer. ...so, will there eventually be capacity to only choose a certain skin for your craft, even on your own PC, and only have the changes take for your own craft? Just a little brainfart, is all... I mean, I wouldn't want to replace all Questars on my PC with police livery -- only a certain police ship can wear my certain police colours. (No, this isn't a feature request. Just a question.)
  4. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: The general consensus is to not release it to the public until I'm done with the docs. I will spend some time with it in the coming days. Gimme about a week or so. I've been buried between BCM patch, mp, XP1 etc etc and sitting down doing docs is just a boring venture. Well... you could release it sans-documentation for us programmer types, and just ban anyone who whines about not understanding something...
  5. Shhhhh! If you keep asking, you'll spoil it for those who are silently lurking in the shadows for it.
  6. Looks more like an experiment with sending Earth through hyperspace or whatnot... but it could be.
  7. If I were an intruder, I would head straight for guest quarters for the room service, massages, and 24-hour nutripak buffet! Of course, I don't think the marine masseuses would be exactly friendly -- the working of the muscles would probably be better described as "tenderising".
  8. To be fair, lots of planets take different times to fill a drone. You can fill a drone to the brim on Mars in around two to three hours (I didn't actually clock it -- what's the point?). Just dock with a starstation, click Tradcom, click Info, and look at the Minerals report they have (Mars has 25%, which means that you can potentially find worlds that are up to four times as fast). For worlds without starstations, you need to determine the mineral content yourself!
  9. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: ...and your point being?? ...That if the supply station menu stops working, you can't do anything in the game except sit, stare, and crave red meat, baked potatoes, and a double mocha latt├®. I've been toying around with my Christmas games for the past while, though, so I *still* haven't checked it out in more detail... stupid me.
  10. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: The game is not designed to be played in an external cam view (F9) (its not a third-person game), thats why the mouse is disabled in that view. In fact, from an F9 view, you will notice that NONE of the mouse commands (e.g. button1 for fire, button2 for move forward etc), work. It is a first person perspective game and all those external camera views are just that: external camera views. A bit late, but what I meant was that the game would be locked up. Not crash-wise, but I wasn't able to click on the menu nor was I able to use any keyboard commands (since those were disabled). I've been visiting family and friends lately, though, so I haven't been testing it. (In any case, the tried and true solution: "don't do it".)
  11. Oh, phooey, don't listen to these people. Don't you want to have an honourable profession? There's nothing more honourable than an honourable police officer! (Ha! Ha! That's an oxymoron!)
  12. quote:If they don't have any engineers or spares at the time, you can't do anything. The same code used for stations is the same for starbases. There is no distinction - apart from the fact that starbases don't service capital ships - since you can't dock with them. Yep, I can understand that. Out of curiosity, though, what would be the likely factors in a starbase not having engineers available to repair my OC? (I'm reminded of the Gammulans-smoking-near-the-O2-tanks joke for some reason.) The "supply station" I was referring to was the literal sense of the word, though... the first-person supply stations. If I do something wonky while going up to it or some such, it'll pop me back into first-person view and pop up the Medical/Weapons/Repair menu, but then I can't click on the menu (or, in fact, do anything) because the keyboard functions are disabled (as they're supposed to be) -- unfortunately, the mouse is also disabled (though it shouldn't be). I tried it in Training Academy (that is, I hit F9, walked to a supply station, hit /, and hit Y) and it worked. It's for that reason I suspect I might have done something a little more insidious before. I've been too busy having fun conquering the galaxy to test it out recently, though. Besides, it's Christmas Eve! I'll stop dinking around, install the latest patch, and then try to break it.
  13. Well, I'm going to make a rebuttal here. If I sound rude, that wasn't my intention (seriously). Nah, rebuttals are fine. Leave the other part out. quote: If its not in the manual, you can't do it. That clarifies things somewhat, but I'm curious why I can dock with an SOS starbase, then. The manual mentions starstations, but doesn't mention starbases at all. In any case, it doesn't matter, because its usually more satisfying to watch the starbase go up in flames! Burn, Raiders, burn!!! You can dock with a station or starbase, regardless of whether they are emitting SOS or not. The only difference being that in order to capture a station, it must be emitting an SOS. You cannot capture starbases. At least not in the current version of BCM. quote: And the problem is what, exactly? ...that the menu for the supply station pops up but I can't click on any options. I'm still looking into it, though, so I'll keep you posted. If they don't have any engineers or spares at the time, you can't do anything. The same code used for stations is the same for starbases. There is no distinction - apart from the fact that starbases don't service capital ships - since you can't dock with them. quote: Works as designed I'm supposed to fire off one shot once I step through a DJP? That's one shot of ammo I could've spent downing a Raider! No. Activating the DJP menu should not cause a shot to be fired. In fact, that was addressed a while back. Are you using the latest version of the game? Anyway, I just tried it and it works fine here. No shot was fired and I was holding the ZS10 in my hand at the time. And you could always holster your weapon first. quote: See manual p68 (first line).[snip] I can live with that. It makes sense, I suppose, but it seems like a lot of work to transfer to a shuttlecraft and then to a cargo pod -- it muddles the usefulness somewhat, IMO. Not a problem, anyway... there's no point in dropping cargo pods in space right now, because the nearest Commercial or Trader will come and nick it. Commanding a capital ship is a lot of work. Besides, if you could do everything in a CC that you could a shuttle, you wouldn't need shuttles. quote: So why'd you post about it if you wanted it to be ignored? I sense an explanation coming! I beta test for Dantom Intl. and if I find a problem but can't find a possible cause, I'll still warn them about it before making up a test case that attempts to reproduce the problem accurately. The warning doesn't help them fix it, but it lets them know that I might suddenly pop in with a cascade of errors, or it indicates to them to hold off suddenly releasing something to the masses that has a fatal flaw somewhere. If that method is erroneous here, I won't do it any more. I'd like to be as helpful as I can! Ah OK. I understand. Makes sense, somewhat [ 12-24-2001: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  14. quote:Originally posted by Epsilon 5: Spuzzum : you can't play with cargo pods with a cc. Yes, I know that (I remember him saying something along those lines a while back)... but I'm curious if he was planning on changing it, or whether it was simply a mistake in the manual.
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