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  1. Looks more like an experiment with sending Earth through hyperspace or whatnot... but it could be.
  2. quote:Originally posted by Tac: Its Lennen. Imagine all the intruders.. of the world.... running for their liiiiive (ay ay ) ssss.. You know, that's something we don't have enough of around here... BCM-oriented parodies of classic songs.
  3. quote:Originally posted by Epsilon 5: Teleport a prisoner down Jupiter's atmosphere... hehehe Now why didn't *I* think of that?! It's easy, close to home, and efficient!
  4. You know what'd be really nice to watch? A firing squad with all of the ground-capable marines from a Stormcarrier versus those two prisoners... Another thing I've been wanting to try at some point is to beam a prisoner onto a planet somewhere and then man one of my FCs and strafe him. Just for something to do.
  5. EAGLE: "CAPs"? In any case, I'm a B.C. resident, and by deduction one could determine that I'm GMT -800 (-700 during PST, or PDT, or whenever. Not sure which. Anyway, it's 4:38 PM right now. =). Every other weekday I'm occupied until around 5:00 PM PST. Today was one of those 'every other weekdays', except a gurgling bag of bacteria was dominating my bloodstream. Tomorrow I'm free at 4:00 PM PST. I'd be there if I could, though!
  6. Okay, it's an 8.62 MB RAR file (so you'll need WinRAR or something), containing ten 1024x768 32-bit PNGs. The compression of RAR is substantially better than ZIP, and the PNGs achieve much better compression than TGA (despite equal graphical quality). Here's the captions: PHOTO000.PNG - "I know! Let's try out my magnetic boots!" PHOTO001.PNG - "Gee, flying sure is fun! Okay, the target is directly below me... queue downthrust." PHOTO002.PNG - "I'll do it! I'll jump! (Heh, heh, suckers!)" PHOTO003.PNG - "Did I ever mention that I was afraid of heights?" PHOTO004.PNG - "Spiderman! Spiderman! Friendly neighbourhood Spiderman! Does whatever a spider can! Spins a web, any size, catches thieves, just like flies! Look out! Here comes the Spiderman!" PHOTO005.PNG - "Ugh, the blood is rushing to my head." PHOTO006.PNG - "If this game had 3D glasses, I'd be dizzy right now." PHOTO007.PNG - "Hey, I know! I'll shoot my ATV while standing upside down!" PHOTO008.PNG - "Look at me, I'm an aft turret! A hyuk!" PHOTO009.PNG - "Aw... I'd pour myself a martini, but the liquid flies away." http://spuzzum.byond.com/images/shots.rar I discovered that you can't land on your head by jumping, though... you do a nifty sideflip and land on your feet. Not Spiderman... Spider-cat! I did land on my head once, but that was because I tapped the jetpack button or something. I forget what exactly. If you want to do it, consider it an exercise to the reader.
  7. quote:Originally posted by vogelap: How about some screenshots of you hanging upside down!? I'd love to see them... Sure thing! Just give me some time.
  8. Ever wanted to walk on the underside of a building? I did, by accident, when I raided a TER/RAI starbase. Jump onto the top of the building in your jetpack, and then hit X to drop prone. Hold shift so you run to the edge. Once you arrive there, nudge yourself over and immediately let go of the button. You'll grab onto the side of the building. Then start running again. You're facing downward! Repeat the step for the bottom edge of the overhang of the building, and soon you'll be stuck head-downward. The best thing to try, once that happens, is to jump off. You land headfirst on the ground. (Did anyone hear something crack?)
  9. This doesn't have much relevance to the thread in general, but I'm showing off my much-shortened signature. Ooh! Ahh!
  10. It annoys me so much... before BCM was released, everyone thought the Questar was ugly, and I was the only person to select it. Now, everyone and their sibling and their relatives want one.
  11. Good question! I was actually thinking of having a pleat running down the sides, but now I'm not so sure... I'll have to think it over.
  12. Back onto the subject of my uniform, the blouse is green (and will remain that way ). The slacks are khaki. I don't have a picture of the slacks available, though. But how many people need to see what a pair of slacks looks like?
  13. quote:Originally posted by Fendi: Spazzum I always get amused when someone spells it that way. * Spuzzum has a seizure.
  14. quote:Originally posted by Fendi: Patience guys, I'm trying to find a good pic here. All the other pictures makes me look like a criminal. Then change yourself into TER/CRI!
  15. Anyone who escorts traders should remember how GalCom would react -- and the best way to see this is by playing in Campaign mode. You hop into a system, some baddies are spawned, and you go about your business as fast as possible. If baddies start targetting you, or you're in a patrol zone, or you've got lots of time, you chase them and blow them apart. Otherwise, you just sit non-chalantly as they tear apart other people while you lick your wounds from the battle or try to get to your destination quickly. Believe me, considering the fleets will be constantly negotiating various combats, they'll have little time to bail out shipments of goods. (Unless, of course, you offer a hefty bribe. ) That's what us Police are for -- we get paid by the government to clean out Raiders and Criminals, and at our discretion we can always help people out.
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