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  1. A socond wave of attacks has been launched 4:00-5:00 eastern He sits there in east bumbhole while his "cowards" knock down our towers!? I dont think so!!! oh, and by the way, we're droping food on parts of afganastan. This has 2 implications Psycological warfare, and aiding the innocent civillians who are starving/displaced/escaping in order to avoid war quote: Osama Bin Laden has just publicly been on the TV stating that "the United states and it's citizens will not face security until Afghani and Palestinians face peace first" that was confirmed to be made ahead of the attacks on kabul. It's daylight, the attacks didn't begin until darkness
  2. I just revisited the game Black an White. Then I remembered why I stopped playing. How many people have played the game and would have rather the developers waited even just one more month or so . . .?
  3. But Gomez said that his rudder worked .
  4. My third axis (Gomez's rudder) is a twist and it doesn't respond at all.
  5. I have a problem with my controller. When I turn to the left or th right my ship rolls instead of turning . I would like to know what causes this and how to fix it given that I didn't fid anything in the FAQ about it
  6. I didn't see any bonus scenario with my E2 folder or in the program itself. Do you know where I can find it?
  7. quote: My favourite is flinging it off a cliff. I prefer taking of by using max throttle on the surface until you hit a rock, building, vehicle, or something like that flings you into the air when you hit it. quote: Sure. I bet two Skittles, priority mail. [edit] Oh, that in addition to the hind legs of 9 virgin field mice. Sadistic enough? No I bet you the left [email protected]$ of 6 south mexican bulls as well as 5 peices of cheese
  8. quote: FF1 was the father of them all. Unfortunately, it had just about no semblance of an RPG whatsoever other than the fact that you built up your characters. All it was were the characters (fighter/red mage/white mage/black mage/the martial arts guy) and a really loose-ish storyline about something I cant remember. It was really fun though. Nintendo sucks even thouh I have all but 2 of their systems (GBA and Virtual Boy)
  9. 1. THIS IS THE BEST DEMO I HAVE EVER PLAYED OF ANY GAME! (I've played alot of demos.) 2. I did have some trouble with the atv thing.(I cant figure out the controls) 3. I found quite a few different ways of taking off in the fighter 4. quote: Latest surveys prove that Canadians are twice as likely to be sadistic than the average American gamer. Oh yeah? Wanna bet? [ 06-30-2001: Message edited by: Commander ZIX ]
  10. It works and . . . WOW! This is great. Now for episode 2 . . .
  11. I've been sitting at my computer lately looking for the demo news as well as other BCM stuff I think six things have happened: 1. My brain is fryed . . . 2. I cant feel my legs . . . 3. Absurd songs from napster playing over and over in my head . . . 4. I have lost my common sense . . . 5. WARNING WARNING core meltdown imminent ALL SYSTEMS FAILING . . . 6. I think my butt is stuck to the chair . . . PS: yes I do have a life but this just really excites me beyond anything.
  12. In case anyone's looking for me I've been out of the loop for about a week so if anybody tried to contact me since friday the 15th please somehow contact me withthe information PS: Do smiles work in signatures?
  13. I am downloading the latest drivers now
  14. If you want to know about even more stuff the govt. tries to control you really should read my post entitled Surgeon General's Warning?!?!?! The irony of the govt. is amazing. The constitution is supposed to support our freedom the US is known as "The Land of th Free" yet they try to conrol everything we do
  15. OK, Here are my stats: Pentium III 800MHz 128Mb RAM at 133MHz DVD-ROM 12x 56k modem Sound Blaster live! 32Mb NVIDIA TNT2 20.4 GIG HD (9.8) gig avail.) Windows ME This game is really important to me so I would appreciate it if someone important who knows a lot about the games requirements like a tester or developer. quote: Posted by SC: If you can't run the demo, you won't be able to run the final game. So don't waste your money. I really REALLY hope you aren't correct on this issue SC. Then again that is impossible given that you are the overlord of this game and a total genius.(I am not sucking up, I mean that ) So what I really mean is that I hope I am doing something wrong with the demo. [ 06-13-2001: Message edited by: Commander ZIX ]
  16. You wont beleive how disturbed the govt. officials are here. They always want to regulate ont thing or another!
  17. quote: Orriginnaly posted by Paddy Gregory: There you go again, throwing your constitution around. Have you ever thought it might be outdated and, well, flawed? That's what the job of the supreme court and the rest of the court system is. They are there to determine what the US constitution means and how it works in today's world.
  18. Oh OK, Sorry about that. But my question essentially addresses the whole game NOT the demo. [ 06-11-2001: Message edited by: Commander ZIX ]
  19. The congress has little to say about the 2nd ammendment. It is the job of the COURT system tointerpret the meaning of the constitution in today's world NOT the job of congress!
  20. the demo still wont start up on my computer it starts and after about 5 sec. the screen reverts back to windows. The question here is not how to get the demo to work, it is "will the full game work? " My computer meets all the minimum requirements and meets at least 50% of the recommended and about 25% of the smokin'. so I wont have a problem with the full game right? Is it just the demo? Because there is not much of anything less important to me than getting BCM
  21. In actuallity to pass an amendment 2/3 of the national congress as well as at least 2/3 of the state congess in at least 3/4 of the states must pass it please correct me if I am wrong
  22. If you hold up a bank with a weapon, no matter what it is. Be it a gun, a knife, or a water pistol; it is STILL assault with a deadly weapon and armed robbery as long as the victims admit they were scared
  23. quote:The amount of population is negligable compared to the US in places like the UK and Japan. This is the point I was trying to make on more than one occassion
  24. PS Please reply if you find you have relevent or interesting to say about this. I also beleive that there was also a story about a college student sueing about computer games. Where did it go? [ 06-10-2001: Message edited by: Commander ZIX ]
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