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  1. I was originally gonna buy the game when it came out but I had no money and things came up so... would it still be worth it to get the game now or would I be to far behind?
  2. Invent a Giant Magnet ship with magneting suction tubes to draw space debris into the cargo areas It should be able to launch giant nets to collect non metal Items like dead crew members and urinal cakes
  3. What I mean most Importantly is: Does the server mean you can only play with 16 people at a time or that you can play with anyone on any server and the server is just a way to log in? . . .
  4. Part 2 I need an explanation of the fleets and casts (If you join a fleet your c/o so to speak chooses your craft?) (If you are in a cast you Can have whatever ship to command you want and can form a squadron) ( . . .I can't remember what my next question was . . . Ooo Look at that . . .)
  5. I'm going to get BCM as soon as I am around the nearest EB but first, I was wondering if somebody could either post or e-mail me a more vernacular, laymans terms kind of explanation on exactly what the whole thing about servers and fleets (Does the 16 people to a server mean that you join a fleet, get on the server and you only have the same 16 people forever or is this just a gateway into a full network like in Diablo 2 or Starcraft when you choose a realm/gateway for those of you who play blizzard games I read the whole fleet FAQ and got three times as lost!)
  6. A socond wave of attacks has been launched 4:00-5:00 eastern He sits there in east bumbhole while his "cowards" knock down our towers!? I dont think so!!! oh, and by the way, we're droping food on parts of afganastan. This has 2 implications Psycological warfare, and aiding the innocent civillians who are starving/displaced/escaping in order to avoid war quote: Osama Bin Laden has just publicly been on the TV stating that "the United states and it's citizens will not face security until Afghani and Palestinians face peace first" that was confirmed to be made ahead of the attacks on kabul. It's daylight, the attacks didn't begin until darkness
  7. quote:Originally posted by Soback: Clinton back in office? Good at handling that stuff? You mean good for opening up America so that other countries can #@$#%$%@ it. What did he do for the attack on Yemen? What about that plane incident with China? We paid them storage and shipping fees for that plane and got it back in crates. Are you kidding me, we should have done a surgical strike on that plane while it was on the ground being taken appart and studied, and we shoul have bombed the country with the terrorists that bombed Yemen, because if they can't contain their terrorists then we should do it for them. Maybe then they would have gotten the message that America is not to be messed with. Now we paid the price for doing nothing and being so liberal so that even the army, spyes, and law enforcment can't do their jobs. You're forgetting some very important issues . . . He was able to handle the country very well. And if he could've just kept his whick dry he would have gone down in history as one of this country's best presidents. Bomb China? You're an idiot! You want'em to nuke us back to the stone age!? We are this world's icon country. Most countries would get away with this but we would be crucified!!!!!!!!
  8. Midnight Green: quote: "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?" Japaneese
  9. Latest Updade: -Plane Count:4 2 at trade center 1 at pentagon 1 missing Correction: Shot Down Yay! -All planes grounded . . . Air force has shoot on sight orders for all non millitary aircraft -President Bush at command center in Omaha Nebraska #W*(*#&&*$**#*@*@* This is when i wish clinton was still in office He was good at handling this stuff SHOW ME THE [email protected][email protected]$ AND I WILL LEAD AN ARMY AGAINST THEM MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I just revisited the game Black an White. Then I remembered why I stopped playing. How many people have played the game and would have rather the developers waited even just one more month or so . . .?
  11. quote: Probably hasn't played the BCM demos? I have played the demos. Actually, I obsessivly play it every day
  12. quote: A FPS BC shooter would be cool. Particularly if it meant I could finally wander round a cruiser (on one occassion I and some other commanders semi-eloquently ranted on the need to walk our own decks before SC told us to go walk our decks to the nearest airlock, but that's another story... ) But who knows? 'Nuff speculation. Thal would be the absolute COOLEST if we could physically roam the decks!
  13. I just was reading th b3k manual and I have a few questions. I. Does the single player game co-incide with the internet multiplay? II. Is the end result going to have a bridge that looks cool like the screenshot I saw in the manual? III. Is it possible to be a commander of one race but command the battlecruiser of another? IV. I heard that fleets have to allocate resources. Does this mean if you join a fleet that has no battlecruisers to allocate you have to be something else? V. I keep hearing alot about the R.A.N.D.O.M. WEAPON. Could somebody tell me where it is. VI.can you use the graemlins in your signature?
  14. But Gomez said that his rudder worked .
  15. Some advice . . . . . . The first thing you want to do is stop referring to clans. I've been yelled at several times before I caught on. They're called fleets here .
  16. It looks like the site got changed around a bit. I need to post a newbie question but I dont see a newcommander forum . . . . . . Could somebody direct me to the location I could find out exactly what the GBS is. And um, what is the rank about and what influences it [ 07-24-2001: Message edited by: Commander ZIX ]
  17. My third axis (Gomez's rudder) is a twist and it doesn't respond at all.
  18. I have a problem with my controller. When I turn to the left or th right my ship rolls instead of turning . I would like to know what causes this and how to fix it given that I didn't fid anything in the FAQ about it
  19. I used t belong to their league but now it wont let me in.
  20. I didn't see any bonus scenario with my E2 folder or in the program itself. Do you know where I can find it?
  21. I'm sorry. Now its only one line long
  22. Should this site really even be called a website. It used to be great, but now its only 2 lines long!FlamingSword.com
  23. quote: My favourite is flinging it off a cliff. I prefer taking of by using max throttle on the surface until you hit a rock, building, vehicle, or something like that flings you into the air when you hit it. quote: Sure. I bet two Skittles, priority mail. [edit] Oh, that in addition to the hind legs of 9 virgin field mice. Sadistic enough? No I bet you the left [email protected]$ of 6 south mexican bulls as well as 5 peices of cheese
  24. quote: FF1 was the father of them all. Unfortunately, it had just about no semblance of an RPG whatsoever other than the fact that you built up your characters. All it was were the characters (fighter/red mage/white mage/black mage/the martial arts guy) and a really loose-ish storyline about something I cant remember. It was really fun though. Nintendo sucks even thouh I have all but 2 of their systems (GBA and Virtual Boy)
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