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  1. OpenBSD with a combination of ipf and snort does a pretty good job.
  2. I have the same problem with the incomplete rendering, just so you know you're not the only one having that problem.
  3. Played it, finished it, loved it. Reminds me of Metal Gear Solid in some places. I guess it won't be the kind of game that I'll remember in 10 years but it's still a kickass game with excellent graphics. I only wish they added the shoot-the-body-parts like in Soldier of Fortune. I love the atmosphere they created in the game. The more you advance in the game the better it gets.
  4. Umm, that thing about raw sockets is totally laughable, being able to generate raw sockets is not a vulnerability in itself. I should be able to create and send whatever data I want with my OS. It is a good thing MS finally decided to give their programmers some flexibility.
  5. Yuck, ISDN is slow and expensive, get ADSL or cable if you can.
  6. I really like the bonus scenario, I've managed to blow up the base pretty easily keeping a finger on the afterburner button. Those poor bastards on the ground were no match for my strafing attacks! You know what would be a cool addition to BCM? Chemical weapons Mwhaha, I'd love to see troops on the ground suffocating in a green cloud.
  7. Cool! The stations are now much harder to destroy
  8. So there won't be a port for Linux? Can I run it under Wine?
  9. Make sure you're using the official drivers if you have a GeForce card. I had the same problem before installing the new drivers.
  10. Thanks scotty, I'm waiting in line now... hoping I don't get a 403 message
  11. quote:Originally posted by $iLk: Because Warez are illegal and hint hintshould not be discussed on an open forum. *sigh* ... I was just joking but seriously, most people I know haven't paid for their Microsoft software products.
  12. Who cares about upgrade path? Get the warez CD and install from scratch!
  13. Let's just hack his site and steal the demo [ 06-21-2001: Message edited by: Darkvenom ]
  14. I would have made a scene where you see the metal bearings entering someone else's throat, and spilling blood everywhere in slow motion. Or maybe ripping apart his intestines, splatering his guts everywhere. Bwhahaha. The lesson we get from hollywood: violence with style is ok
  15. Too bad the official drivers from Nvidia BSOD on me 25% of the time The drivers from Asus works fine. Anybody else owns a V7700 32mb PURE and have problems with the detonator drivers?
  16. Hackers dress in black trenchcoats and wear sunglasses. Hackers use cool aCr0nyMz when they write/talk. They also have those cool GUI interfaces to launch viruses. (like in the movie Hackers) and most important, they get to go out with Angelina Jolie.
  17. Hehe, that movie was funny. The action sequences were awsome and the chicks were nice but those computer scenes were hilarious. Like the "cube" encryption thing and that fact that he can break an rsa key in under 60 seconds. ROTFL. If you look closely at the screen in the computer parts, the things displayed on the screen have absolutely no link whatsoever with what he's doing. Like he's cracking an rsa key and he's running traceroute? Seriously, not to stereotype or anything but the guy doesn't even slighly look like a hacker in the movie. Nuff rant, it was still a cool movie [ 06-16-2001: Message edited by: Darkvenom ]
  18. Radeon sucks for performance, get a Geforce 3
  19. I still don't see where those are facts. If these are not facts, I wonder what facts are, see the linked text, read the sources at the bottom, these are facts.
  20. Here is some facts and quotes I found about the cuban health care system. One of the beliefs of socialism is that providing free health care to all citizens is the government’s responsibility. The Cuban government considers its health care system to be one of the revolution’s greatest successes. With over 60,000 trained physicians—54.6 per 10,000 people, (Pan American Health Organization [PAHO] 1998), Cuba has the highest doctor-patient ratio in the world (Randal 2000). Like the rest of Cuba’s population, women’s life expectancy is high and comparable or even superior to that of more developed countries. The average life expectancy of women is 74.3 years, according to a statistic by PAHO. The doctors’ goal is for at least 99 percent of all births to take place in the hospital, said Dr. Elena Martinez, a doctor at the Antonio Maceo polyclinic. Home birthing is not permitted (E. Martinez, personal communication, July 6, 2000). In fact, Cuban doctors have been so successful at this goal that the World Health Organization lists their percentage of deliveries by trained professionals at one hundred percent. The embargo limits Cuban women’s birth control options and affects access to crucial preventative care. A recent study by the American Association for World Health found that the impact of the US embargo tightening since 1992 has “been particularly severe on women, children, the elderly, and people with chronic disease” (“Cuban health” 1997). According to one World Health Organization official, “Cuba has invested more in health services than almost any other country, and it has a higher health profile than the United States” (as cited in Kirkpatrick, 2000). Several studies contradict the U.S. State Department’s assertion that Cuba—not U.S policy—is to blame for the crisis. In short, the cuban health care system is one of the best in the world even though it doesn't have access to all the new advanced technological equipement. source: http://www.designerwebs.org/CubaTripEducation.htm
  21. I agree with you that ships and stations are very easy if not too easy to destroy in the first demo. Cloak, approach, launch a volley of missiles, fire a couple of shots, it's all over in under 10 seconds. A bit too easy. I'm fairly new to the BC universe and I haven't read the entire BCM VCF but when I shoot a "dead" station with an interceptor, the explosion seems a bit too large for just a single shot. Then again, that's just my personnal opinion.
  22. Just clear some of that pr0n on your hard disk and you should have enough disk space.
  23. Those screenshots are sweet SC, are you still planning on releasing june 18?
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