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  1. Are you running Windows 98 or Windows 98SE? 98SE is listed as the minimum OS rev for UC.
  2. Yeah, I was playing a bit at lunch and had the same thing happen. I DID say "if I recall" and since I'm getting old, I'm covered.
  3. If you're really new, one of the best practical safety tips: Always power off Launch Control when you don't actually need it on. If intruders get onto your ship (and they will) they will often make a beeline to the shuttle bay and try to steal one. While it's possible to get the shuttle back, you may be looking at the expense of replacing it. If Launch Control is off, the intruder will be trapped and the Marines can gun him down. And if I recall properly, you only need Launch Control on to launch craft, not to recover them.
  4. I've played it enough now to give it a solid two thumbs up for performance and stability on a Lenova T60 laptop. (running XP, 1 GB RAM) I'm using the latest Omega drivers for the ATI Mobility Radeon X1300. I did buy the game at some point, but managed to lose the CD in my last move. So having it released like this is excellent. I've also bought UCCE to run on my main Windows rig...it should be interesting to play them side by side and see what's new and different. Thanks Derek.
  5. Ok, uninstalling and reinstalling fixed it. I did not patch up to 1.00.05....I'll wait on that for now.
  6. I've downloaded the free version to play with on my laptop...I'll run the latest on the main rig. Anyway, I had a CTD issue until I turned off DXT Compressed Textures. The game then ran flawless for I'd say (gulp) 6 hours or so. Yeah, don't tell my wife. This included all sorts of operations - space, ground, me and some Marines beaming down, mining drones deploying and being picked up. So if you are having crash problems, give that a go. Moral of the story: it's usually the video driver's fault.
  7. Derek, thanks for looking into this. I'll stop at 1.00.04 Axil, thanks for the tip. I'll probably try it tonight after work. And no, there really are no other games like this. It's worth spending the time to get familiar with the interface and the universe.
  8. I'm in the middle of the same issue myself. Bought, ran it fine, saw the patch was released, ran the updater, confirmed that it was installing to the proper place and now it wants to be activated again. I'm in the middle of an email exchange with the Direct to Drive folk now. Hopefully we can get this worked out.
  9. Street, what's the direct IP for your server?
  10. Always, always, always patch. The bug fixes alone are worth it. The added features top it.
  11. (looks around) Moi? I'm never going to hear the end of that one, am I?
  12. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: btw, the patch will invalidate some saved games. It was late when I wrapped up the patch yesterday, so I didn't have time to add this to the patch version of the VCF; though its in the online version. Any common pattern of saved game we should know about or it's hard to say? Solid looking patch, thanks as always for your efforts.
  13. Not trying to waste your time...truthfully, I was a little nervous pursuing this in the first place, as I understand that you're busy and don't like to chase down false leads. As I said in the email, I've narrowed the issue down to shuttle 4 attempting planetfall on Earth. (although it performed planetfall on the moon fine and all the other shuttles planetfall onto Earth without issues) I don't know if it's somehow related to the shuttle being a replacement asset or not. (with the mining drone from the original shuttle 4 still deployed on Earth...is there some sort of broken association?) I missed the correlation the first time and for that I feel silly. If it's an obscure bug, there's some data for you. If you think it's not worth pursuing further, I'm ok with that. In any case, once I get all of the mining drones off of Earth, I'll see if shuttle 4 can successfully planetfall there at that point. Thanks for your time.
  14. Derek, check your email. The adventure continues.
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