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  1. Naval Carrier launch mission with say...... A Firestorm? ;-)
  2. I've heard a lot of news to the light of they're going to continue the fallout series (it's a great game and an even greater cash cow)
  3. Harpsicord wire should be downright outlawed! I mean COME ON does anyone actually play the harpsicord. I think the whole harpsicord thing is a front for a heavy choking weapons reasearch and development program. In fact ALL INSTRUMENTS ARE! OUTLAW MUSIC!! Sometime people get caught up in their emotions from the event and make stupid decisions, like the one above, that was a hypothetical situation and quite outrageous, but similar things have been done I know for sure in the US (from the fact I live there). For a more realistic example: Raves, they play some good european club music that you can't hear anywhere else in the whole damn country and just because there's some drug use (which by the way is almost 40% lower than public schools according to a St. Louis Police Department statistical investigation) the states and even the federal government are trying to make it ILLEGAL to hold any event that plays this type of music, using the war on drugs (don't get me started on that one) as a pathetic cover. Gun Control, Making Types of MUSIC Illegal, All violating the principles (and in several cases existing laws) the US was founded on, It makes me very sad that a scared housewife who can't properly handle her children can ask the govrnment to help and they end up "helping" the rest of the population when we don't need it. Grrrr! (Deep.. Breath... Must... Stop.. Ranting...) Sorry, I'm done, I'll go back to my corner.
  4. I don't think Raid-on tweaker uses the same setting names as Radeon Tweaker does, I would just grab the newest radeontweaker (1.1.9) from their sourceforge page here. Best of luck with it! I recommend if you don't know what to turn on is to either read the little descriptions in the sidebar or go to the profiles tab and load up Optimal Quality & Preformance. There are about 4 different types of fog that you can turn on under the first directX tab. Soon you will be fogging like you never fogged before! (No this is not a men's enhancement slogan)
  5. As of the latest Radeon beta driver release (you can find these under "unsupported/special purpose" drivers on ATI's page) all form of fogging were working. I had to enable one of them with RadeonTweaker 1.9 (can be found at sourceforge and rage3d) as some idiot forgot to make them the driver default but they all should work and do work with the configuration I'm using above.
  6. There is some truth behind lum's madness this time. The main WWIIOL site is reporting that they are extending the free period "Indefinitly untill we fix the server code" and the forums are lit on fire with angry folks who can't get on, and even more angry folks who are pissed about the fact you have to hit three seperate keys to aim your gun. Sounds like it's going to go the way of Take2 BC3K, by the time anyone fixes it, most people will have given up on it.
  7. *pulls himself back into his chair* LOL! That was hilarious, looks like that game is going to be a huge success!!! He'll eat his words when GCO comes out
  8. *goes back a couple posts and posts his thoughts on the game* I was amazed SC! This looks like a GREAT game, it really puts alot of the space sims and trading games I've played to shame (if it was made after 1985, and is a space sim, chances are I've played it ) I loved the models too! Some of the ship designs are very creative. Anyways responding to the original question of what was your favorite thing to do in the demo. Well, in instant action 2, I captured all of the stations (except the neutral one) and ordered all of the carriers and cruisers out to fight each other in X3 :-) It was quite amazing, like a scene from a movie. Okay, I'm done. Back to BCM :-)
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