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  1. Read all about the G4 on TOMS HARDWARE site, and all I can say is hummmm, no direct support for DX8????, its faster yeah... but without the necessary processor to go with it would you get your bang for your buck!!..I only just got a G3, and yet haven’t unleashed its potential even close yet!!!
  2. Reading way back I noticed you mention no specific card features to be supported. With the introduction of the XP1 package and its processor hungry attributes have you OR are you considering implementing features like Hardware T&L and other speed optimisations that are found on all common Gforce cards in most gamers machines? It would help a great deal especially when the processor doesn’t live up to much.
  3. May have missed the nitty gritty...but what are the new system requirements to run BCM with the XP1 on top? To maintain smooth play like I have now with what I got, will I need to get a major upgrade just to see these new features go anymore than 10fps?
  4. Decided to go and play Roam in a small fighter class ship for a change instead of the large cumbersome B.C., and oh my god the game plays so much faster when in a small fighter class ship. Shows you how dam slooowwww the big mommas are. Anyway I decided to fly out from G.Hq, to a moon and noticed an asteroid orbiting. Flying up to it, I noticed small disc like objects about two off, attached to the surface similar to the discs on space stations. What are they?
  5. 1. Why when landing on Scorpia, it was raining above the clouds ???, is this a thing on all planets that have rainy weather,that rain goes up as well as down ? 2. In fighter craft, decide to play the ram CC ship game. Why, well wanted to see the fireworks. But I bounce off it!. My CC has shields down, mine are up yet should`nt I explode when flying at mach9 into it ?? Thanks.
  6. Your right there..I have the Freespace MOD too...
  7. You think that the era we are playing in and the technology that is being used, they would have figured out the simple task of keeping burglars out!!!!
  8. I favour Brian1 ideas(and thats what it is an IDEA)...Not all of us are into Multiplayer games, due to not having the time to participate or have a decent connection necessary to play online with out darn lag creeping in. He has just brought up an idea about on the fly generated missions, like in favourites like Elite/X-Tension and other Dynamic flight/space simulators. It’s a good idea, and nothing is impossible with today’s talented coders out there. Just sit back and wait and see..
  9. I thought you were supposed to be having a break!! Can’t argue with a man who has dedication like this can you.
  10. I do... thing is its installed on home machine with no printer you see...work comp has printer so I can print ONLINE material from here. Plus the fact it has been referred to throughout the forums by others for reference purposes. Which like yourself it puzzled me too.
  11. Has anyone come across in the midst of space any Tribles, Space Flies or Space Whales (These were found in Star Glider, I may be showing my age here)... anything wierd I mean etc. Meant to ask are there things like Black Holes, and other strange phenomenon out there?
  12. Saw a few references to the Appendix on the download section of this site, if I was to print it out can I refer to it for use with BCM >?<, or are there certain pages that do not relate that I should be made aware of. Thanks..
  13. Just for the record, where can I find the following screen locations in the game... What is this...An Asteriod ? http://www.bc3000ad.com/pics/bcm/photo111.jpg Lovely trees, me want to see.. http://www.bc3000ad.com/pics/bcm/photo448.jpg This was spoke about well before the game emerged, but can trees be burnt or blown to pieces?
  14. Well, I am stunned to read that things have really gone so wrong for such an individual. This Board is if a little too strict very informative, with the best crew of guys who are eager to help I have known since my days at the X-Tension forum. SC, while again a little blunt at times shows so much dedication to BCM, that I can safely say that this game will keep me entertained for a very long time to come. His fast work with the patches and additions he throws in is nothing short of brilliant. The speed and virtually daily updates so far have really impressed the socks off me. The game played fine right out of the box for myself, nothings perfect though and SC knows this and why patches are being released ASAP. I can understand that if you just step foot in here without a little pre-background knowledge or understanding of the boards do & don’ts and so forth that it can come across rather cold and less than welcoming. Short fused and quick temper enthusiasts will obviously get the wrong end of the stick. When you’re in business and dealing with the general public, be prepared for all sorts I know. All I can say is that perhaps this Trescott and others like him, should take a step back, sit down read some of the posts get a feel of the board and then after careful consideration and understanding post your questions. Let us get you started and hopefully get the game running without problems. I love talking about a game I enjoy playing, I am sure many on here too also. All new comers young or old, like myself just be patient. If for some reason the game doesn’t run even after patching, worst-case scenario take it back and get a refund. Hey I am not perfect, I can ask silly questions. But that’s me. Either they get answered or they don’t. But if there is a problem or I have a query I will ask on here. That’s what a public board that’s centred around a game should and is for. If you’re in trouble, speak to the professionals because I am not one of them.... File closed.
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