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  1. IMHO capitalism works with todays ethics, morality, and "world view of compassion"..It is the best working economic/social system. Socialism is an advanced and lofty idea that perhaps would work in the future; when we as a species have collectively advanced our perceptions and implementations of ethics, morality, and "compassion".. Personally im ready for a more "socialistic world.... but it aint going to happen any time soon...... ~
  2. "fulfillment center" Hummm I would like to have one of these on my BC.. Kind of like a Holo deck...Think of the posibilities....... ~ The game is coming folks! relax
  3. I sure wont be getting it.... But i got to say I would imagine the game developers had a great game, worked hard to develop it, but do to conflicting interests with the publishers were forced to release an unfinished product or face financial penalties.. Bastards... Jihad! Jihad with game publishers!
  4. I have a humble sugestion for the general BCM public.... In a couple weeks there could be a flood of new members... People who have never played BC3000AD or the BCM demo( me ) but have just purchased BCM. They may post Trivial, newbie, generally knob oriented questions. Many of which could be easily looked up. I think Vets. should look at future posts like " im lost" or " i keep flying my BC in to the space station Help!!" with renewed understanding.. That is, an understanding that helping these people make the transition from newbie to "Supreme BC commander" is going to get more people onboard with buying BCM and simialr quality games(GCO!). I cant tell you how frustrated I am with the current state of games being released ( which i blame on game publishers(bastards!))..People need to support great games like BCM and its Develoment path..This means getting more potential gamers into the fold.. If we could get those people who are about to buy "panty raider" or "deer Hunter6" to buy BCM the world would be a better place.... Ok well maybe this is unrealistic but there are people out there lusting for a game like this but dont know about BCM... There are some who thru word of mouth or future game reviews will here about and Purchase BCM..We need to help those people get over the difficult task of learning the basics of BCM for they will tell others of there BCM experience. Thats one more copy sold, one more dollar in the jar for GCO, and an FU! to the infidel game publishers..ops sorry little Ben ladien anger poping thru I myself never played BC300ad but I've read the Bc3kman, praticed with the bcm demo, will be reading the BCM manual, other relavent docs., and will be praticing ... If i see a post asking somthing I know about im going to give that post my most detailed reply; even if I feel that poster is just to lazy to look up info readly avaliable. just my thoughts Ps. i love the idea of people with ripped copies of BCM not being able to log in to the fourms and asking questions like " I have a ripped copy of BCM and im getting errors HELP!!". BTFG buddie!
  5. News Flash: Hijackers Surprised to Find Selves in Hell Mohammed Atta interview from Hell ~
  6. I dont know if there are many Q3/UT fans here but: "Take out your anger and frustration!! Download a FREE Osama Bin Laden Skin for Unreal Tournament!! Frag his sorry ass all day and all night! Nuthin' like a close up head shot to make ya feel better! This is the most fun when it's played as the senseless 'bot that he really is!" Or "Take a shot! Nuke the flea bitten dung-eater!! Download a FREE Osama Bin Laden Skin for Quake3:Arena!! Frag his sorry ass all day and all night! Shove a rocket right up the ass of that miserable hunk of camel crap!" DownLoad at web page If your not a q3/ut fan... go check out the screen shots anyway.... [ 09-29-2001: Message edited by: mike ]
  7. Ive purchased many games from ebgames.com( since the nearest computer store is a 2 hour drive)over the last 2 years... When they post a shiping date on a game that has gone gold, they have never miss a shipping date in my experience with them... very reliable.. Never had a damaged or late product and always get it 2-3 days after there posted shipping date.. there saying BCM will ship on 10/15/2001...... ~
  8. Im ordering my copy today... Hope the game is even more succesful than you ever hoped SC
  9. ack this post wont die!.....Im my opinion the multitude of vid card/driver combos out there creates a nightmare for game developers trying to create a solid game that will run on every ones rigs ..... So if you want to try vid cards or drivers not listed as "offical" by the game development team.....cool! But use at your own risk! That said anyone who owns an Nvidia based vid card is presented with "new" drivers ever other day it seems like. Many of us like to test out these drivers as see how they perform with different games/benchmarks.... All good....... But i think many people switch Video card drivers so often and dont uninstall/install properly that they have "junk" left in there registry thats affecting the performance of there video card when they do install the correct drivers.. Im to lazy to type out a step by step discription of how to uninstall/install vid drivers but I found this nice little utility over @ www.guru3d.com called Detonator Destroyer which explains how to use it and then install what ever drivers you want to install..Heres a link : web page P.s. Im a very patient man.......but this waiting for BCM to go gold is killing me! arg! ARG!
  10. My joy stick is lubed and oiled.......My modem is configured for "maximum" band width.......just show me where to click!
  11. im wondering if this second installment is a "stand alone demo" or are we going to just patch it over our existing BCM demos. I down loaded the "lite" demo too.... the final game will just look that much richer when we get it...
  12. "Hey, I downloaded the low content version of Episode 1 Demo overnight with DAP and my slow connection. I started at around 1:00am, went to sleep, and left the scheduler on to disconect at 9:00am, but at least it finished at around 7:30am. 6.5 hrs if you want to know." Now that true dedication...I wont wine about my isdn any more...
  13. hummmmm..... Might feel a cold coming on.....might have to take tommrow off! j/k... i really cant take the day off...but i can stay up all night!!! How big is the demo going to be( looks at skinny 64k isdn line) i sure how they bring cable DSL here soon!
  14. ahhh i must be retarded........ blah.... i got the /d1 in the short cut......... going to go play
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