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  1. Hi lord_psycho and welcome on board. There's no team orders, so you must order your team members one by one. It's same on ground with your vehicles and in space with your fighters and shuttles and all the other spacecrafts you have CC over them.
  2. You can upgrade your engine etc. only when you're not docked. After that you can dock and finish the job docked.
  3. Congrats to You and your wife! Enjoy your time with your family. You know they're going to fly out of nest before you even know. My son is 23 and it feels just like yesterday when I held him in my arms just like you are now holding your beautiful daughter.
  4. I've tried many times to install this patch. I have BMT Micro version and I have made the changes to the settings.ini and changed the install path to my install folder. When I try to start the game I get error: "PTE2 Error Cannot find file pteObjects.ini"
  5. LOL! How many people have died by a baseball bats compared to guns... ;-)
  6. Actually my above note was meant to be quite sarcastic. I hate guns and I will never, ever have one!
  7. Papi

    VIRUS! HELP!!!!

    Avast is quite effective antivirus progran... and free!
  8. ...well, I'm still listening to my vinyls! Talking about ancient Infact they sound better than cd's not to mention mp3's, and the covers and all!!!
  9. ...btw... congrats! You were having your batchelorette party, so I'm guessing you're getting married soon!!!??? I've been away sooooo looong, so long time no sea my friends and enemies.
  10. ...or, use imageshack...
  11. Hey Wolferz, did you actually check the version of demo? It's the demo of previous SS release, not Gathering Storm. quote: Originally posted by Wolferz: Did anyone try the demo? I did and found it to be a load of crap. Back to the drawing board Matrix Games. Sorry
  12. So... one more grazy finnish guy, LOL!!! There's a lot of us!
  13. Remo I'm feeling your loss. What can I say. There's just no words to express the feelings in these kind of situations. There's nothing I can say to comfort you, but you will stay in my thoughts. My condolences.
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