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  1. Hi lord_psycho and welcome on board. There's no team orders, so you must order your team members one by one. It's same on ground with your vehicles and in space with your fighters and shuttles and all the other spacecrafts you have CC over them.
  2. You can upgrade your engine etc. only when you're not docked. After that you can dock and finish the job docked.
  3. Congrats to You and your wife! Enjoy your time with your family. You know they're going to fly out of nest before you even know. My son is 23 and it feels just like yesterday when I held him in my arms just like you are now holding your beautiful daughter.
  4. I've tried many times to install this patch. I have BMT Micro version and I have made the changes to the settings.ini and changed the install path to my install folder. When I try to start the game I get error: "PTE2 Error Cannot find file pteObjects.ini"
  5. LOL! How many people have died by a baseball bats compared to guns... ;-)
  6. Actually my above note was meant to be quite sarcastic. I hate guns and I will never, ever have one!
  7. Papi

    VIRUS! HELP!!!!

    Avast is quite effective antivirus progran... and free!
  8. ...btw... congrats! You were having your batchelorette party, so I'm guessing you're getting married soon!!!??? I've been away sooooo looong, so long time no sea my friends and enemies.
  9. ...or, use imageshack...
  10. Hey Wolferz, did you actually check the version of demo? It's the demo of previous SS release, not Gathering Storm. quote: Originally posted by Wolferz: Did anyone try the demo? I did and found it to be a load of crap. Back to the drawing board Matrix Games. Sorry
  11. Fileshack is the only one that has it mirrored. Go get it.
  12. NO!!! I'm long time blues fan and have several R.L. records. Too bad that I never saw him play live :-( May your further voayge be as fruitful as your travel upon here in with us R.L. P.S. I'm not very religious, but I do believe in cosmos and unity in spirit. P.P.S. Thanks for the info Jamotto, as sad it was.
  13. You can get FS1 together with FS2 in "white label" Virgin re-release for 13,50Ôé¼ in Finland ;-)
  14. Lucky you, old warhorse (hmmmm... it seems that you're not THAT old anyway )
  15. I used FilZip, but moved to Ultimate Zip for it's better features.
  16. quote: Originally posted by Cruis.In: what's the website for elite4 Frontier Developments, but there's nothing else but this: quote: Games : Elite 4 frequently asked questions (Answers from David Braben) In response to the many queries we get about Elite 4, here are some answers: 1. What is Elite 4? "Elite 4" is the fourth game in the Elite series, though as with the other sequels this is only a working title; it will be called something different when released. 2. Will Elite 4 be based around realistic physics? Yes, substantially (ie except hyperspace, and general relativity), though the actual flight behaviour will feel more like Elite than Frontier. 3. How will Elite 4 relate to First Encounters? The two are entirely independent. 4. Will Elite 4 be multi-player? Both single- and multi-player versions are planned, it is now likely the single-player version will be released first. 5. When will Elite 4 be released? There is more than one planned release. We will make an announcement as soon as possible. 6. Will Elite 4 have realistic stellar systems (like Frontier) or have entirely made up worlds (like the original Elite)? It will have realistic stellar systems, with fully detailed planet surfaces visible from orbit. It will again be possible to land on planets. 7. What platforms will it be available for? We will make an announcement as soon as possible.
  17. quote: Originally posted by Darkling: Mine is 1of8, What's yours? If you add "3000ad" as your friend and go to the options -> Privacy -> Show my game status to: check "My friends" and "Anyone who's interested on the web" then check "Let me and my friends of friends see each other while gaming" that should do it.
  18. I'm listening to the finnish group Wigwam right now. I'm going through all their material from '69 to present. I was in their concert few weeks ago, it was a record release gig. The concert was great, their guitarist just blew my mind and the whole band was so relaxed and still full of power! If you do some search (eg. Prog Archives) you'll find that few of their albums are highly internationally recognized. And no, it's not the Norvegian Eurovision candidate band ;-), but the one and only original WIGWAM! Their latest release "Some Several Moons" is one of their best!
  19. quote: Paul Resnig Combat Officer The Combat Officer, CO, has the following tasks, which he performs automatically during the normal operation of the ship. TASKS: .... Assignment of Flight Engineers to evaluate and prep docked crafts for launch ... Now, if you read the above lines carefully, you'll see that it's not only fighters they prep. And please be careful with calling ppl stupid here!
  20. I've created 3000ad group chat room. I'll invite you one by one when ever I see you online. Remember to add the chat room in your favourites, so that you can see it the next time you log into XFire.
  21. BUMP!! XFire has now support for group chat. And don't forget to join to 3000ad group of friends! Just search for 3000ad username and request to be added in the buddy list.
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