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  1. Still here, lurking in the shadows
  2. Dream on dreamer quote: Originally posted by LordDavid: quote:Originally posted by Jaguar: I love watching ships explode Tis a beautiful sight, but more so, I like watching Space Stations explode (espicially GALCOM's explosion) with massive chunks of its hull flying in all directions and a shockwave that spreads miles around. (btw Jaguar, check your private messages)
  3. Hey Wolfie, I hope you get well soon! Remember to stop by at Alpha Wings bar when you get back. This time I'll buy a round of chili nuts and beer too
  4. Happy B-day Kiran, we'll beam you back on our next round in this corner of the galaxy ;-) [ 10-30-2002, 05:05 PM: Message edited by: Papi ]
  5. quote: Originally posted by Remo Williams: Its good to hear you guys are all fine! I hope they catch the people that did it and lock them up for life. I'll never understand why anyone would do such a thing it serves no purpose what so ever. I've found out that it was a desperate act by some 19 year old chemical student. He was one of the 7 victims that died. He had made the bomb by himself. But WHY he went and blowed it up in the place like that? I think that is something that's should be examined carefully in our whole society here and elsewhere.
  6. Fortunately I and my family were not near the place. I've called my friends that live nearby and they are all allright too. The mall, where explosion happened is in the western part of Vantaa and I live in eastern part, so I couldn't even hear the explosion. Police is investigating the happened as a criminal attentate. I just heard that the explosion just took it's seventh victim. One of the victims was just a child and about 60 people got injuries nine of them children. There was a clown show that many family's had came to watch with their children when the bomb exploded and the glass roof of the building collapsed. We've not had anything like this before here and I can't understand why anyone could ever do such a thing!
  7. How about roasted gammulan instead of chili nuts in our next meeting with Alpha Oh yes, I'm here! Definately ;-)
  8. quote: Originally posted by MIKE113: How about some more WG Missions? Never did finish Mission 2 though . I tried it over 50 times, . Did anyone ever finish it? I am getting bored here with my roam missions, tho I do like having all Artifacts installed . How about it? More Missions anyone. I have never tried the GBS but I might give it a try! Well... the last mission was too hard, but I thought I'd edit it a bit to make it easier. Right now I don't have any ideas for new mission, but anyone has a good idea send it to me to: [email protected] or send me pm. GBS II is not publicly available yet, so only betatesters can script missions right now.
  9. Should Alpha Wing have a quote? And if yes, what it should be. I'll take suggestions for it. So speak up cmdrs!
  10. quote: Originally posted by Rosko: Welcome buzz....fresh meat for the slaughter........Report to www.primefleet.com, to gain 'Chili Nuts' for you're new BC inventory. LOL Rosko, and don't forget the beer :-D What else could man need around the Alpha Wing camp fire!
  11. Welcome to Alpha Wing cmdr Buzz, you'll be assigned in Alpha Wings 1st squadron under command of squadron leader cmdr Rosko. Let's see, how many there's in Alpha Wing. I want every Alpha Wing member to report here asap. Carry on.
  12. quote: Originally posted by Buzz: Thanks all, app filled out good to go Welcome to Prime Buzz!
  13. quote: Originally posted by Cmdr_ Laracuente: ...i'll prepare a mod to modify the shields, at least give ships shields that are 4x or 6x stronger (even if that means to rewrite every ship numbers and the upgrades and artifacts, etc) I would also like to modify HyperJump transit times to make them faster.... Just my 2 cents Laracuente Over and out First of all dl GBS I here , study the manual so that you know what gbs is capable to do. Then study the VCF's sections that deals with GBS II changes and you have pretty good impression what you can and what you can't do with it. After that you'll know that it is not capable to do above mentioned, sorry. [ 08-19-2002, 03:01 AM: Message edited by: Papi ]
  14. quote: Originally posted by SyberSamurai: But on the topographic map of the planet/moon, no blip to illustrate where the shuttle it, have to zoom way in. We'll see what happens. Even reading a manual might help Seriously, observe the moon in tacops, use zoom to support and select your shuttle.
  15. Back and recovering from the vacation!
  16. Happy belated b-day! I hope you had a nice one! [ 07-10-2002, 04:55 PM: Message edited by: Papi ]
  17. quote: Originally posted by TheBunny: HELP!!! i downloaded the patch and BCM wont work! how do i get rid of the patce! (I think i didn't delete my save games. could that be a problem) The problem is most definately that you didn't run the patch inside the install folder. The patch deletes your saved games if you install it right.
  18. LOL Ferigad, maybe I should not open my big mouth in the first place ;-)... Just kidding, I need one of your kind in my wing for sure!
  19. Welcome aboard commaners, both Col Kurtz and Sebbit.
  20. Congratulations Gudihl! Send my regards to your newly wed wife too quote: Originally posted by Gudihl: The topic says it all... ... oh, btw. - I am now married. Best regards.
  21. Sorry, I must have sent the message when I was about to cancel it. But anyway here it goes You can see and collect cargo (from trader transports anyway) All you have to do is to select a target and you'll see collect menu if the target has cargo to collect. Sometimes the cargopods in transports are empty, booby traps I haven't seen yet quote: Originally posted by Pugwash: quote: From VCF v1.0.04 - 01.05.02 The collect order has now been added to the FC&C menu. Remember that the stores manifest for hostile and neutral units is not displayed in the CVD/SMD unless that unit is a cargo pod. So, even though you can use the collect order to do a blind collect from a target (one that you know has cargo or that you are guessing has cargo), you can't tell if it has anything or not. In multiplayer new rules will be introduced in order to prevent pilfering of NPC and player cargo items by other players (or even NPCs). [ 05-30-2002, 02:10: Message edited by: Papi ]
  22. quote: Originally posted by Commander Elio Jason: yeah Remo that sound sitneresting turning iton Interfleet wargames. where can i get Mission 2 by the way? Maybe Elio was "under influence" of something when he wrote this
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