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  1. Hey Rico, if you still have time and want to try ol' BC3K missions, I'll send you some (I heard that you just got your BCM) Sry I didn't send those earlier, there might still be some things to have a finishing touch, few problems not solved (like how can I set the condition/flag that player has captured a station, Gallion.... can you hear me!!!), but anyway I'll send them to you tonight. (And I mean our european time ) (My problem is perfectionism, naah... ) I'd like to hear any comments too, and if you have some of your scripts, send them on my way too. CYA Edit: I found a solution on my "Station captured proplem" , I already had it right in my script, but the trigger was wrong [ 12-11-2001: Message edited by: Papi ]
  2. Nice pics there, especially that last one
  3. quote: Originally posted by Steve Schacher: I need a little abuse today, so I thought I'd post here. I loaded the game from the CD and it worked great. Then I loaded the patches and it didn't work -- it bounced me right back to the desktop. I read the bright red warnings about upgrading to DirectX 8.1, but I didn't do it at first. Then I got smart and did upgrade to DirectX 8.1. This got me further in that it didn't bounce me, but it locked me up instead. Now comes the fun part. I read the posts in the video threads regarding box text mentioning Voodoo3 support, not support but just tested, etc. My question is: now that the very first patch requires an upgrade to DirectX 8.1, and that you also mention that 8.1 drivers must be used as well, does this completely, finally, and once and for all, eliminate Voodoo3 from use beyond the CD version? Is my problem (aside from personal observations) that I'm using DirectX 8.1 with final Voodoo3 drivers? Yep, time for a v-card with drivers that Dx8.1 Good thing that XMAS is just around the corner.TTFN Not necesseraly, but recommended, YES. Papi Has anyone with a Voodoo3 card been able to run with the patches, or is it just me? I'm not ruling out that something on my machine is messing me up -- I'm searching for information at this time. I still have voodoo 3 and I'm running BCM.. well not fine, but... it's running. I use x3dfx 1.08.03 drivers. I don't know if it makes any difference for you, but if you want to try them you can find them here.
  4. Just wanted to inform that cmdr McMahon is listed in fleet db as a Alpha wing member although he belongs to Gamma. And how about cmdr Ra, is he in Alpha or where? Never got confirmation about it, he is also listed as a Alpha wing member in fleet db. Edit: I just read from Prime fleet homepage that cmdr Ra belongs to Delta wing. So there's two corrections that should be done in fleet db. [ 12-07-2001: Message edited by: Papi ]
  5. quote: Originally posted by JJ: where do i get rc 7 , i don't see th link>? Hey JJ, plz read this thread CAREFULLY and you might find the answer. p.s. Where's your system profile, don't expect any support if you don't put your system profile in your sig. [ 12-07-2001: Message edited by: Papi ]
  6. That script took longer to write I'd expected , but I think it's ready now . It's for BC3K if you still want one late b-day present [ 12-05-2001: Message edited by: Papi ]
  7. You just have to live with, you like it or not. I think it's not that big deal anyway. If you don't like it, don't use it, your enemies will use it anyway
  8. quote: Originally posted by ooJAYoo: Rosko mate,Can you tell me how to find these debris fields... they sound interesting. I have been flying here there and everywhere I have yet to find such a patch of space junk. Also I heard there are Asteroid fields/belts too, perhaps someone could point to the direction where I could find one of those to play around with. Can you mine of asteroids by the way?? Depris fields are disabled for now in bcm, maybe in future patch they'll be abled again. All above posts are for BC3K.
  9. LOL, and the fact that there's these things happening all the time . Talking 'bout some immersion factor here! It's really like living in one of those my favourite scifi books.
  10. quote: Originally posted by Steve Conley: Here's another cool trick;In fact ... it seems to me once your intruders go onto your shuttles to escape, they stay in there rather than attempt further mayhem, so long as your launch control is off. I usually let them stay there and beeline for a station, especially if my marines are hurt :-D Just remember to check shuttles cargo after you killed all those bastards, they try to steal your cargo so they load it from your cargo bays to the shuttle. Else you endup thinking "Where the hell I put that radiation control unit?" when you need one ps. How about nice sfx like "Intruders stealing cargo!" SC. O.K. I'm heading to the airlock already, no wishlist items. [ 11-30-2001: Message edited by: Papi ]
  11. All Alpha Wing members gather in Alpha wings lounge the tab is open and drinks are on....... Rosko!!! Happy birthday buddy, (and remember to practice the station capturing, I'll try to send you the script as a birthday present )
  12. Heh, Rosko talking about the need of practice . Carry on. You can practice station capturing with bc3k too. I was thinking of making a simple script for station capturing in bc3k ... hmmm maybe I can get something up for a weekend for you.
  13. And you can deploy your team from TLM (page 68), first assign your team to away team, then deploy team.
  14. Hey RWilco, DON'T DO IT!!!! (sry 'bout shouting). I almost got a heart attack when I read that you even consider buying V3. You're joking, right .....right?????? You got me there GeForce 2 (or even better 3) cards are something worth looking.
  15. Time for some bragging, how many Alpha wing members already got their copy of BCM And to clean our reputation that we are not (only ) heavy drinkers of Prime here's some orders for those who got their copy. [rp]Commanders of Alpha wing we are ordered to the training camp, concentrate on the spacestation capturing.[/rp] Remember to read all tips in the forum and try different angles on approaching the station. Post all your reports of capturing the stations here. That's all for now. Edit: I'VE GOT MINE!!!! (sorry, got little carried away )Just installed it 5 mins ago and now it's v.1.0.02 testing time children [ 11-28-2001: Message edited by: Papi ]
  16. Search BC Legacy discussions, the missions in BCM are ported from bc3k, so you can use the tips from bc3k.
  17. Nightowl is my middle name So set it up and I'll be there
  18. You need to access your CommLink computer (alt-C or select systems -> CommLink)to read all important info about your mission. From there you'll find the mission directives, and what's the trigger to succesfully complete your mission. MisCon tells you info about the game you are playing, roam or ACM. And remember that in CVD there's ACM status displayed where you can read the mission time running.
  19. quote: Originally posted by Captain Dread: It was always there as far as I know until BCM. Only in freebie version, 'cause it uses debug mode as default. In retail version it was disabled in , let's say from 1.08d (just a wild guess I'm at work right now)
  20. Thnx boss, and happy Thanksgiving. It's been one helluva jorney and it seems that it'll never end (I'll be playing these games in a rockin' chair ) And talking about dedication... oh man, we're talking about extreme here!
  21. Intruders boarded before you went to hyperspace, they were just not found before. And no, there's no way of getting your fighters back. You gotta go and collect some money (mining/trading) and buy new fighters. I guess you lost your pilots too? If so, they are dead and need to be cloned, you can do this from medibay.
  22. There's only two scripters who actually had something done, so far. You can find Gallion's insurgent script here. And then there's Pugwash's Convoy script, and you can find it here.. BTW, I suggest that you visit Pugwash's page, there's more info about scripting. Have fun [ 11-21-2001: Message edited by: Papi ]
  23. You can't turn the AI off, but you can write a script where there is no auto generated npc's. Or write a script and make your npc enemy's dummiest ever [ 11-19-2001: Message edited by: Papi ]
  24. Ferigad look altenative payment methods in BMT, there's possibility to pay through german bank. I don't remember the banks name, but all info is in the BMT's pages, account info etc.
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