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  1. I think this should belong to "Fun Stuff" or to "Laughter The Best Medicine" threads.
  2. Babylon 5 Project based on Freespace 2 source code. And it's free!
  3. 17.Mar.05 Egosoft announces X┬│: Reunion, the next generation in the X Universe
  4. LR=Long Range (8 jumps) MR=Middle Range (6 jumps) SR=Short Range (4 jumps)
  5. If I understood you right, you started as a "planetary support pilot", right? If so you can't leave planet to enter space. Your craft is built only for planetary use. You must start as a commander or elite force pilot to enter space. There are other non-military careers that you can use to travel in space, but you can read all about it from the manual.
  6. Hi Avimimus, You can't save games in the mp, neither in LAN or internet games with UC. Maybe in the future releases it's possible.
  7. quote: Originally posted by gibby: i get the same problem as ross but i live in england so should it work here i have V.2.00.00 It works if you update your game to up to date version, which is 2.00.19 now. BTW, your system profile link is not correct, so please fix it or...
  8. ...didn't Denny already give you an answer....
  9. You really think this is hilarious? Laughter? Best medicine... come on!
  10. -> Jah Those shortcut keys work only with u.s. keyboard. With XP it's easy to switch to u.s. keyboard to get those shortcut keys to work. I always use mouse to change those levels, just like Spindoktor successed.
  11. Yes, you can "steal" from transports with your shuttle. You can order your shuttles to collect cargo if there's transports or pods with goods in the area.
  12. Maybe you can't find the afterburner key, because there is none. You can accelerate with W key to get highest speed and that's it, it's not afterburner key.
  13. It's time for me to step down from the staff position. I think that Logistics Officers position should belong to someone more active member. I wish you luck with mp. Maybe I'll join you guys someday again. I'm not leaving for good though, it's just that I don't have time or motivation to join mp matches at the time being. Because of the current issues I find the mp matches quite frustrating and it supposed to be fun. Maybe the issues are only in my end, but I doubt it. I'll continue to use UC mp to meet ppl in a "virtual space", so maybe we'll bump to each other sometimes. I'll wait for your confirmation on my position in the Prime and edit my sig accordingly. This is all meant to be in good will and no offence to anybody.
  14. Yeah, it is! I envy you................not Yeah, I remember time before Tac, Chavik and Jaguar
  15. You can't upgrade Stormcarrier with Tacyon Shield or Karanian MARK IV reactor. It's clearly stated in the appendix.
  16. Go do it! You have access to GBS III now
  17. 1 You can tow it to the station. 2 Exit the shuttle and enter the cc to see if you can fix it.
  18. quote: Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:Originally posted by Papi: XFire was just updated. Users who like to use BCMG should change the above edit to get BCMG to work with XFire. Just copy this to the end of ua_plugin.ini: Why is this necessary? Xfire has native support for both BCMG and UC. What am I missing? XFire does not have native support for BCMG, only for UC.
  19. Papi

    Roll Call

    You don't need UC cd to play mp (unless you have uninstalled the game, of course)
  20. Still here, maybe a little inactive because of rl.
  21. If you couldn't get the option to disable your left winkey, it was my mistake. I have a Microsoft keyboard and it supports the fix I sent. I found a little program called Winkey Killer, if you're interested here's a link. Just unzip the contents to the folder of your choice and run WKeyKill.exe. Running it again ables the Winkey. The program runs behind, so you won't see it start or stop. You can edit the setup with WKKSetup.exe. Creating the shortcut to the desktop makes it easy to use. Hope this helps.
  22. ...or if you have WIN XP just go to control panel keyboard key settings and disable your left win key.
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