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  1. No you can't do that Cartmanbeeps. All requests of this kind must be directed to 3000ad support. TheCatKing, add your system profile to your sig, or your stay here could be very short.
  2. Sorry, I was unable to join yesterday I ended up driving 700km instead of 400km (8 › hrs) from my parents summer cottage. Long story, I'll tell it later. So my schedule was ruined and I couldn't attend the session. Usually the best time for me is Saturday 2200 GMT.
  3. To: All fleet personnel From: Logistics officer Jason Cloud Subject: Sign up to Saturday's multiplayer sessions We'll be holding two MP sessions on Saturday. Here's scheduled times for sessions on Saturday. Saturday 2:00 PM PST. (10:00 PM GMT) on server 2 Saturday 4:00 PM GMT. (8:00 AM PST) on server 2 You need to reply to this post with following information: [*]1. Session you're going to attend [*]2. Your commander name [*]3. Your asset name [*]4. Your preferred asset type Tactical Officer Gordon will contact you and tell you which asset you'll be assigned to in the session. Please be on time, roll call will take place on the teamspeak server at the start time of the session. This announcement will be posted on the 3000AD forums as well as the Prime Fleet Forums to make sure no one misses it. Good luck cmdrs, see you out there!
  4. Thanks to you Remo, see you tomorrow!
  5. But I am holding my breath, just read this
  6. Papi

    July Roll Call

    Still here, more or less.
  7. Happy b-day Wolferz I'm riding right behind ya later this year
  8. Happy b-day Wolferz I'm riding right behind ya later this year
  9. When you use Servers tab in XFire you can see players even they haven't XFire running, same way as in ASE.
  10. Yes, since now they have added "+connect" to the default line. Edit: I noticed that player list shows only one player, even there's more players connected
  11. I finally got it figured out how to edit the ua_plugin.ini file, so that you can join the server in Servers tab! Change this line to: code: Launch=%UA_LAUNCHER_EXE_PATH% /c +connect %UA_GAME_HOST_NAME%:%UA_GAME_HOST_PORT% %UA_LAUNCHER_PASSWORD_ARGS% After editing and starting XFire you can join the server that other players are playing on (you can see even those that have not installed XFire, same way as with ASE), just click joypad icon. Cool, eh?
  12. Welcome Freyar and War Hero! First, it's Prime FLEET that's part of Earth Military which is part of Galactic Command (GalCom). See you out there.
  13. Yes, they've finally fixed it in their last update. So NOW you don't have to edit in the ua_plugin.ini anymore.
  14. You can find information about starstations and starbases in appendix. Appendix is in your games startup docs folder.
  15. Congrats Zane! And have a nice honeymoon in Hawaii!
  16. Thanks Ben! Now we must lay out the strategy how we can get more ensigns interested in Wraith.
  17. Congrats Ben, we're real relics!!
  18. quote: Originally posted by Remo Williams: Cmdr. Jason Cloud(Papi) will be stationed at wraith as the recruitment officer. O.K. I do what I can. I've been quite good in recruiting in the past
  19. rp My deepest congratulations, cadets ...errmmm commanders /rp What can I say! Let's get them out there!
  20. Learn how to search the forum! NO! (o.k. without capital letters, plain no)
  21. quote: Originally posted by Shingen: In RC11 there is no option to save and quit in the command/systems menu tab..only quit. It also will not resume last, instead it goes to new game, so there is basically no way to save the game. You're right! There is no save and guit option, but there IS "QUIT & SAVE GAME" option. And Presume last works just fine here. So only thing you need to do is fresh install.
  22. quote: Originally posted by Papi: You don't have to edit the ua_plugin.ini after XFire's updates anymore. They have fixed the lines in the ini file in the last update. I was little too optimistic about this You still have to add +connect to the LauncherNetworkArgs line. I was sure I saw it earlier today So, plz check the ini file everytime XFire updates.
  23. Maybe commanders who are just now installing XFire should use shorter profile names and then edit their nicknames to use longer ones. Remember, that it is your profile name that you write in Fleet db or in your forum profile.
  24. Now it deleted the saved files, I must have done something wrong before. I stand corrected.
  25. I will make a backup of my saved games and then I will do a clean install with the patches.
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