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  1. quote: Originally posted by Remo Williams: My sons been bugging me to get him an xbox lately. I guess this his lucky day. -> sometime in the future "Daddy, can I play xbox?" "Sure, my son!" "Daddy, when?" "Hmmm, wait a sec son. I got some very, very important work to do right now." "With xbox?" Well, that's the end of lame excuses for ya
  2. Using Hold command from command menu in the tacops gives you time to give them new escort order to avoid them attacking stations.
  3. Exactly my words as I reported about it yesterday quote: Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: I don't have a Yahoo account. So if anyone has one, please go ahead and make a simple post noting the fact that the game hasn't even been released yet and that this is just our resident troll at work.
  4. Have you heard about Pavel Klushantsev? He's a true pioneer of sci-fi movies. His movie "Road To The Stars" has been an inspiration for Kubrick in making of "2001 Space Odyssey".
  5. quote: Originally posted by Wyshnik: I am wondering if it is possible to order a ship that I control via c&c to cloak? There is a ship systems button and when entered it shows a box for cloak. However applying the x or removing the x seems to have no effect. Any help would be appreciated.. any help other than RTFM!!!!! Because it is not there. Take it easy By applying the x you are selecting the ABILITY to cloak. It's dependent of the AI level of the crew whether it cloaks or not WHEN NEEDED. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong SC. BTW El Che, RTFM means (depending on the level of frustration) either Read The Fine Manual or Read The Fridging Manual or even Read The F... (no I'm not going to say the word ) Manual.
  6. I don't know what I'm doing here anyway , but I'm here
  7. Have no fear, 'cause Papi is still here! ...hmmm, all I really wanted to say was, that I'm still around
  8. quote: Originally posted by Kalshion: Gammulens are the only ones who are known to do such a barbaric thing ...yeah, true. We're not so barbaric, we just use Gammulans as fire wood while we're camping. [rp] Hey Kalshion, throw another Gammulan in the fire it's getting cold around here![/rp]
  9. I just finished "Blindness: a novel" by Jos├® Saramago and I think he's one of the great writers of our time. Now I'm reading "Use Of Weapons" by Iain M. Banks. I like it so far, as I have liked all of his books I've read.
  10. LOL , welcome to the noob club, but you'll get over it
  11. Only possible answer that comes to my mind is, that you have installed the patches from some other folder than install folder. I've never ran into problem like you describe. Try re-installing and remember to move all patch files into the install directory before running the patch. You can send the saved game files to me, so I can take a look. Send them to [email protected]
  12. Answer to first question is easy, you can't. The second question is little more difficult to answer. Are you sure your fighters are destroyed or have they just docked and show as red, because they are offline? If yes (you checked them from TACTICAL or LOGISTIX COMPUTER), then are you sure that your pilots are alive. How you checked it?
  13. quote: Originally posted by Kasey Chang: Hmmm... You can order the shuttle to deliver towed objects and such to a station... I guess it depends on what you want to do while it's docked... But the shuttle itself doesn't dock, it just delivers the towed object and stays outside the station. So the answer is no, shuttle which is your asset cannot dock with stations without your AE in it.
  14. quote: Originally posted by Captain DeJohn: First, how do I turn off the bridge chatter? Second, I beamed down with some marines in hostile territory and I didn't know how to make the marines attack anything, I think I may have figured it out while i'm writing this question, but any help would be appreciated. First, this should be in newbie thread. 1. read the manual. But, since you already asked I might as well answer. You can turn the chatter off from "System" -> "Config", or from Main menu screen "Configuration" -> "Comms Chatter" 2. Use tacops. shift-left click marines one by one and give them orders, you can't give team orders in BCM/BCMG
  15. Your AE has rifle and all other gear needed when you start. You can check your starting gear from START NEW GAME by clicking GEAR. After you started the game you can check the gear by selecting: TACTICAL -> CREW -> COMMANDER -> change ASSIGNMENT to INVENTORY and select your COMMANDER to view the gear.
  16. All Alpha Wing cmdrs, visit here.
  17. Hey old friend, you finally got yourself to make a decision! Welcome to Prime and I would be more than honored to welcome you to Alpha Wing, unless you have other plans. Your old trusted "Night Owl" will be right beside you when you need him.
  18. I'm interested, of course only problem is the time. But anyway count me in.
  19. I'm here, where else?
  20. quote: Originally posted by GhengisX: shto ti gavareesh droog? Ja nie ponimoju Empirian
  21. quote: Originally posted by MIKE113: Be carefull using Defend order, if you jump into area with hostiles they will engage anything that tracks you on radar, including Stations(fatal)! True, but with escort order they engage the enemy even if the enemy is not tracking your CC, even more fatal.
  22. Hi Eboda, use defend instead of escort. That way they'll attack only hostiles that are targeting your CC.
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