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  1. Game_Ender

    Newtonian Physics vs. the SC's Physics

    Well, there is another game out there that uses Newtonian physics but not really a Newtonian flight model. Starshatter uses newtonian physics but compensates by having an velocity limit, and thrusters that work to keep your ship pointed in the direction you want. You can turn these things off so you can glide in one direction and glide in the other.
  2. Game_Ender

    General Critique of Battlecruiser Millennium

    I had not played any of the demos or previous versions of Battle Cruiser and the only other space sim i played was the second wing commander game. I picked up the game in a week and a half. I only had a few problems picking things up. Those problems were quickly fixed in the newbie forum.
  3. Game_Ender

    Cargo and Power

    I think the engine and reactor upgrades improve fuel intake. So if you upgraded your engines and reactor you will have to refuel less often.
  4. I don't think you can, no matter how close i get with my ship, or what postion i use the only way i can get it is a shuttle. But that is almost better becuase my shuttle is faster anyways.
  5. My marines, stupid as they seem, still find the intruders and kill them. But the problem is i have so many people on my ship (100+ on my Firestorm) that they don't fit on one screen of my perscan. I can't find any where in the manual where it says how to flip to the next screen in the perscan.
  6. What I do while waiting for my drones is trade iridium in my Firestorm. After a few runs I pick up the drones, sell the minerals, run from the stormcarrier chasing me, and beggin the cycle a new.
  7. This is kind of the same thing, i lost a shuttle and a ATV to a excaped prisoner, so i bought the OC Asset and the Shuttle Asset. In the manual it says to go to the destroyed crafts repair schedule and click the replace button. The only problem is i can't find a repair schedule for the ship since it is destroyed. I have tried in and out of a station. I have read that part of the manual several times and can't figure out how to replace it. This is a great game but me only having 3 shuttles and 3 ATVs is getting on my nerves [ 12-10-2001: Message edited by: Game_Ender ]
  8. Game_Ender

    Best planets/moons to mine

    I got about 9 million from 4 full drones on phobos. I am not sure how much you can get total form drones but i estimate on a really good haul you could get 40 million. SC, here is real data on phobos: -orbit: 9378 km from the center of Mars -diameter: 22.2 km (27 x 21.6 x 18.8) -It also has a high orbit speed (about one orbit a day) -Picture [ 12-09-2001: Message edited by: Game_Ender ]
  9. Game_Ender

    Clueless Newbie Questions

    Thanks Soback, i thought it that was it but i just wanted to ask.
  10. Game_Ender

    Clueless Newbie Questions

    Here is another question: How do i buy back a shuttle and ATV (a prisoner stole one). I can't figure what item it is in Tradecom at the stations.
  11. Game_Ender

    Start of game... Stowaways!

    The funny part is i had a prisoner steal a shuttle about 30 minutes in too a game. But i had never taken a prisoner or been boarded. Now if i can only figure how you buy a shuttle.
  12. Game_Ender

    Clueless Newbie Questions

    When i am in orbit around a planet (150k out with A/P on halt) i usally have 4 of my fighters defend my firestorm. Something wierd happens when they gaurd. They fly away from my ship and then turn around and head back, they continue flying untill they bounce off my hull (making a BUMP noise). They then proceed to that repeat for the entire duration of the gaurd. This bounce causes no damage, but sometimes the ships get stuck and i have to move. Is this normal?
  13. Game_Ender

    BCM First Impressions!

    YEAH!! I finally got it loaded up and running. I have played for about a hour and a half and the game is great (even without sound LOL). I have only played the IA scenarios and they are great fun. The only problem i have will be solved by the patch (which i have just downloaded).
  14. Game_Ender

    Thruster question.

    Here are some neat scenarios using a newtonian flight model: -With the newtonian flight model you could just hold down the thrust key and eventually you will reach 99.999999999999% light speed. -You could put a ship in tow and let it fly toward a station at near light speed, when it hits it would decimate the station. -You could also fly through a sector so fast that you could launch missles and leave before they even scrambled fighters. -Also if you go out of control and start spining in mulitple directions at once it get realy hard to stop. -You could be going so fast the enemy only spots you on radar a split second before you are at weapons range.
  15. Game_Ender

    Misc Issues

    Is there anyplace i can download the complete SoundBlaster Live! Platinum driver(s). On the creative web site they only have updates to the driver. Edit: Just rembered my computer has onboard sound. That will have to do untill i get ahold of my Sound Blaster driver. [ 12-04-2001: Message edited by: Game_Ender ]