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    Welcome newbies to the Internet!

    Nope didn't work. [ 11-12-2001: Message edited by: Game_Ender ]
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    Hi guys.

    Soback why don't you get a Athlon XP 1600 for 124 it is cheaper than the 1.6 P4 and faster. I also think the motherboard and RAM for Athlon come out to be cheaper than the 1.6 P4.
  3. Game_Ender

    Athlon1900XP or Pentium4?

    Well if you look at all the benchmarks of the new Athlon XPs they beat the Pentium 4s hands down, the Athlon XPs just do more per clock cycle. Not to mention they are cheaper. Also if you use a Nforce motherboard (its a chipset by Nvidia and it is AMD optimized) you get a even greater preformance jump.
  4. Game_Ender

    Afganistan + Mechs

    quote: Thw way i see it, it comes down to math. Lets say it takes 10 hits to destroy a tank. realoading gun every 30 seconds. The problem here is that with todays weapons a tank usally takes one or two hits then they are dead. Also if you could mount all these weapons on a large mech, why not mount them on a tank. It by nature has a lower profile and is more stable to impact of high speed weapons. Or you could mount them on several tanks so that they could move around and avoid fire. I am talking about technology in the neer future because talking about the 31st century is crazy. So much will happen in 1000 years you can't even guess about what will be going on. I think mechs are going to be small (10 feet tall) and be used mainly as a anti-infantry weapon with some anti-tank weapons. Many reasons have been stated why tanks are better than mechs for heavy combat. Tanks are becomeing smaller and more powerfull. That is because the US army has to be more mobile and will most likely not be fighting any large tank battles like we could of fought during the cold war. So we need lighter and faster tanks that are better transport. Here is a interesting fact, if we had to send tanks to Kosovo, it would of taken over month to cross the rivers there becuase the bridges could not handle the weight of the M-1 I have seen the concept for a new tank. The tank is about 1.5 feet lower than the M-1. Weighs 20 tons less, has 2 crew, a auto loader, and will use new armor tech to achieve low wieght. [ 11-12-2001: Message edited by: Game_Ender ]
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    Afganistan + Mechs

    To defend my made up hypothetical numbers here is human machine comparison: The world record time for the hundred meters is 9.79 seconds. That is the max speed for a human, if human could keep that pace up, as a machine would, he would run a 2 minute 36 second mile. That comes to a speed of 23 miles per hour. Now it stands that a machine made of superior materials, with bigger stride (10 feet tall mech) and possessing more available power should be able to max out at a little less than 3 times our top speed. On the operational side of it, you don't need to use hydraulics to power it (even though I am sure you build a system that can), you could also use servos, or even those materials that act like human muscles when you run current through them. That is just with current tech, we all have no idea what will be developed in the future.
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    Which NVIDIA to get?

    For all the latest prices on all computer hardware check out www.pricewatch.com . Here are the links to for those 2 cards Geforce 3 Ti500 and Geforce 3 Ti500. Sorry the Geforce 3 Ti500 is not as cheap as i thought, i misread either the price or name of the card on pricewatch. He is link to MSI's Nforce motherboard. [ 11-11-2001: Message edited by: Game_Ender ]
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    Which NVIDIA to get?

    Some Geforce 3s are going for very cheap: You can get a Geforce 3 Ti500 for about $145 US. You can get a Geforce 3 Ti200 for about $165 US. As for a motherboard, the Nvidia Nforce chipset looks like a good choice. Not only does it support all the latest tech, its integrated grahics preform like a Geforce 2 and it has decent on board sound. For $185 US(motherboard form MSI) you get a motherboard, video card, and sound card that will run all current games.
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    Afganistan + Mechs

    I meant RPGs, high caliber machine guns and rifles. If a small mech (less than 10 feet tall) is going fast (40 plus mph) it is going to hard to hit it with a shoulder launched missile. Of course a mech would not be able dodge those weapons from a standstill. And i don't think anything would be able to dodge computer targeted ballistic shells and guided rockets. In my view a mech would be better version of infantry troops, retaining the mobilty of infantry while adding more armor and firepower. Bridging the gap between tanks and infantry while keeping a relitivly small package. They would also be more effective than tanks in urban areas. As for the control i am not sure on how to control a small mech (one without room for a human). I would think you could do it remotely (which has some problems), have it computer controlled or put a human brain in it (cyborg). Of course most of what i propose is not possible with todays technology, but if we get the proper technology i think we will build mechs to fill a heavy infantry role.
  9. Game_Ender

    Afganistan + Mechs

    Biped vehicles would handle rough terrain much better than tanks do now. That is why scientist our trying to imitate what nature has been doing for thousands of years, walk on 2 feet. That form of motion is stable and fast if you can work out the physics like our body already does. The ideal mech would carry enough armor to stop all soilder carried weapons except anti-armor weapons. It would be 10 feet or less in hieght, and be able to move about 60 mph. It would be the ideal anti-infantry weapons and be a great tank killer in urban warfare. Its mobility would enable it to dodge most anti-armor weapon systems. It would have to remotly or computer controlled to save wait for weapon and movement systems. I think electric systems will improve greatly and allow many new technologies when figure how to make a room temperature super conductor. A super conductor would greatly increase the power of electric motors.
  10. Game_Ender

    Web Hosting

    Good Luck. I would say Yahoo Geo Cities but they have lots of banners.
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    Out of curiosity: Console preferences?

    Well i have N64 and NES and i like playing them. Total for i have about 15 games. I of don't have any problems switching systems considering i mostly play N64. The reason i get would get a console(a new one) is because of the kind of games that come out on consoles. There are just some games that play better on consoles, like fighting games and most racing games. As for this generation i will probally get a PS2 becuase it has games that interest me more than the other systems (except Rouge Squardron). Those games would inculde Zone of Enders, Grand Theft Auto 3, Ace Combat 4, Kinetica, and some other games bound to come and peek my interest. I would not buy a console just to play ported PC games, that is what i have built my already expensive PC for. As for graphics all of the next generation consoles have equal better graphics compared to high end PCs running high end games. But you also have to take into acount the low res of a TV.
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    Massive Influx of Holiday Gaming!

    If you want in deapth info, with reasons for the changes in the game check out www.civ3.com . They did not take out those govs because of Sept 11. They are for balance i believe. Although i have not bought the game i think i know $ilk's problem, you should use an armies vs those cities you wanted to take. You also need to have a high culture level and a good trade network to win the game. Here are some things they have added in Civ3: -Every unit needs a resource to be built(some need more than one), the city building that unit must be connect to a city with that resource to build that unit. -There are now wonders every country can build. They also kept the major wonders. -Each Civ has its own unique unit that is a improved version of a standard one. Americans have the F15 and Germans the Panzer. -Each race has leader they can build(i am not sure whether you build it or you get automaticly). The leaders have many benifits. -Culture is a new thing added to the game. You get from city improvements, wonders, and other things. It affects borders, happiness, diplomacy and more. Check the web site for more information. Here is some info from the civ3 site: -More interactions, alliances and realistic artificial intelligence responses put players in the middle of negotiations, trade systems and diplomatic actions. Advanced trade system to manage resources, trade routes and spread of technology. -Improved combat options provide finer levels of control for enhanced war-making capabilities. -Technologies, Wonders Of The World and Great People expand the scope of the game. -New elements of Culture, Nationality and the Arts help players plan a new peaceful pathway to victory. -Active world generator creates more realistic maps and organic terrain features. -The most detailed and beautiful art, animations and sound ever found in the genre. -Easier-to-use interface for streamlined management and better control. I am going to get this game if I have any free time after BCM. [ 11-04-2001: Message edited by: Game_Ender ]
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    Continuing the debate

    quote: That is a crazy assumption. I'll explain why, using America as an example. Let's say that the total figure of America's annual business profits was 2 trillion dollars (less than half of the real amount), and America's population is 400 million. If you divided that wealth equally among the population, everyone would be getting 5 million dollars per year ( ). That math is just a little off. First lets assume that the total business profit in the USA is 6,000,000,000,000 (That is about where it is). If you were to split that money between 400,000,000 people you get 15,000 per person, per year. That means a family of 3 would get 45,000 dollars a year. To me this is biggest reason that capitalism works and communism does not: The USA is the strongest, most wealthy, and oppertunity filled country in the world and every communist country pails in comparision. You can debate the systems all you want but just look around the world and see which countries are doing well and which aren't.
  14. Game_Ender

    Anthrax Outbreak. Serious!!

    I hope we go after all terrorist groups not just Al Queda and Bin Laden becuase terror attacks won't stop untill they are gone. Then we focus more important things like getting off the planet before we ruin it, solving world hunger, getting working fusion power, ect... The list goes on and those out just one of the many things we should be doing instead of having to wipe terrorist off the face of this earth. As for anthrax, i just hope we never have to deal with a attack becuase you to treat it before the symptoms appear or you will die. Which can be a big problem if you don't even know you have breathed in the spores.
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    Instant Messengers

    I use ICQ and AIM. I use ICQ with my internet friends and AIM for most of my other friends. If i had a choice i wouldn't use AIM at all.
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    Small, cool strategy games?

    What i find wierd about Civ2 is that it was not strategy game/game of year the year it came out, but a couple of years later. I realized this after i saw a game of year edition and realized i had bought that game a couple years later. I am awaiting Civ 3.
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    LOL!!!! if only that would actually work.
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    Operation Flashpoint

    I heard about Operation Flashpoint awhile back from IGN i believe, i didn't even realize it was out. If have the extra cash (and the time to play another game that takes serious play time) i will pick it up. But with my
  19. ROTFLMAO!!! That another for my collection. BTW where did the other thread of pics like this go, deleted?
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    Creative writing

    I think that was a good short story, it was a little hard to read becuase you can't tab. The only thing was setting was classic wild west, which really isn't a bad cosidering that the era has been used in many movies, books, and TV shows. I will not try to correct grammer or spelling because they are not my strong suit.
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    I think the reason why the VCF is empty is because it was finished. There is no need to keep track of bugs and WIP issues if there are no more. So my guess is the Gold copy is already done . *Game_Ender Crosses Fingers* So my guess is the 30 of September based on the time it will take make the CDs and get everything toghether.
  22. Game_Ender

    Where is this popup coming from?

    If the cammera you are talking about is the X-10, i have to agree the adds are very annoying. On the cammera itself, it is a rather good cammera for the price you pay. If you are into R/C hobbies or rocketry it can be used to make a very simple remote cammera system. I am into model/mid power rocketry and you can use that cammera to make some spectacular shots from a rocket. Check out Vidroc Webpage with Video from Model Rockets in flight. [ 09-20-2001: Message edited by: Game_Ender ]
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    An Interesting Perspective

    That was very well written and i completely agree. We need to hit the terrorist and the governments of the countries that support them, not the citizens of those countries.
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    I am not big FPS players but i am sure people who like FPS games will have a field day with virtually unlimited amount of locations to attack/defend. I think i will try a little all the careers just for the fun of it.
  25. Game_Ender

    Trade Center Bldg

    I would call not hitting the terrorist group who did with a nuke, restraint. Some one needs to pay, i am getting tired of "experts" saying on news that we don't have some one to hit back at. We know of plenty of terriorist camps. It is like a dream, i can't imagine the World Trade Towers being gone (I just visited them a few years ago). I have seen the footage of the buildings collapseing. Another piece of footage that is like a dream is a picture of peole waving things out of the top floors of one of the towers. It is scary to know they died when the building collasped. BTW the Trade Towers were not full, a witness that got out of the buildings before they collapsed said were less than full. I have been watching the news since about 8:50 EST. I live in the suburbs of D.C. and D.C. is in gridlock.