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  1. Go to www.priceline.com for the lowest prices.
  2. Game_Ender

    Just Saw JP3........(spoilers again)

    Lol, those weren't aircraft carriers. They were amphibous landing ships (That is where the marines came from.) The ending should of been like this: Guy in the suit on beach gets eaten by a large dino. Then 2 harriers fly in vaporize then they return to the ships. Then the marines come ashore and have to fight off a group of raptors (plenty of marines get killed). As the main characters fly away in the helo the flying dinos should attack but be killed after a arial fight scene (billy could or the mercenary could fall out and get eaten). That would of made the movie the full 2 hours and not make you feel like you got screwed. [ 08-04-2001: Message edited by: Game_Ender ]
  3. Game_Ender

    Building a PC. Kindly asking for opinions.

    I have to say that AMD is the better CPU maker, it doesn't matter whos chips is faster than the other (10% doesn't make that much of a difference when a have 4 times the recommend processor speed). AMD produces (in general) faster chips at a lower cost than intel so they are the better chip maker at the moment. Also AMD chips don't need expensive and not worth it RAM (DDR/T-Bird systems run faster than P4/RDRAM systems at a lower cost.) By the time games are optimized for Pentium 4s, AMD's T-bird with Palmino will be running as fast or fast than P4s. So the little advantage the P4 would have is gone. In short AMD is better and you have to have lots of cash AND be stupid if you bought pentium 4. On another note, Nvidia is going to making Mobos (for AMD chips). They will have a intergrated Gefroce 2MX, Sound card, and support DDR RAM. If that mother board doesn't have any probelms it will be the board the to get. The intergrated components add only about $10-$20 to the price. PS - Please don't take this personally both AMD and Intell need to be around becuase they drive each others prices down . [ 08-04-2001: Message edited by: Game_Ender ]
  4. Please don't put down put down Emporer: Battle for Dune(E:BFD) for a low learning curve. It is a very good game with the best veriety of units i have seen in a RTS game. E:BFD has a low learning curve and simple interface, tech tree, and camera rotation. More than almost every other RTS can say. But it doesn't sacrifice the "Fun Factor" or replay value in oversimpification or the opposite. Also it has the best campign design i have seen, completely non-linear with 3 different sides. As if that wasn't enough during campign, skirimish, or multiplayer you can ally with any 2 of the 5 unique sub-houses. Each subhoues comes with 2 units and a production building for them. Each of the three sides have a different set units (A lot more different than Earth 2150 and Moon Project, uesing the same 3-5 weapons can only get you so far). The only thing which plays the same is building and gathering. That is something WW has to change (There Conyard + Refinery combo is old) but it might not happen with EA owning them. I had to say that after you made E:BFD to be the stupids mans RTS and Moon Project to be the way better game (IMO E:BFD is better . E:BFD is one or the rare RTSs that make you build more than one unit to win the battle. I have not played Moon Project but in Earth 2150 you don't have nearly the same amount of tactics to use or defend against. [ 08-04-2001: Message edited by: Game_Ender ]
  5. Game_Ender

    first person mode...any hints on what to expect?

    I am not sure on this but i think SC is trying to put station and ship (and i think building) interiors in GCO. This is the kind of expirence SC is going for: You are walking around a station checking out the shops, talking to other players, and then you walk to you ships docking port. Get inside your ship (Battlecruiser, transport, ect.), walk to the bridge and then fly her away. Or you could bring a bunch of friends along in your Battlecruiser. Your friends ready themselves for a boarding action while you find prey. You find some unaware player and storm there ship either taking it over, raiding, or destroying it. I have been dreaming about all the havoc you could cause running around a ship disabling systems and outwiting the NPC marines inside ships as they try to kill you. [ 08-01-2001: Message edited by: Game_Ender ]
  6. Game_Ender

    News in BCM?

    Dirk the Mage, in GCO you will be able to go first person in your own battlecuiser and walk around and watch the crew. Not only in your battlecruiser but all the stations, spacestations, and most of the buildings (not to sure on what buildings will have interiors the you can walk through). Edit- I am not sure if this a definte feature or wish list item for GCO. [ 07-30-2001: Message edited by: Game_Ender ]
  7. Game_Ender

    The NEW Enterprise

    This is getting is getting bad, we are arguing over which of 2 fictional characters is hotter. By the way Seven is way hotter.
  8. Game_Ender

    Movie Night: AI

    LOL, i tried to say something that would not spoil it and say how had ideas of both directors. All in all niether of those things spoil the movie much and you can kinda see it comeing. I agree it did take long to conclude. Yyou are thinking, "That was good movie, but a sad ending... Wait it isn't over yet." 30 minutes later "Finnally, it ended."
  9. Game_Ender

    Nightmare bios update

    I was upgrading my comp with a new motherboard, CPU and Graphics card. I had built this comp from scratch and it worked without a problem. So after all the parts came in the mail i took out the old ones put in the new ones. Turned on the machine and it sent nothing to monitor and made no beeps. I tried another card it didn't send any data either (it turns this card doesn't work in the first place). I didn't know what was the problem becuase i couldn't here any beeps (my case speaker was to quite and had to swicth to the mobo speaker). It turns out the metal bracket on the side of my Geforce 3 that has the plug in for the monitor is bent a little. So if it is in flush to the case the graphics isn't in all the way. So i pushed the card in all the way and screwed the bracket in at a slight angle and my comp works now. The only problem is my computer isn't running certain games right, including the BCM demo (the HC version which i d/l on 56k modem). These games include Might & Magic 8, Homeworld, and Homeworld Catacylsm. I have no idea what all the games have incommon. What happens when i start the game the is sound starts to play like it is normally going through the intro but nothing appears on screen, i have to alt tab out of the game. Please help me my problem is decribed in more detail on this thread- Click Here
  10. Game_Ender

    Movie Night: AI

    I thought it was a very good movie but it ended with a both kubric and Speilberg. The homerace dies (kubric) but the boy is happy (Speilberg).
  11. Game_Ender

    Shooting down missiles

    This is probally a stupid question, but why can't they? I have read that the PTA is better in this game than the previous BC games. Is it because they don't have ability to track something as fast a missile or something else? (I have not been able to get the demos working and it is probally my comp, to help me out check this thread .) Also the only reason I would put turrets on a military vessel is to hit fast moving objects (eg fighters and missiles) like a point defense system. Just my 2 cents, but I guess SC has his reasons, what ever they are [ 07-02-2001: Message edited by: Game_Ender ]
  12. That is good because i have one and now all i have to do is get the demo working or hope the game works even if the demo doesn't. Check this post. to help me out.
  13. Here is the debug log file from one of the times the game didn't work right. To be more exact every time a start up the game the screen goes into stanby/shutdown mode (the mode it goes in when the i turn off the computer but not the monitor). Loading objects.dat Loading connect.dat randomising Misc allocations Setup sin() table iam_init() alloc mtds alliance_init() WindowResize() Client :0,0,634,455 Parent :0,0,640,480 palette_load() Initialise Commlink Initialise pte sound_init() keyboard_open() Initialise debris Initialise stars Initialise planet Planet points 424 427) Planet triangles 800 control_open() init() completed Here is the results from a program that gets details on computer specs. I am doing this in hope that someone will see what is wrong. If i don't find something wrong i will just reformat my hard drive , reinstall windows , and then try to find all the right drivers . ----EASy System Summary-------------------------------------- Video Card : NVIDIA GeForce3 Video Driver : nvdisp.drv Driver Version : Sound Card : Creative SB Live! Sound Driver : emu10k1.vxd Driver Version : DirectX : DirectX 8 Operating System Windows 98 A 4.10.2222 ----EASy System Output--------------------------------------- Computer Name : Joe BIOS Info Name : Award Version : Award Modular BIOS v4.51PG PNP : Plug and Play BIOS Manufacturer : (Standard system devices) CPU Info CPU Count : 1 CPU Type : 1338 MHz AuthenticAMD Thunderbird 6 4 2 RAM : 510 MB Total 408 MB Free Virtual RAM : 1537 MB Total 1457 MB Free Operating System : Windows 98 A 4.10.2222 Default Browser : Internet Explorer Version : 5.50.4134.600 Temp Directory : C:WINDOWSTEMP Size : 193 MB ------------------------------------------------------------ ----Display Info-------------------------------------------- Number of Displays : 1 Current Mode (Primary) : 1024x768 32 Refresh Rate (Primary) : Optimal refresh rate Primary display device Description : NVIDIA GeForce3 Manufacturer : NVIDIA Video Memory : 64 MB Main Driver : nvdisp.drv Version : Provider : NVIDIA Supported Display Modes | 16 | 256 | 16 bits| 24 bits| 32 bits --------------------------------------------------- 640 x 480| * | * | * | | * 800 x 600| | * | * | | * 1024x 768| | * | * | | * 1152x 864| | * | * | | * 1280x1024| | * | * | | * 1600x1200| | * | * | | * ------------------------------------------------------------ ----Sound, Video and Game Controllers----------------------- Description : Creative SB Live! Manufacturer : Creative Main Driver : emu10k1.vxd Version : Provider : Creative Description : Logitech USB Microphone Manufacturer : Logitech Main Driver : LVSound2.sys Version : Provider : Logitech Description : Microsoft Kernel System Renderer Manufacturer : Microsoft Main Driver : Version : Provider : Microsoft Description : 2-axis, 2-button joystick Driver : msjstick.drv Version : Attached : Yes ------------------------------------------------------------ ----Direct X------------------------------------------------ DirectX Info Version : DirectX 8 DirectDraw Info Version : Certified : Not certified DirectSound Info Version : Certified : Not certified DirectPlay Info Version : DirectInput Info Version : ------------------------------------------------------------ ----Drive Information--------------------------------------- ----CDRom Info---------------------------------------------- Cache size : 1238 KB Access Pattern : Quad-speed or higher Drive Letter A Volume Name : Type : Floppy File System : FAT Total Space : 1.39 MB Free Space : 891.50 KB Drive Letter C Volume Name : Type : Fixed File System : FAT32 Total Space : 5.96 GB Free Space : 3.73 GB Drive Letter D Volume Name : Type : Fixed File System : FAT32 Total Space : 9.76 GB Free Space : 570.89 MB Drive Letter E Volume Name : Type : Fixed File System : FAT32 Total Space : 9.75 GB Free Space : 4.56 GB Drive Letter F Volume Name : EMPEROR3 Type : CDRom File System : CDFS Total Space : 592.63 MB Free Space : 0.00 KB Sec/MB : Test not performed Detected Speed : Test not performed ------------------------------------------------------------ ----Monitor Information------------------------------------- Primary monitor Description : ViewSonic PF790 Manufacturer : ViewSonic Corporation Max. Resolution : 1600x1200 ------------------------------------------------------------ ----Network Information------------------------------------- Description : Dial-Up Adapter Manufacturer : Microsoft Driver : pppmac.vxd Provider : Microsoft Bound Protocols TCP/IP IP Address: Obtained from provider IP Mask: Obtained from provider ------------------------------------------------------------ ----Input Device Information-------------------------------- Mouse Information Description : Cordless8 (PS/2) Type : PS2 Keyboard Information Description : IBM enhanced (101- or 102-key) ------------------------------------------------------------ ----Modem Information--------------------------------------- Description : Modem Blaster USB DE5670 Driver : Modem Blaster USB DE5670 Provider : 3-30-1999 ------------------------------------------------------------ ----Glide/OpenGL Information-------------------------------- Glide Info Glide2 Version : Glide3 Version : OpenGL Info Version : 4.0 ------------------------------------------------------------ ----Task List----------------------------------------------- msgsrv32.exe spool32.exe mprexe.exe mstask.exe lexbces.exe rpcss.exe mmtask.tsk ddhelp.exe taskmon.exe Systray wmiexe.exe rnaapp.exe tapisrv.exe iexplore.exe pstores.exe Explorer ez.exe ------------------------------------------------------------ ----Autoexec.bat-------------------------------------------- SET BLASTER=A240 I2 D0 H7 P330 T6 SET CTSYN=C:WINDOWS C:PROGRA~1CREATIVESBLIVEDOSDRVSBEINIT.COM @SET CLASSPATH=C:PROGRA~1PHOTOD~1.0ADOBEC~1;D:Program FilesHEATnavbar;%CLASSPATH% ------------------------------------------------------------ ----Config.sys---------------------------------------------- DEVICE=C:WINDOWSHIMEM.SYS DEVICE=C:WINDOWSEMM386.EXE ------------------------------------------------------------ X_CASE_START X_CASE_DESCRIPTION: X_CONTACT_FIRST_NAME: X_CONTACT_LAST_NAME: X_GAME: X_SERIAL_KEY: X_OPERATING_SYSTEM: Windows 98 A , Version 4.10, Build 2222 X_PROCESSOR: Thunderbird X_SPEED: 1338 MHz X_MMX: No X_RAM: 510 MB X_MANUFACTURER: X_PRODUCT_ID: X_VIDEO_CARD: NVIDIA GeForce3 X_DISPLAY_DRIVER: X_DISPLAY_DIRECTX: Not Certified, Hardware Support X_DISPLAY_MEMORY: 7 MB X_AUDIO_CERTIFIED: Not Certified X_AUDIO_DRIVERS: emu10k1.vxd X_MODEM: Modem Blaster USB DE5670 X_V_MANUFACTURER: NVIDIA X_A_MANUFACTURER: Creative X_CASE_END
  14. Game_Ender

    Microsoft's Court Ruling

    Is the SC a democrat . I do wish that some good competion would start up between Microsft and another company. Just like the Intel in AMD.
  15. I already am, this also happens with Homeworld and Homeworld Cataclysm (but only since i got my Geforce 3). The 6.50 driver won't install, it can't find a "Nvidia graphics chipset". Its also called "TNTW9.EXE" so it might be to old for a geforce 3? I don't what it is , the sound plays just like the game was starting up like normal but nothing appears on the screen. Is there anything else to do, to screw up before i even start a scenario it must be something basic (or really complicated ) P.S. - I was planing on getting Episode 2 after i got Episode 1 working. Edit- I forgot to mention i got a new mother board and CPU along with my Geforce 3, so they could be the problem. The mother board was by the K7VZA Revision 3.0 by ECS (With 1.3Ghz tbird). Also this setup plays other 3D games just fine. The "other" includes Emperor: Battle for Dune and Deus Ex (it uses the Unreal Engine). [ 06-28-2001: Message edited by: Game_Ender ]
  16. Ok i have downloaded the Episode 1 high content demo (it took a little under 18 hours and i hope it is worth it ). I also got the patch and did everything it said to impliment it. When ever I start the game the screen goes black but I still hear the sound as the game starts up. The only way for me to get out of the game is to alt tab out which turns off the game. I have a geforce 3 and I am running the latest driver that is on the nvidia web site, v12.41. I went to there site and i am going to give the 6.50 driver a try. [ 06-28-2001: Message edited by: Game_Ender ]
  17. Game_Ender

    General Questions

    There are programs that you can use to make a exact copy of the CD on your hard drive then use deamon tools to play it in a phatom cd-rom drive. It runs just like you had the CD in. You only need basic computer knowledge.
  18. Game_Ender

    Purchasing BCM and GCO

    For the people who buy BCM will we be spending another $50 on GCO even though it uses all the BCM engines and features (except for the indoor engine of course). Are you going to release a large patch for download? Maybe a rebate or something for most of the cost of buying GCO? I was just wondering i will be able to afford buying GCO if it is another full price game but i would rather have more money to spend for the $10 or so per month pay fee. I don't where to put this but this is a newbie question. [ 06-23-2001: Message edited by: Game_Ender ]
  19. Game_Ender

    Purchasing BCM and GCO

    Now that i think about it more, SC said BCM has 90% of the stuff in GCO. So it makes sense that when you buy the game it doesn't cost full price since only 10% is new stuff. That rebate idea was kinda stupid But that doesn't matter because i should be able scrape up enough cash to buy GCO(at full retail price) and a few months of online time after i buy my CD burner. Or i might just get GCO instead
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    Will It Work On Macs

    I have a friend who likes space sims and i was wondering if the game and/or demo worked one Mac or will they release a Mac version. P.S.- I hope this is the right board.
  21. I will change the signature. But i meant that as a joke. Of course SC is Derek Smart. By crazed hacker i didn't mean Derek Smart was a crazed hacker i meant someone who had the computer knowledge to know exactly where BCM was in developement and everything else about BC games. [ 06-23-2001: Message edited by: Game_Ender ]
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    Dune is a very good book but i have not read any of the others accept the House Atreides prequel. If you like the dune universe you might want to try westwood's new RTS Emperor: Battle For Dune. It uses a different story line set in the dune universe. There is also a game called Dune, which is a action/RPG game that is set during Paul's time with the fremen. Dune Generations is a MMOG where you control your own house, it could be mercenary, military or trader. Combat plays like a RTS and every so often the most powerfull player (each player is a house) gets control of Dune. Check Dune2k for details on all three games.
  23. I am new to this board and the BC games. But BCM looks like the best game i will ever play (next to GCO that is). On Topic: IBM has found a way to make a transistor that is 1/500th the size of current ones. They use carbon nano tubes which are tubular fibers of millions of hexagons of carbon atoms only a few nanometers in diameter. Carbon nano tubes are also very could thermal conductors, so they won't be overheating. They can be conductive (like metal) or semi-conductive (like a transistor). The only bad part is chips using this tech are still years away. But so far they look the most promising of next generation chip designs. The other ones i have heard of are: Quantom computers which if scientists ever get one working it would more powerfull than all the supercomputer on earth put toghether. Also there are scientists are working on light based chips that use a special crystall that can absord all light of a certain color untill the it metals. They are still trying to figure how to make efficently and how to modify them to work like present day chips. P.S.- Yes, yes i spend way to much time reading discover and popular science.
  24. For all we know SC could be some crazed hacker who likes Battlecruiser games so much he has turned his bedroom into a reproduction of the bridge of a Battlecruiser. On topic: I pre-order at my local EBX and when i came on the 19th of June to pick up my copy of BCM they said it has been pushed back till the 2nd of July (I hope it does not go back any more , but i can wait) I can't wait and the anticipation is killing me.