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  1. I'll do my best to make it SC, provided someone's around on ICQ to badger me about it in case I forget too
  2. Well, this thread wouldn't be complete without a comment from everyone's favorite zany screwball, Parias, now would it? I haven't really been posting much lately, but I've been listening a hell of a lot, and frankly, I almost started to take these forums for granted... which is why I was a bit shocked to find out I was depressed at finding they may not be around anymore, or, at least, not with any new content. SC, go ahead and do what you feel you need, I can understand the "burned out" feeling all too well... but also take note of the community you've built up here. You've got a lot of people who look up to you (or try to look down, but often find they can't seem to locate a large enough stool to stand on), and it just wouldn't seem right to turn around, say "screw this, I'm going home", and vamoose. Ahh... I can't really say anything here that hasn't already been said by every other person in this thread. Just take stock of the massed number of protests here.. sometime down the road you'll probably smile at the number of people who rose up in arms when they learned that their favorite forums wouldn't be around anymore When you finish thinking this through, I know you'll make the right decision. Peace.
  3. Nya hahaha, that's definately comedy gold...
  4. Because, frankly, the S3 cards are far superior to anything released in the past 200 years. Just go buy one and see what I mean! I think you can get a Virge from Ebay for.. something like, two dollars? Edit: Oh, wait, here we go, a high quality top of the line S3 Virge video card. Rock on! [ 12-07-2001: Message edited by: Parias ]
  5. I wouldn't make it 3 days in boot camp. Hell, I get winded running down to the mailbox!
  6. Oh yeah baby. Nothing can beat that S3 Virge when it comes to high quality gaming.
  7. Actually, they just reported that the VoodooExtreme.com address is finally working again, though it may take a bit of time to propogate But, yeah, they've always been up. Prior to VoodooExtreme.com going down, they announced the site could still be accessed through VE3d.com.
  8. quote:Voodoo3 1000 15 MB Does such a thing exist?
  9. ..I think SC was referring to the "well, crap, why.. won't.. it.... WORK?!" kind of regret, not the "eh, okay sound, could be better..." kind of regret
  10. I hereby vote Hostile Waters as Underdog of the year. It has a gameplay style similar to battlezone and a kick-ass storyline (at least in my opinion.. I tend to go nuts over this sci-fi nanotech rusty carrier stuff). If they had added in multiplayer, the game would've utterly rocked without question. The thing is.. hardly anyone has heard of it.
  11. Here's another.. Hostile Waters, sleeper hit of the year. The ending to the game is definately something I won't forget.. lets just say it's not your usual fare "go home and party" deal.
  12. Oooh, too many. Seeing my first beam weapon in Freespace 2 for starters, blew me on my ass. System Shock 1: YES. I remember entering the laser override code and running my way up to the laser firing room. I KNEW Shodan was watching me at that point, but what was freaking me out was that it wasn't doing anything to stop me. My nerves were nearly shot when SHODAN finally gave me the little surprise I was waiting for in the firing room... Deus Ex. This line: "Denton? Walton Simons here. What an expensive mistake you turned out to be. I've ordered the guards to kill you because I don't have the patience to wait for one of those damn killswitches to work." Suddenly I felt really tense.... Terra Nova: Heh, I'll always remember the mission where you sneak into the pirate base wearing a captured pirate PBA. The HUD design seemed so strange and took some getting used to.. Homeworld: Well.. I don't think it needs mentioning which part all of us remember. RIP Kharak. Operation Flashpoint: The "black op behind enemy lines" line of missions. Felt kinda nice seeing my carefully planted bombs take out an entire parked tank platoon while I comfortably watched from my cover of darkness (and a bush) from a good 800 meters away. Hidden & Dangerous: The memories I have of going through that game in co-op.. ahhhh, loads of fun. Mechwarrior 2: I remember first seeing it first in action when the most advanced game I had ever seen at the time was "Chip's Challenge". Heh, I kept going on and on about how user friendly the training missions were... .....And probably a few zillion more I'll remember at 2 in the morning.
  13. Nuts, they didn't list Hostile Waters Concurred on the sim front, though I did enjoy IWar2...
  14. Get the transforming fighters and a full-sized SDF-1 in there and I'll be your official love slave.
  15. Hell, whenever I play, I just grab a friend and gang-beat the AI straight from the Pre-historic age to the Nano age.
  16. MGs2? Well, my comments on it can be bestly summarized here.
  17. quote:Ghost Recon i personally think right now is better than op flashpoint )
  18. Lets put it this way. XBox has bouncing boobies- errr, DOA3, as well as Halo, as it's forerunners at the moment. Halo alone looks extremely promising, though I haven't had a chance to play it myself yet. On the other hand, the PS2 has Metal Gear Solid 2, which, as I can personally vouch for as of 1600 hours today, does kick massive amounts of ass. ...Tough decision...
  19. quote:Playing TFC, have more frags then anybody, and forgot to put ICQ on DND, and somebody messages you, and boom, TFC goes down and you're out!! I've got over 400 people on my list and recieve more than 100 messages on a daily basis, yet I've never had a game die on me just because I recieved an ICQ message.. what sound card do you have?
  20. Anyone who recalls this gets a cookie: DIVE, DIVE, DIVE, HIT YOUR BURNERS PILOT!!
  21. Faster loading times, less caching, an overall improvement in system performance. No reason not to get more, and it's dirt cheap now.. go for it [ 11-13-2001: Message edited by: Parias ]
  22. Parias

    Hi guys.

    quote:Radioactive Garden Gnomes *Suddenly appears out of thin air* Do not speak ill of the garden gnomes, lest they turn their tactics on you too!
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