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  1. Got it and beat it almost the same day I got it.... a very sweet game, aye
  2. .........Does armour really matter?
  3. Nice article. I concur, and I've been staying away from ATI's cards primarily because of the drivers. Sure, they look like great cards, and some screenshots I saw of Tribes 2 running on one of ATI's latest offerings was damn impressive.. but they're only good when they actually WORK.
  4. I really wanted multiplayer for this.. a shame it never made it onboard.
  5. Yeah, Bridge Commander's looking pretty hot.
  6. quote:The AGP version I have heard has problems which is why it's going cheaper. Wha? No, my Voodoo 5 AGP card works perfectly fine....
  7. On the subject of IFilm, if you haven't seen Computer Boy yet, now would be a good time to do so
  8. The voices in my head (like Jefferson Clay from the original Independence War, Nikola from Terra Nova, and various other voices from games like the Freespace series, Tribes 1, Deus Ex, etc) tell me that in order to get ahold of MY Voodoo 5, you'd have to pry it from my cold, dead fingers On that note, has anyone been able to get Terra Nova to run perfectly well on a GeForce 2 or higher card yet? Hell, even with my uberbackwardscompatible Voodoo 5, I need to run a "Vesafix" program in order to get it to work properly. Aside from that minor niggle though the game runs surprisingly great. "Surprisingly" considering how I'm on a 1.1Ghz monster with 384MB of RAM, WinMe, and a 64MB AGP card when the game was built around the time Windows 95 was just starting to catch on and I still had a 486 with my "proud" 2MB Cirrus Logic 5446 card [ 10-09-2001: Message edited by: Parias ]
  9. quote:AIM because I'm an AOL member ) [ 10-07-2001: Message edited by: Parias ]
  10. ICQ. I haven't touched anything else, mainly because no other program has my contact list with over 400 people on it. Plus, 97% of the people on my list don't plan to touch any other IM programs in the near future
  11. Ever since I inadvertantly noticed that WinMe took away my precious pure DOS support when I upgraded to it, I've decided to absolutely hold off on any more OS upgrades untill I know everything there is to know about the OS in question. Plus, I've got a 3dfx card, which doesn't exactly win any track records for the greatest driver support as of late... at least I can rest assured my card actually works under WinMe
  12. quote:It seems it was not my computer all along but AOL!!! I find it difficult to believe that it took you that long to notice that AOL was the source of all your headaches and problems.
  13. I only format when I need to.. which is like, once every year and a half or so
  14. Hostile Waters! ..Okay, so it isn't really old, and it's not a wargame either (more of an action/strategy hybrid, ALA Battlezone), but, damnit, the game barely gets noticed, which is bad, considering how much it rocks
  15. quote:So poor little derek is so afraid of people reading all the complaints and problems people will have with BCM that he is going to try and shut out anybody who has not spent their money on BCM by making people register with their BCM number. Good move, we dont want the public seeing how many bugs it has, or how everybody has trouble getting it to work!!!
  16. *Raises an eyebrow at the idea* [spock] Fascinating...... [/spock] [ 10-01-2001: Message edited by: Parias ]
  17. Hehe, for those curious on what Fendi was talking about....... [ 09-28-2001: Message edited by: Parias ]
  18. quote:They claim that the integrated video is equivalent to an Nvida TnT2 Geez, that kinda defeats the whole point of keeping a Voodoo 1 around..
  19. Personally I liked it when I first got my hands on that sexy little M1A1 tank I also liked the missions with James Gastowski (or however his last named is spelled).... in one mission where I had to take out a bunch of Russian Shilkas, I beat it by sneaking up on one, hopping into it's gunner seat, and utilizing it to blow the living daylights out of everything else in my path. When I was finished, I disposed of it proper and completed the mission. Hurrah!
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