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  1. Get your sig in order, son should go as follows: Cmdr Frank "Greyfox" Jaeger UCV-Meneleus, STARPATH Station. "quote"
  2. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: clear your browser cache it is cleared usually every other day or so, i don't think that is the problem
  3. plastic surgery? or a goof up in some ones drawing last i knew hers wheren't half that size on a side note, i cant see avatars 130-141 dunno if its my display or some other problems also cant see custom desylva or jerold
  4. Nice!!!!!! i'll be placing my order VERY soon! thx SC
  5. 10 I though the first one kicked, though it did have a few problems designs that sucked, whinny brats, and one annoying ass creature named Jar Jar Binks But i will probably see EP2 on opening night and preorder the movie ASAP there wiull be NO ep 7, 8, or 9 thats why he allowed the books to take up the time after SW EP 6
  6. I'll take your old processor Fendi Mine is a POS with integrated 8mb graphics card(Yuck!!!!!!!!) Well, its actually my parent This way i could get be with buying a gf2 and then installing processor and card then play BCM for a few years while saving foir a top of the line puter
  7. aight $5 is all i should get since i was dunb enough to lose the pwd, hence my nonparticipation
  8. I'm a beta tester I was unaware of getting a free copy, after getting my CD i got the unlock code and never got in to the restricted area to talk about the game So i never posted ther, if you need verification i can pm you the serial # and the unlock key i was given
  9. This makes runing a wing a little harder as im sure some of my members wont be getting the game right off the bat. Im attemptimg to gain permission to buy the game from my parents but this will take some time.... i wont be getting mine before the second prod run in any case, so are you still going with that known memberts will be allowed to use all forums cause im kinda know i guess either way, keep up the good work and dont shott me for asking a question im sure several others are going to ask anyways
  10. quote:Originally posted by Macon De'Witt: Demolition, Commander Macon De'Witt reporting for duty. Each wing has its own thread in the primefleet area report in there and i'll get you situated and up to date
  11. After Macons post im tryin to figure out how he ever got the position of Epsilon Wing I took his position after he was gone for a long time... But seriosly, who gave it to him?
  12. fleets aren't in BCM yet when BCM MP comes out, players can fight witht heir fleets i havent played BCM either, played BC3K though
  13. i'm not sure how far into the game i am either, havent played it in a while still cant figure out how come you got problems with it and i dont i checked out the club, also joined are you in a fleet?
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