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  1. I am here RL is getting really hectic do to it being the last 4 weeks of the school year...
  2. Sorry Remo i been around, just RL is getting hectic about now as we near end of school year.... you understand don't ya?
  3. It's New York Badge, he typed it right somewhere else, i am not sure where though, having short term memory losses again
  4. Get your sig in order, son should go as follows: Cmdr Frank "Greyfox" Jaeger UCV-Meneleus, STARPATH Station. "quote"
  5. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: clear your browser cache it is cleared usually every other day or so, i don't think that is the problem
  6. plastic surgery? or a goof up in some ones drawing last i knew hers wheren't half that size on a side note, i cant see avatars 130-141 dunno if its my display or some other problems also cant see custom desylva or jerold
  7. JJ, did those books ever tell you that if you mess with the big A$$ your messing with fire? If not they should, Blades can kick a good size whole in ya, so BACK OFF
  8. i'l post my opinion over there later, if i can see it that is.....
  9. Nice!!!!!! i'll be placing my order VERY soon! thx SC
  10. Epsilon Wing report in. If you fail to report i will put you in the MIA list, after that you have 1 week in which to report before you are removed form the FD
  11. I'm still here Im putting cmdr De'Witt on MIA he has one week to report in then i think he should be taken of the FD
  12. I havent bought my copy yet(waiting for the parents to repay the money i loaned them), but when i do, im glad to know whats required in my sig thx for the heads up
  13. I was refering to Desolator and De'Witt I wanted to know what Desolator was up to recently and i wanted De'Witt to fill me in on the Epsilon Wing website since he has disappeared, could you handle it for me?
  14. RM please make the following changes in you sig change from this: S26 Wing Leader, Prime Fleet Beta Wing to this: S26 Wing Leader-Prime Fleet, Beta Wing
  15. You to report in by next week friday If not, i may consider you inactive, in that case you will lose your position and be deleted from the FD, once that happens you wont be allowed back on untill after the mp patches comes out
  16. 10 I though the first one kicked, though it did have a few problems designs that sucked, whinny brats, and one annoying ass creature named Jar Jar Binks But i will probably see EP2 on opening night and preorder the movie ASAP there wiull be NO ep 7, 8, or 9 thats why he allowed the books to take up the time after SW EP 6
  17. Wing assignments come out tomorrow I trust you will get them up over at pub82.ezboard.com/bprimefleetforums and get a post up here linking to your post, Desolator.
  18. I'll take your old processor Fendi Mine is a POS with integrated 8mb graphics card(Yuck!!!!!!!!) Well, its actually my parent This way i could get be with buying a gf2 and then installing processor and card then play BCM for a few years while saving foir a top of the line puter
  19. Get in touch with Remo for the pwd to Secure area over at prime fleet forums. The wing assignments are posted in there. Hopefully i shall return to service with in the next couple of days. [EDIT: edited some spelling] [ 10-20-2001: Message edited by: demolition ]
  20. quote:Originally posted by Thomas Siemens: Want to borrow my glasses? ... Remo Williams The Professor (Stiever) <--- H. T. Wolferz ... Ummmmm........ OOOOOOPPPPPPSSSSSSSSSS oh well, cant be perfect
  21. That is correct I'm taking a leave of absence so that leaves you in charge Desolator. Contact me by e-mail if you need to discuss anything, my email is [email protected] For details go here i'll check the forums everyonce in awhile and post you'll know when i'm back officially cause i'll say so When we get wing assignments, your job will ne to post them at Primefleetforums and then refer the rest of the wing to your post
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