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  1. I am here RL is getting really hectic do to it being the last 4 weeks of the school year...
  2. Sorry Remo i been around, just RL is getting hectic about now as we near end of school year.... you understand don't ya?
  3. It's New York Badge, he typed it right somewhere else, i am not sure where though, having short term memory losses again
  4. Computer went screwy so i could play it the day it showed up *Swear words* is fixed now(mem got nocked out of place somehow.....) Have yet to play as time is short for me
  5. I'll upgrade to XP home as well g' this thread is turnin into who wil get what
  6. Get your sig in order, son should go as follows: Cmdr Frank "Greyfox" Jaeger UCV-Meneleus, STARPATH Station. "quote"
  7. I think iw ill try it myself BTW, i ordered BCM a day or so ago it should show up on monday YIPPIE!!!!!!!
  8. Is it possibe to get a demo of the mentioned software? I'd be willing to chip in if i was assured i could learn and use the software. Maybe other could do the same there fore bringing down the price per person, i would like the site to look good and realistic, this also applies to the animation and flash movies.
  9. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: clear your browser cache it is cleared usually every other day or so, i don't think that is the problem
  10. Darn it Its take.... I was talking about the animation the graphics look like somthing i would see on a cartoon. Maybe for Dragon Ball-Z or something I dunno, maybe im just to picky
  11. I agree with Badgerius i turned up my sound hoping to find some cool music playing low along with it. i dunno what it is but the beginning seems outta place. as i said kinda comical and in a recruitment we want then interested not chuckling other wise it is great, im not the best with words so some one else can help you there. I could scower the internet for some background music to go along with it, or we could use the BCM theme song, i loved that, and it'll fit in with the theme, we are Galcom ooooo!!!!...just had a brain though(very rare ) It could talk about Prime fleet, and then to end off say We are Galcom's First and Last line of defence... We are PRIME FLEET. what do ya say? btw, the ... is to kinda make that line disappear and then the line below appears maybe keep ... in if it looks good but can do that poss just the same by having that line fade out and the next line appear
  12. plastic surgery? or a goof up in some ones drawing last i knew hers wheren't half that size on a side note, i cant see avatars 130-141 dunno if its my display or some other problems also cant see custom desylva or jerold
  13. I like it stephanos begining looks a little outta of BC though with all those Universes and such kinda comical just my opinion
  14. JJ, did those books ever tell you that if you mess with the big A$$ your messing with fire? If not they should, Blades can kick a good size whole in ya, so BACK OFF
  15. Musta missed that somewhere i know now, but everyone else is still calling em MK1, MK2, MK3 easier to call em that so people know at a glance and don't feel stupid like i'm feeling now
  16. Galactan battlecruiser? those are in BC3K, but not in BCM in BCM there are MK1, MK2, MK3 i suggest you adjust that i'll rp in here shortly
  17. AH!!! to be 18 again..... Wait a second... i'm not 18 yet to be young is not a crime, but the stupidity that comes it is
  18. i'l post my opinion over there later, if i can see it that is.....
  19. Nice!!!!!! i'll be placing my order VERY soon! thx SC
  20. [rp] Cmdr Demolition GCV-Eliminator "Get a message out to James asking him how repairs are comming, also tell him my probes have spotted some Gammulan vessels heading this way, tell Elio the Gammulan vessels are on the way."-Demolition "Yes Sir"-comms officer Demolition pondered why the gamms where sending such a small force, he knew they had more that they could send. Was this some clever trap his forcers where being draw into, or or did LordDavid make a serious blunder. Demolition thought some more on this and hoped it was the latter, but he doubted it. It's not often the Gams screw up like this, they are a warlike race, war is what they do and the do it well. [/rp] It's a bit short, but it a great bridge....
  21. [rp] Cmdr Demolition GCV-Eliminator "Sir, incoming transmition from Cmdr Elio"-Comms Officer "Put it through"-Demolition Demolition read the message twice to make sure he got everything. When he had finished he started issuing his orders. "Helm take us to Jupitor"-Demolition "Comms tell the rest of the wing Delta Formation, and onward to Jupitor"-Demolition "Comms, get a message out to HQ tell em where we're going with who and what supplies we got"-Demolition "So, its on to Jupitor to fight along side Elio once again."-Demolition "Comms, send a message to Elio asking if he will require our marines for the ground assualt"-Demolition In about 3 minutes Epsilon Wing departed Polaris and its home base and went along to Jupitor.
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