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  1. Epsilon Wing report in. If you fail to report i will put you in the MIA list, after that you have 1 week in which to report before you are removed form the FD
  2. I'm still here Im putting cmdr De'Witt on MIA he has one week to report in then i think he should be taken of the FD
  3. Are wing leaders still going to be able to adjust missions for wing members? Example: I want Cmdr Desolator to go on Recon, will i still be able to do that or will i have to contact fleet admin and get it changed that way? its probably so i can do it, but i wanted to make sure.....
  4. [rp] GCV-Eliminator "Sir, incoming Coms from James" "Put it through" said Demolition "What can you do for repairs?" said James "I got what you need, anything else?"-Demolition Demolition shut of the link and had the supplies shipped over to the Andromeda. He saw her move up inbetween some of his battle cruisers and he had them form into delta formation around him and the Andromeda [/rp} [ 12-14-2001: Message edited by: demolition ]
  5. [rp] Star Station Polaris-Bridge Coms Officer "Demolition, Sir. We have a message from Galcom for you." "Send it through to my personal Computer." "Yes, Sir" Demolition read the report. It said he was to contact Cmdr Elio and let him know what help he could offer. "Coms, get Cmdr Elio on the line. Tell him, call on me if he needs help, Epsilon Wing will be ready to get him out of a pinch, if its needed. Then tell the wing to prepare for battle, that way if Elio needs help we'll be ready." [/rp]
  6. Look at my post i was already in system, had my fighters deployed and everything, how could i be a jump away. Also, i understand that you have the right to fly a MK3, but unless you flying around with several other wing staff, no one else can. As i said in my above post only Wing Staff and up have access to MK3s and you cant give lower members MK3s i'm not even sure a wing leader can give them MK3s [rp] "Have the fighters take out the rest of the gam fighters. Then have them harass the capital ship. Take us around behind the stormcarrier so we can take out her engines. We'll disable her, then disarm her, then distroy her. Relay my orders to the rest of the wing and to Elio." the comms officer hesitated before saying "Yes, sir" "You question why i say disable, disarm, and then destroy her, dont you?" "Yes sit, with all do respect i say we just blow her up." "Stormcarrier captains are very tricky, our best bet to get him is if we disable her engines first. Do you understand now?" "Yes, sir I do" "Good, now carry out my orders" Demolition smiled at him and then turned away to monitor what was going on from tacops. If the gams dont have any reinforcements this battle will be over in a few minutes "Send Emmett.hendrick a message. Ask him what he needs to repair his ship. Tell him i will provide all that i can, and get the rest ASAP." "Yes, sir. Sending the message now." [/rp]
  7. I havent bought my copy yet(waiting for the parents to repay the money i loaned them), but when i do, im glad to know whats required in my sig thx for the heads up
  8. [rp] GCV-Eliminator "Sir it looks like the fighters have spotted the GCV Andromeda." "Damn, lets get moving, we gotta get in there now and take out the trash" Demolition smiled to himself as he watched his ship move towards the jump gate. "Soon those gammulan SOBs would get what was comming to them. We will take no quarter. Kill all of those bastards." Demolition's ship moved towards the stargate, the ships that where with him folloed him trough. Once through the gate he waited for his wing to reform on his wing and then they all jumped to the planet. "Launch fighters" shouted Demolition "Tell the others to follow suit. And find the Andromeda, NOW." "Yes, Sir" replied the bridge crew and they got to work executing their orders. "When you find GCV-Andromeda send her a message, let her know we're her to spoil the gams party. Ask what we can do to get them off the ground. And give them whatever supplies they need" said Demolition Demolition sat down in his chair and watched his fighters streak through the atmosphere and head to intersect the gam fighters. Demolition thinks to himself, this is almost too easy. I wonder what the gams have up their sleeves. [/rp] *Note to Elio, how did you get ahold of several MK3s anyways? Only wing staff and up can command them.
  9. I was refering to Desolator and De'Witt I wanted to know what Desolator was up to recently and i wanted De'Witt to fill me in on the Epsilon Wing website since he has disappeared, could you handle it for me?
  10. RM please make the following changes in you sig change from this: S26 Wing Leader, Prime Fleet Beta Wing to this: S26 Wing Leader-Prime Fleet, Beta Wing
  11. [rp] GCV-Eliminator Cmdr Demolition "SIR", "Cmdr Elio and a few other ships are cloaked in the vicinity" said the tacs officer "Send him an incoded message on a very tight beam, I dont want this intercepted." said Demolition. "Aye, Sir" said the comms officer. Demolition recorded his message and sent it to Elio it updated him on curret information and also gave his coordinates. It also told him that Demolition was moving to strike the Gams soon. "Incomming message from Elio, sir. He acknowledges your message and is moving into formation with us, he has a few MK3s and some MK2s" "good" said Demolition "NO ship will be able to stand toe to toe with us" "sir, our probe reports that some gam fighters have entered the reagion and are searching the planet as we speak." "Damn, looks like we have to move now" said Demoition. "Tell Elio we strike now and get us through that jump point." [/rp] hows that to keep the story going, wil post more later
  12. Sorry for not rp'ing or posting, had computer problems and just no get them fixed
  13. You to report in by next week friday If not, i may consider you inactive, in that case you will lose your position and be deleted from the FD, once that happens you wont be allowed back on untill after the mp patches comes out
  14. 10 I though the first one kicked, though it did have a few problems designs that sucked, whinny brats, and one annoying ass creature named Jar Jar Binks But i will probably see EP2 on opening night and preorder the movie ASAP there wiull be NO ep 7, 8, or 9 thats why he allowed the books to take up the time after SW EP 6
  15. quote:Originally posted by Blades: If you think you up for it, I'll be hearing from you shortly. If not, have a good (If less interesting) career in one of the other fleets. Haha If you want to hard core killing stick with Orion If you want behind the lines under cover stuff, go with Wraith If you want to defend all of Galcom (plus a few other duties) go with ISS And if you want to do it all the go with PRIME If you have any questions, slap em down here or you can e-mail me at [email protected]
  16. [rp] GCV-Eliminator March 31, 3022 "Sir, incoming transmission from Cmdr Elio of Beta wing" "Put it through" "Its a SOS sir" "Put it on intercoms" "This is Cmdr Elio of the GCV-Invader, we are under attack by 2 Insurgent MK3s, we request asistance from anyone who gets this message. We are in Lennons atmosphere. Elio, over and out." "Get this ship moving, we're heading for Lennon, Call the wing up we move as a wing on this one." "Yes sir." Demolition and his wing where under way within 15 minutes. They would Reach Lennon in a half an hour. Demolition would once again be in battle with Elio. Hopefully, they both came out alive.
  17. Sounds like a good story Once its fixed i'll hapily join and rp in Epsilons movements myself Why didn't you ask me or my Staff Chief Desolator before moving my Wing around?
  18. [rp] GCV-Eliminator 01:13 The GCV-Eliminator was one Jumpgate from CRYON VI, the last know coordinates of the GCV-Andromeda. She was cloaked. Cmdr Demolition had just ordered the launch of a probe to go through to CRYON VI and see what was there. The sensers came back as nothing, though they noted a slight disturbance that could be a senser ghost. A probe has entered the sector his ship was in recently, but he had been cloaked before it showed up. He knew it had come from CRYON VI so there was a ship in there or had been in there recently. The probe was a Gamulan probe so he was sure the GCV-Andromeda was in or near CRYON VI, he had scanned all of his sector and found no traces of a batle or a ship. He was now waiting for the Wraith vesseles which should arrive any minute to go with him into CRYON VI. For now he was judging how to best take care of the probe without giving away his ships class or firepower. He signaled Cmdr De'Witt and they began talking about what to do. They decided to fire of one missile each and that would take care of the probe. This,however would alert the Gams about the pressence of ships in this sector. He had the ships with him prepare for an attack if it should come, he wasn't going to die today. That he was sure of. There was only one sencer ghost which means only one possible ship is in the sector. After he took out the ship he would have to find the GCV-Andromeda and make repair quickly before more Gams showed up to finish the Job. [/rp]
  19. Wing assignments come out tomorrow I trust you will get them up over at pub82.ezboard.com/bprimefleetforums and get a post up here linking to your post, Desolator.
  20. There will be only one I'm going with Orion fleet as soon as we get it worked out
  21. [rp] *slightly cocky voice* "Yes, SSIIIIIRRRR! *gives quick salute* Shakes Elio's hand and walks out the door
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