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  1. [rp] GCV-Eliminator 01:10 "Sir, Incoming transmision from Wraith HQ" "Put it through on a private line" "Yes, sir" Wraith officer, "Listen up Demolition, you'll repeat this to NO ONE. Is that clear" "Yes" "The GCV-Andromeda was on a surgical strike, she was do back 3 days ago. Have you located here?" "We are heading for her last know position." "Where is that?" "CRYON VI" "We're sending out some help, they should be there within the hour." "Alright" "What is your eta to the planet?" "5 minutes" "Keep me posted" "Sure thing" [/rp] any suggestions for the planet name? {Edit} put time into post
  2. I'll take your old processor Fendi Mine is a POS with integrated 8mb graphics card(Yuck!!!!!!!!) Well, its actually my parent This way i could get be with buying a gf2 and then installing processor and card then play BCM for a few years while saving foir a top of the line puter
  3. i'm considering the position Will get back with you in a bit, after i recover from injuries in other words a few days
  4. SChool work and Starknights Boring life
  5. [rp] Cmdr gives the all clear order for Cmdr Elio's repairs. Hey, what do i care? Galcom pays for it [/rp]
  6. quote:Originally posted by Commander Elio Jason: {rp} Staring at Blades wide-eyed. "HEY!!! I'M JUST A STAFF CHIEF!!" {/rp} [rp] Sit down and SHUT UP!!!! your getting on my nerves Staff chief
  7. Post at will soldier Just post once per chapter you'll know when a new chapter has started because i'll post no problem with to may smilies they help my head ache
  8. I play a game called Starknights you can play up to lvl3 for free then you have to reg in order to get to higher lvls Check it out at www.starknights.com
  9. [rp] That'll be enough of that soldiers. Play nice or i'll have you both in a desk job watching the stars go by Now sit down and wait for ur orders..... ......frigen cadets.....dunno what their talking bout....al they do is try and boost their ego... [/rp]
  10. quote:Originally posted by Commander Elio Jason: {rp} I myself have asked Demolition to let me get repairs at his station. Should of asked Desolator he's head of Velari
  11. Get in touch with Remo for the pwd to Secure area over at prime fleet forums. The wing assignments are posted in there. Hopefully i shall return to service with in the next couple of days. [EDIT: edited some spelling] [ 10-20-2001: Message edited by: demolition ]
  12. I went to the doctors recently Never got my laptop though Piece of glass cut through the back of my neck all the way down to the spine (no permanent injuries except a scar....) I'm a lucky man. Thanx for the game SC Dunno what i'd have choosen for a career with out it. I'm going to be a programer
  13. Yes people didn't read clearly. OH WELL Fleets where supposed to be introduced on the forth day. Screw it. Fleets exist. Choose your fleet and make it known in your next rp Demolition over and out
  14. quote:Originally posted by aramike: I sent you that email, EP5. You must have an old PM from before the DB was purged. You'll just have to deal with it until the new UBB version is released. That must be my problem too. Mine wont delete. Message from silk way back when. Oh well i can hangle having the one PM hang around
  15. No one said you had to tell your command craft Remember this is before MK2 or MK3 And you dont know about fleets till your 4th day. You must prove that you can last that long before your introduced to the fleets and given a choice of which to join
  16. Sure, i'll go for another Act We still need one more post on this one. A good finisher. I left it open to be finished in a report to Galcom, which means a member of Galcom must finish this one off. So...... Elio, post the report summerizing the story and then we'll move on to act 2
  17. quote:Originally posted by Thomas Siemens: Want to borrow my glasses? ... Remo Williams The Professor (Stiever) <--- H. T. Wolferz ... Ummmmm........ OOOOOOPPPPPPSSSSSSSSSS oh well, cant be perfect
  18. That is correct I'm taking a leave of absence so that leaves you in charge Desolator. Contact me by e-mail if you need to discuss anything, my email is [email protected] For details go here i'll check the forums everyonce in awhile and post you'll know when i'm back officially cause i'll say so When we get wing assignments, your job will ne to post them at Primefleetforums and then refer the rest of the wing to your post
  19. quote:Originally posted by Remo Williams: Carl remove the quotes from your sig ASAP there not allowed. You can only have a quote in your sig if your whole Wing uses it and Beta Wing has no quote. You beat me to the punch oh well
  20. "We _always_ know someone who bids more" Yea, but do you know some one who protects as well as Galcom? hehe
  21. [rp] GCV-Eliminator Mission: Assist the UCV-Rising Sun "Sir, Elio reports hes doing fair and that he's taken control of 2 ships." "Good, how many left?" "5 sir." "Staus on the UCV-Rising Sun?" "Intruders are in the brig, some of the crew are dead, but we know that the Cmdr and most of the bridege crew are alive." "Good." "Lets take out the trash." "Aye sir!" Together Demolition and his wing along with Cmdr Elio finish off the rest off the ship, except for the UCV-Appeal. She is tractored and taken to the station. There she is boarded and inspected. All officers and crew are questioned and we're gathering the details for our report to Galcom. [/rp] finish her off
  22. Yes, i was planing to add to it, but lost my train off though.
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