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  1. Yes you guys can join Urza, make sure to read all of the messages in this topic and in the rp topic. Next chapter you post after GD This chapter, post when ready
  2. I was talking about the rank assigned under each persons names I was wondering why Jaguar got Fleet Cmdr under his name when he doesn't cmdr a fleet they could use Tacops cmdr for moderater recognition. The wing Leader stuff was an insider joke. Remo has Wing Leader designations over at Prime Fleet Forums. To make sure you know what it is i was talking about, the following are quotes from the area i was looking at. Carl Burning Ensign <--------Note the Ensign Member # 2848 Gallion Tacops Cmdr <----- Could use this rather then Fleet Cmdr Member # 105 demolition Cmdr <------Cmdr designation i was refering to. Member # 2249 Jaguar Fleet Cmdr <---- Designation that i was wondering about Member # 134 Sorry for the confusion in my first post. If this is insubordination i'll find the nearist Air Lock
  3. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: LOL!!! Thats not how it works, you git. You have to be the FIRST post in the thread. Damn newbies. LOL Wheres my Cigar smokin smile face when i need him
  4. The good post was to you The rest of my post was to Emmett.hendrick
  5. GCV-Eliminator Mission: Search and Rescue the GCV-Andromeda 23:57 'Eliminator, this is UCV-Balmung. How can we be of service' Riga asked. The Eliminator hailed them a minute ago. Clearly the Balmung was on their scope and they now wanted to know why we were following them. 'UCV-Balmung, this this is the GCV-Eliminator. Please state your destination and the reason you appear to be following us'. The metallic sounding voice never ceased to amuse Riga. In his head he always envisoned a small boy holding a huge microphone. 'We are responding to a transmission that appears to be a distress call and to which you seem to be heading as well, over'. Aloia looked up at him and he schrugged his shoulders. A minute silence followed. They were probably mulling over his answer, trying to decide what to do next. 'Commander Demolition would like to meet you in person. Would you be willing to transport over to the Eliminator?'. 'What the hell for?' Riga asked as this was not standard procedure. On the other hand, it was a GalCom vessel. Should be safe... 'Never mind, I'll transport in a few minutes. Just give us some coordinates first'. A few minutes later he was escorted to the commanders quarters onboard the GCV-Eliminator. One of the escorting ensigns halted him and pushed a door panel which opened the door. 'Welcome Riga, come in, we have some serious matters to discuss' the voice of commander Demolition sounded. As Riga stepped inside, the door silently closed behind him. 'Sit down, Riga. Want something to drink?' Commander Demolition casually asked. 'I'm sure you didn't invite me here just to have a drink commander'. 'You're right, let's talk business. First of all. What are your intentions when you discover the source to the transmission?' Riga sensed that the commander knew more than he did, but he didn't want to let him have the advantage of knowing. 'We've responded to a distress call of a GalCom Craft near the Gammulan border' Riga bluffed. He knew the heading of the signal, which was in the direction of the Gammulan border, but he didn't know the distance. 'Right, and you really want to go to the gammulan border in an unarmed transport?'. Demolition smiled, but also heard of Riga's reputation, so nothing suprised him. 'Looks are deceiving' Riga replied and looked commander Demolition straight into the eyes. 'Lets cut the crap, what's going on?'. Riga always was very direct. For him it was the most successful of dealing with people, and also the fastest. Commander Demolition regarded him for half a minute and made a decision. 'Ok, a few hours we received an garbled call from the GCV-Andromeda'. We do not even know whether it is a distress call and if so, how serious the situation is. We need to find out what it's status is. In order to do that we need firepower, and possibly additional things like first aid kits, blankets and the like.' Riga didn't expect openness like this. Normally these commanders gave away very little information. 'I carry everything you could possibly need, medication, food, even weapons in case you run out'. It was the equivalent of inviting yourself to the party, but as Riga saw it; a trader must be shameless... Cmdr Demolition didn't like telling Riga as much as he did, but he could use the supplies so he thought he'd tell him some of what he knew so that, he'd cooperate. On the other hand he didn't relly have to tell him, he could have issued an ultimateum "Help with supplies, or get off his station." Demolition didn't do this cause he knew what it was like to be left in the dark and he didn't want Riga unprepared. He Told him some of the Details but left out what was strictly classified by Galcom. They talked for a few more minutes before coming to a deal. Then Riga left for his ship and Demolition returned to the bridge. Riga's ship pulled along side the GCV-Eliminator and Demolition had the coordinates sent over to Riga so he knew where they where going. [/rp] Brain is sapped for good rping right now, will post more later
  6. I would say, a short hop from the jump gate, but a good distance from Velari We dont have to go into much detail on howmany clicks it is from Velari Station
  7. [rp] GCV-Eliminator Mission: Rescue the Rising Sun "Sir, Intruders are boarding the Rising Sun" "Damn, we still got some of that Nock out gas on baord?" "Yes sir." "Fill the Rising Sun with gas, after a few minutes Air it out and send in a Squad of Elite Force Marines to take car of the intruders bodies as well as get the ship back under control" "Yes, Sir" "How many ships are left" "8 sir." "Damage report?" "Small damage, Sir, most shots are being deflected by our modified shields." "Hows Elio doin?" "He is in no Serious danger now, but his vessel cant take as much punishment as ours." "Sir, support craft coming into firing range." "Tell them to open fire imediately."
  8. SPIFFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Officer Jo J Billy Bob III's artifices require a two-part response: first, a clarification of the prognosis implied by my previous letter; and second, a commentary on Billy Bob's own prognoses. You see, I indeed believe that it's time for Billy Bob to grow up. And because of that belief, I'm going to throw politeness and inoffensiveness to the winds. In this letter, I'm going to be as rude and crude as I know how, to reinforce the point that Billy Bob's philippics are based on a denial of reality, on the substitution of a deliberately falsified picture of the world in place of reality. And this dishonesty, this refusal to admit the truth, will have some very serious consequences for all of us eventually. There is no such thing as evil in the abstract. It exists only in the evil deeds of evil people like Billy Bob. Nevertheless, there are few certainties in life. I have counted only three: death, taxes, and Billy Bob doing some deluded thing every few weeks. As that last sentence suggests, if he is victorious in his quest to sully my reputation, then his crown will be the funeral wreath of humanity. I stand foursquare in defense of liberty, freedom of speech, and the right to criticize illiterate nymphomaniacs. If, after hearing facts like that, you still believe that individual worth is defined by race, ethnicity, religion, or national origin, then there is indubitably no hope for you. We'd all be in grave danger if Billy Bob continued to engage in his soporific behavior. While self-justification may motivate self-serving saboteurs, the same proposed social programs also work well for nugatory, recalcitrant vagabonds. I, not being one of the many deplorable fanatics of this world, have no idea why he makes such a big fuss over commercialism. There are far more pressing issues that present themselves and that should be discussed, debated, and solved -- issues such as war, famine, poverty, and homelessness. There is also the lesser issue that far too many people tolerate Billy Bob's methods of interpretation as long as they're presented in small, seemingly harmless doses. What these people fail to realize, however, is that Billy Bob's platitudes always follow the same pattern. He puts the desired twist on the actual facts, ignores inconvenient facts, and invents as many new "facts" as necessary to convince us that he is known for his sound judgment, unerring foresight, and sagacious adaptation of means to ends. I thought it couldn't be done, but, once again, Billy Bob's sentiments have sunk to a new low. Billy Bob wants to destroy all tradition, all morality, and the entire democratic system. What's wrong with that? What's wrong is Billy Bob's gossamer grasp of reality. As a parting thought, remember that Officer Jo J Billy Bob III has done inestimable damage to everything around him. Like? [ 10-16-2001: Message edited by: demolition ]
  9. [rp] GCV-Eliminator Mission: Rescue teh UCV-Rising Sun "SIR! There is a ship coming through the jump gate." "Who is it?" "Its the GCV-Invader" "Hmmm. Cmdr Elio, Staff Chief of Beta Wing" "Did he bring any support with him?" "None that we've picked up, Sir" "Incomming Message from the GCV-Invader, sir." "She on her way to the Rising Sun to help" "Shes requesting a Status report." "Give her an update, imediately." "Aye Sir" "ETA, till the rest of our support arrives?" "One minute Sir." "How many ships left?" "10 sir." Demolition ponders the situation for a minute before switching to Tacops and taking command of the situation. He isiues his orders to hiw wing and the supprt being sent from Velari, and tells Cmdr Elio the plan. [/rp] We're getting there......
  10. Alas i DO read the post correctly this time hehe We'll go with S55 Staff Chief/CO Velari Desolator I like it better then S55 Staff Chief, and CO Velari NOTE: no need to bold, i was setting it apert so you know which one to use
  11. quote:Originally posted by Jaguar: If you want to get involved in the RP thread, please feel free to do so, Delta wing needs some attention in there, and I'm not real good at RP, but MP, AHHHH MP, that's what I'm talking about!!! [ 10-14-2001: Message edited by: Jaguar ] Heh, maybe i'll put a mention of Delta wing in one of my rps. Then agiain, maybe i wont.
  12. Gudihl There is a problem with the rank next to jaguar Hes got a Fleet Leader next to his name, it should be Cmdr or Wing Leader as it is over at Prime Fleet Forums, but since here we just use cmdr thats what it should be hope the message isn't mind bogolling Oh, dont worry about intuding, your asking to become one of us, for that reason your definately aloud to visit this area, infact its probably best that you did post it here [ 10-15-2001: Message edited by: demolition ]
  13. [rp] GCV-Eliminator 23:56 Mission:Search and Rescue "Sir, we got a locational lock on the GCV-Andromeda." "Good, Set a course, Max speed." "Aye Sir." As the GCV-Eliminator shifted course, Demolition pulled up tacops. to have a look around. He noticed that the UCV-Balmung was following us and was altering course to follow us. He wondered if he wasn't being lead into a trap, but desposed of the thought quickly. He decided to make contact with the UCV-Balmung and see what was up. Maybe they had heard the message like me and where on there way to help. "Coms get in contact with the UCV-Balmung and find out what she up to." "Aye Sir" [/rp] Your go Riga. Make it interesting. [edit] made time corrections [ 10-16-2001: Message edited by: demolition ]
  14. here is the exact quote Remo "S45 Staff Chief, and CO Starpath - Prime Fleet, Delta Wing"
  15. I checked with FCs most recent post before makeing changes his example for the above was S45 Staff Chief/and Co "insert station cause i forgot"
  16. I may have a office on Velari, but the seat will be cold as i'll never be in it My cammanders chair on the Eliminator will be warm , and my engines burnin as i gun for some bunnies. XO will probably be the guy to see if you want me to get word :-) His office is open 24/7
  17. Differences of what we're looking for in a game did you try a regged character? it gets so much better when you reg
  18. Good post Riga I could pull some strings and get your mission specs. PM them to me and i'll post em in my next RP
  19. Back then we didn't have nything near pluto that was for ISS (had to give em something to do) LOL anyways everyone have fun, Galcom members good huntin All others good diein
  20. Ok guys, we have new orders. Go to here and check them out
  21. Stiever was put on neither list whats up with that I don't know why De'Witt never reported in, but i vouch for his activity I also vouch for stiever, i saw him post on roll call a lil back, dunno what happened
  22. [rp] GCV-Eliminator Mission: Search and Rescue 22:20 "Sir, we are begining to catch bits and frases of the signal. Its coming from the GCV-Andromeda. We still don't know where they are or what there problems is, but we're getting a couple of pieces here and there as the message repeats itself." "Get me as much ingo as you can on the GCV-Andromeda. I want to know who the commander is, what his rank is and what his last orders where. With this info, we should be able to narrow down the search area. Contact Cmdr Desolator and give him an update on our current situation, course, and what we've discovered." "Yes, Sir" "As soon as we get their location, make a course correction and get to them at top speed. I have a feeling the sooner we get there the better." "Yes, Sir." [/rp] Yea i know its kinda short. Waiting for more to go with
  23. Prime has 2 Wings positioned on GHQ, there fore we would have saved it id you'd failed.
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