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  1. 3000AD should do a BCM port for the N64 or PlayStation... Now THAT would be cool
  2. First of all I have to say that I am in no way implying that photoralistic graphics are required to have an enjoyable gaming experence. I'm mearly stating that P.R. graphics are the way the industry is headed quote:I doubt think that's anymore true than saying "Photo realistic graphics are totally unnecessary for an enjoyable experience." The fact is, it's possible to make a game incredibly enjoyable without having extremely realistic graphics. It's also possible to make a game enjoyable without extremely realistic physics.. but both enhance a game greatly. Sorry, but I just have to disagree. Photo realistic graphics are much more noticeable. Sure it is important to have reasonably realistic physics, but going so far as quote:...to simulate actual physics- especially since we don't even have a complete theory yet... Is way to excessive, and a waist of processing power. [ 12-28-2001: Message edited by: SpotSD ]
  3. quote:It's infinitely easier, I'm sure, to create photo-realistic graphics than it is to simulate actual physics But now you’re forgetting something. From Duke Nukem 3D to Half Life there hasn’t been much significant advancement in game physics. (Sure they got a little closer to real world but not much) What's my point you ask? There hasn’t been significant advancement in game physics... Simply because real world physics are not required to make a game fun. I doubt real world physics will be a big part of future gaming, just because it's totally unnecessary for an enjoyable experience.
  4. 19" moniter *weeps for joy* Shirt,Shirt,Shirt,Shirt,Shirt and some other stuff. If your wondering about all the shirts It's because whenever I get clothing as a gift it's usually a shirt because I'm 6'2" thus it is very hard to find pants in my size... So no one bothers.
  5. quote: It almost makes me sad to think about it. I'm probably alone on this, but perfection just annoys me. I do partaly agree, the antisipation of something better is something I'll miss. The price I won't However I believe that once photo realism becomes the new standerd, gameplay and story line will improve. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think it's a sound theory. Once photo realism is the acepted standard then devolpers will have to *gasp* rely on good gameplay and story line to make their game a sucess. I'll use Max Payne as an example. Max Payne has freaking great graphics but gameplay (despite bullet time) got old really quick. Why did it get rave reviews??... GRAPHICS! Once great graphics come to be expected then to make a profits developers will just have to start putting more work into game play.
  6. quote:...at least not until they conquer the speed of light. Exactly! There simply must be a limit, why on earth would we need to go beyond the processing speed that is so fast that in our minds it might as well be instantaneous? Of course once you get into the higher numbers (speed of light) there would be no recognizable difference between 1/2 the speed of light and the speed of light. To our minds they would both be instantaneous. quote:And frankly, I've heard numbers bounced around for number of polys needed per second to make you think "you're there" but really we don't know what it's going to take. The geforce3 is impressive, but it's not even remotely "photo realistic" in it's capabilities. Look at the amazing strides that graphics have gone through... In the past 6 years we have seen First Person Shooters advance from having all their entities sprite based, to incredible games such as Max Payne. Judging by the current rate of advancement I think photo-realism is right around the corner.
  7. quote:The point of upgrading is no matter how fast a computer would go, there's always a developer that would somehow need more processing power. Remember many years ago when you saw the minimum requirements for a game was only 90Mhz or something? Some people complained because it ran slow and sluggish on their brand new P133. True very true, but what I was thinking when I started this thread was that game requirements have pretty much only increased because of graphics, there are a few exceptions such as BCM which requires allot of processing for AI and keeping the whole game universe running. So my point is when graphics simply can't get any better because they've reached photo realism it seems that there won't be much of a need for faster processing. It almost seems like the hardware industry is fixing to bury itself just because there has to be a limit to how fast, compact, and useful something can get.
  8. [q]Anyway SpotSD, computer clock speed goes faster exponentially. The minute it reaches a Terahertz, I'll buy one and I guess we'll definately get the Final Fantasy movie quality like game.[/q] Duh... My question is what the heck will come next?
  9. Seriously. After clock speeds get faster,faster,faster,faster,faster,faster, Till they seem instantaneous. Graphics get better,better,better,better,better,better, Till they literally look at least as good as Final Fantasy (the movie) When this happens will anyone have to upgrade/buy new computers? What would be the point?
  10. Will there ever be an end to the new hardware on the market? Where will the gaming/hardware industry go after they reach photo realistic graphics and near instantaneous clock and RAM speeds? Will there be no end? Once we reach the aforementioned standards what could possibly be the next best thing?
  11. Can anybody give me links to good discount hardware websites? I ask because just about every site claims to have the lowest price no matter how over priced they are. If I can find components that are cheap enough then maybe my dad will help fund them for a Christmas present. (In my dreams)
  12. What are your best, most exciting gaming experiences? For me it is when I'm playing a fighter sim. I get into a dogfight, which distracts me from my altitude. I wonder to close to the ground and before I know it I'm hurtling toward the badly rendered earth. With my enemy's missiles raining down around me I pull back hard on the stick and just when it seems a fiery death in inevitable I get my nose up just enough to miss the ground by inches! I'm not talking about just low enough for the altitude alert to sound... I'm talking about the times where if my gear were down they would get ripped off
  13. How do you find the star bases in BCM? I always had a hard time with that in 3000AD. Use TacOps to view the planet. Starbases are uniquely named TTFN [ 11-19-2001: Message edited by: Gallion ]
  14. quote: From what I gather then of the 3 choices that the 'normal' choices A & B is that these types of charachters make better leaders. Candidate C was a brillent leader, he just had all the wrong motives. [ 11-05-2001: Message edited by: SpotSD ]
  15. quote: Candidate A is Franklin Roosevelt Candidate B is Winston CHurchill Candidate C is Adolf Hitler Kinda makes ya think, doesn't it ????? No it dosen't. If you look hard enough there's a good side and a bad side to everyone. You just happend to post the bad side of Candidates A and B, and post the good side of Candidate C.
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