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  1. I trade FC Charger Units, and Fighter Assets to Genisis from Galcom, then Comlink supplies from Genesis to Galcom...
  2. Is there any approximate time on how long this will take? This if for all artifacts?
  3. Alright, I have been trading via Genesis and Galcom for a few hours now, and I have roughly 30 million bucks. I have already upgraded the Engine to Numega, and the Armor to TitaniumV. I bought the "Special Cargo" at Galcom for Upgrading the Shields, and Reactor. However when I go to try and upgrade them, it seems like they are not there. So I figured that I might need the celestial orb. Went and bought that, but it dosn't seem like it makes a difference. Any help would be great... Also does anyone know that one website with all of the detailed info pertaining to BCM? I think Gallion, or Cmdr. Nova created it???
  4. PARMATOWN MALL!!! WOW, I ORDERED MY COPY FROM THERE.... Why did I not go their sooner!!!
  5. SC, Do you know any details?Did you send it to eb yet, or what's going on?
  6. SC, could you specify which portion of the week (you think) it may be shipping?
  7. SC, Just wondering if their could ever possible be a patch that lets you take other NPC's weapons, armor, etc from them after you kill them. I am just saying this because, i think it would be really fun to be a fugitive and run around killing people, and taking and living off of their stuff. (just an idea) And I realize that a Pilot won't necessarily know how to use a Marines weapon, but I am just saying...it's an idea. (also have fingers crossed for "mature" patch, in the far future.)
  8. BCM has recieved a 77% rating at PC GAMER, it is a good score but far less than what BCM should get (my opinion). What is everybody's thoughts about this?? Remember the rule about NOT having ANY spelling errors in thread subjects? [ 10-14-2001: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  9. Alright, I am a bit confused on this issue. I will state what I think is going on at this point, SC please correct me if I am wrong. The game is in the latter manufacturing stages, wherein the items (manual, etc) are being placed into the boxes. From their they finished products will have to be sent to EB, and then out to the individual stores... So, EB has moved the date back to the 29th, I believe this may have something to do with a substantial amount of orders being purchased in this short amount of time. (Since BCM has gone gold) Or perhaps it's just because of the difficulties of having to coordinate three different companies in the production process? Basically what I am trying to get at, is.. will their still be an outside chance of getting BCM sooner than the projected relese date of the 29th. (I did not pre-order online, but at my local EB, is their any difference with that) Also, I was pondering about the state of the last demo, as well as the post-release patch? Anyhow... I am still very excited about all of the news of upcoming 3000AD products..
  10. I have the exact same problem on my computer with BC3K. It freezes up when I go to choose the name of my ship, and player. It has dones this countless times, and I have tried uninstalling, and other various things that the FAQ says. Unfortunatly to no avail. Not only the program freezes, but my whole computer, and i have to restart. I however can run Maximum Carnage for awhile, without it freezing. I and running Version 2.09, and have all of the patches properly installed. I have a Pentium III 966 mhtz, 256mb ram, 60 gigs, ATI Radion vid card, and Windows ME. I figured that the problem prolly has something to do with WinME, but I don't know where to begin. Any suggestions would be very helpful.
  11. 8 DAYS 8 DAYS 8 DAYS!!! I am begining to lose all concentration on everything else...
  12. 10 DAYS 10 DAYS 10 DAYS TILL RELEASE!!!! (just makin sure everybody knows)
  14. OK, Wait a minute here... I think i just had a Major Realization.... So, basically... it is possible to alter an entire planets topology with Random weapons??? If this is so.. I am awestruck... Also, I was wondering if/when the SC would make his BCM Wishlist Public, or at least on the new forum.
  15. w00t!!!!! Approaching 2 weeks till release... SC, do you know what's going on with the production? I mean do you currently know how many games their making, and what stage they are currently at? (just wonderin)
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