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    Babylon 5, PC games
  1. rhett

    Babylon 5 mod...

    I would use the Omega Destroyer.
  2. rhett

    Babylon 5 RPG

    I have put together an RPG type stratagy game based on the TV show Babylon 5. It is Play by E-Mail game where you control a race, build ships, colonize worlds, fight wars, ect. If anyone is interested, post here or post on the sites forums. The site is here. [ 01-01-2002: Message edited by: rhett ]
  3. rhett

    Babylon 5 mod...

    I have tinkered around with the idea and have started a site here: http://mods.firstones.com/B5BCM Let me know if this will help. I hve no idea how to mod, just a dedicated fan of B5.
  4. rhett

    Clueless Newbie Questions

    quote:Originally posted by rhett: Read the Products and Dev Pages. BCM XP requires purchase. TTFN What I meant was will there be any downloadable updates (not patches). I understand about the XP purchase thing. Thanks.
  5. rhett

    Clueless Newbie Questions

    SC, I understand that you have a wish list. Is this for future Expansion packs (which you buy, like XP1, ext) or for a downloadable patch? Thanks. Read the Products and Dev Pages. BCM XP requires purchase. TTFN EDIT: Wohoo, my 50th post! LOL [ 12-01-2001: Message edited by: rhett ] [ 12-02-2001: Message edited by: Gallion ]
  6. rhett

    Mouse problem (resolved)

    Yes, I am having the same problem. I will go update my Geforce 2 drivers tommorow. Great game SC!
  7. quote:Originally posted by Rm: Hehehehhe... That reminds me of the joke about how Tomb Raider was the inspiration for the one-handed joypad! LOL!!!
  8. rhett

    BCM Receives 77% @ PC GAMER

    How in the hell did you get ahold of a December issue??? I just got the November issue. Anyways, I think 77 is very good considering it is a niche game. I am suprised that they reviewed it already. I would say that they might have one editor who loves it and writes about it in their editorial space.
  9. rhett

    Just a joke...

    Ya, I heard that one a few years ago (being about Iraq, though). Still funny as hell.
  10. rhett

    And so it Begins...

    "I say to our enemies, 'We are coming. God may show you mercy. We will not.'" Senator John McCain.
  11. rhett

    And so it Begins...

    The U.S. and other coalition governments have started bombing Afganistan military sites.
  12. rhett

    New Forum Registration Rules

    SC, you rock. Just wanted to let you know that.
  13. rhett

    Count-Down to Release!!!

    quote:Originally posted by $iLk: US: Ahhhhhhhh countdown to upgrade Oh crap. SC will go abeshit...
  14. rhett

    BCM is officially GOLD!

    Do US orders come in a box? I have ordered from EBGAMES. [ 10-01-2001: Message edited by: rhett ]
  15. rhett

    New Forum Registration Rules

    Sounds like a good way to go SC.