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  1. sorry for not replying sooner... i've had midterms (last one tomorrow!) and labs and assignments comming out the wazoo! here are (i hope) answers to all the questions that i've gotten so far. hopefully it will fill everyone in on the state of my pc: -i got the newest video card drivers -i got directx 8.0A -i hit and kicked my computer in all it's special places (sometimes more than once) -i installed sp 1 and 2 -no, i didn't get a formal welcome before. thank you very much for it now. -my mobo is an asus a7v133 sorry to not fully answer everyone before... jeez, you guys are a stiff bunch.. jk i really do appreciate the help. i'll give the bios update a whirl, but if it still doesn't work after that, i'll just wait for the 3rd demo (or until i get the full game itself). would it be better to get updates from asus, or to use this catch-up utility that you mentioned? thanks, he-man Nova: i'm picturing a space ship with a little wagon towed behind it full of fruit baskets...
  2. Nova: what i meant was i don't see how the service packs would help with bcm trying to read from an incorrect area in memory. i know the sp's are suppose to fix windows... but can it really ever be fully fixed anyways? but anyways... I got both service packs, and I still get the same error... I don't see how it can be my video card because the demo worked for me during the summer, when i was running winME... Capt. HM
  3. Thanks for the help.. i'll try getting the service packs, but i don't see how they'll help. And i would so love to just go out and pick up a new video card, but my money tree is bare! Capt. HM
  4. I just redownloaded/reinstalled demo 2, and i get this error when i try to load the game: '"The instruction at "0x004db390" referenced memory at "0x000000000". The memory could not be "read".' Has anyone had this?? I searched the forum (and the faq and vcf with the demo) and i didn't see anything like this, but if i missed it, sorry. EDIT: I forgot to mention that the little 3000AD video loads, and then i get this message after it's done. my system is this: AMD 1.2ghz t-bird 192 megs 'o ram Voodoo 3 3000 16meg agp (with latest drivers) WIN2k (no service packs) DirectX 8.0a Thanks, Capt. HM
  5. Jeez man.. flight sticks??? If you can play the game with out ever touching the keyboard, can you also play it without going near a joystick?? All I got by way of game controllers is a Gravis Xterminator digial gamepad (and I think Gravis has stopped making those.. it's no longer on their website. )... would that be sufficient? Thanks, Capt. HM. [ 10-27-2001: Message edited by: Captain He-Man ]
  6. I was actually thinking of getting a Radeon 8500 before i started reading reviews about it. It makes me bitter because it seems to have better features than the geforce 3, and it's cheaper too, but every review i've read so far, and now SC's soapbox, keeps saying over and over that the drivers hold it back. I guess I always took divers for granted in the past, but now that I'm considering buying a new card, I've been reading reviews for alot of different cards. I guess for the money a geforce 3 ti 200 would be a good bet, but I'm concerned that the slightly lower clock speeds will have some effect in the near future. I've had my current card (Voodoo 3 3000) for almost 3 years now, and I only payed like 150 (CND) for it.. I certainly don't want to dish out 400+ (CND) for a new card which will last as long. It's a shame that ATI doesn't seem to care about how their cards work with games, as opposed to how the card looks on paper. Those are my 2 cents... Capt. HM.
  7. Reading the stories that SC, LordDavid, and Gallion posted make me giddy all over... As-f**kin'-if you can do stuff like that (or should I say stuff like that happen) in BCM... simply put, it's amazing! Capt. HM
  8. i wouldn't take it too badly.. pc gamer, imo, rates games pretty tough. i've seen some good games (or what i thought were good) get some unfair scores. i'd say 77% is pretty damn good, esp. for an indy niche game like BCM.
  9. hey Scrivener, where'd you pre-order Morrowind from?? And how much is it? Thanks! Capt. HM [ 09-03-2001: Message edited by: Captain He-Man ]
  10. Hot Damn!!! If those screens don't get me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, I don't know what will!! Wicked! Wicked!! WICKED!!! Great Job SC!!! You've made the wait that much harder!! Capt. HM
  11. I thought the Others was awesome!!! Oh well, not everyone's perfect! Capt. HM
  12. Hey neat.. just the other day I had a spell of paranoia overcome me, and I started thinking about getting some sort of firewall program... Wow.. good thing I was cruising the 3000AD forums, cause now I have one! Thanks guys! Capt. HM
  13. I also saw a cpu comparison over at videogames.com (the pc hardware section), and in performance tests, the Athlon 1.2ghz beat the P4 1.4ghz, for some games. I recently bought the Athlon, and that baby is pretty sweet. One thing I noticed, which I think is cool, is that the Althlons are still one big chip, rather than the big cartridge thingy that the P3's are. (I don't know about P4's, but I'm assumeing it's the same) Capt. HM.
  14. LOL!! Klingons... Scrub like the wind!!!
  15. i think the irony one is from the matrix, when morpheus is talkig about how the robots took over.. does anyone have an idea about the last one? ("Alpha, and omega; death, and rebirth. As you die, so I am reborn") I'm thinking that he-man movie, with dolph lundren, but i could be wrong..
  16. Yes.. i've actually been looking for a bridge... Capt. HM
  17. Simple.. the scope! I haven't played BC3K, so I'm a BC newb, but every time I read a new bit of news, or see new screenshots, I'm re-amazed at how big and how much you will be able to do in this game. The fact that it's open, is wicked too.. who wants to follow a story when you can make your own up as you go along! Capt. HM
  18. "Fate is not without a sense of irony, it seems." What movie is this from? I can almost see the scene... "I do not suffer from insanity, i enjoy every minute of it." Nice one.. "Alpha, and omega; death, and rebirth. As you die, so I am reborn." I'd bet my neighbour's cat that this was from one of the Hellraiser movies (it sounds like something Pinhead would say).. but I could be wrong.. (and hey, it's not my cat). EDIT: Ok, looking at it again, I don't think it's from Hellraiser.. but it's starting to bug me... Capt. HM [ 07-31-2001: Message edited by: Captain He-Man ]
  19. I hear ya... I'll be the guy with the pitch fork and torch. Capt. HM
  20. d00d!!! When's is comming out? Capt. HM
  21. here's the funniest (oddest? rudest?) movie review site.. sadly it doesn't get updated that often (but if you read some of the last few reviews, you'll understand why). http://www.dumbassandthefag.com/
  22. hahaha.. i've already seen them all.. please don't make me do it again..
  23. I feel nearly the same was as you, Scrivener, except I didn't buy/return Max Payne... I look around at all the game site, and mags, and there just isn't anything interesting out right now... I'm patiently waiting for BCM and Morrowind. Since other ppl were suggesting RTS games, I got hooked on 1602 AD for a little while, and you could probably get that for cheap now-a-days. If all else fails, there's always Solitaire! Capt. HM
  24. I was just thinking about BCM today (yes, i randomly drift off and think about computer games ), and I was struck with all the AI code that there must be in this puppy.. I know a bit of basic AI programming stuff, and all of it is no simple 2 lines (inside joke ) answer. SC, if you don't mind, can you say how big the AI code is (in lines or pages)? And also, what kind of stuctures do you use? Like BSTs, linked lists... that sort of stuff. Capt. HM
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