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  1. PowerCow

    Hello From "The Field"

    Helllllooooo Rattler!! how you been?
  2. PowerCow

    Powercow - From MIA to ITC

    Heh, cheers cheif! Lots of new faces here, some oldies too, hello (again!) Hmm, maybe after 4 years my bc web site could do with a real update...
  3. PowerCow

    New ATI Video Cards

    Yep it's me All grown up now, finished school... finished university... and now working as an IT Manager/Consultant, its all turned out well I still frequent these forums as its the best place to get honest movie reviews on net!
  4. PowerCow

    New ATI Video Cards

    Anyone else think that this current situation with Nvidia and ATI is kind of similar to when 3DFX's reign as the graphics kings company was snatched away by 'the underdog' NVidia? I'd love to see ATI win this, purely for the irony of it all
  5. PowerCow

    Why do the French hate us?

    Of course the French don't hate the US. But it's sh** stirring like this that leads to bigger problems. And personally I think we (Europe) plant trees along roadsides because it looks pretty quote:if it wasnt for the US they would be speaking german right now.And if it wasn't for us (The British), what language would you all be speaking right now? In the words of Doctor Evil 'You know, we're not so different you and I' [ 02-01-2003, 05:58 AM: Message edited by: PowerCow ]
  6. Texan Man Shoots Friend hmmmm [ 12-07-2002, 12:09 PM: Message edited by: PowerCow ]
  7. PowerCow

    OEM P4 Consumers Rebel

    Pentium 4 has a (purposely) longer instruction pipeline (or something like that) to enable it to reach higher MHZ speeds without necessarily performing well. AMD did not use this marketing trick with its Athlon XP's, and instead invented the Quanti-Speed naming instead (where a Athlon XP 1800+ = ~1500MHZ) And this is the new argument about MHZ clock speeds, CPU manufactorers can significantly raise the MHz (but not performance) with tricks (what Intel did). This is also why you see lesser MHz Athlon XP's out performing p4's (or at least being on par with). [ 08-19-2002, 03:38 AM: Message edited by: PowerCow ]
  8. Try and get Raid 0 for hd performance. [ 05-10-2002, 07:42: Message edited by: PowerCow ]
  9. Personally I think a lot of people's opinions will (possibly) be biased to their own countries laws, and with my self being British, this is mine : I feel very comfortable living in the UK where there are very strict laws against gun possession. IÔÇÖm only 20 years of age and the only times I have ever seen a gun has been on Police officers at airports. With regards to the opinion that everyone has a right to defend themselves, I think that strict gun laws like those in the UK help stop such situations from arising in the first place. And another product of having such strict laws, is that any civilian in this country who is carrying a gun, can be instantly recognised as a dangerous person with intent to harm, and Police are fully justified to take any strong measures against this person before they do any harm. An example of this is that in the past 6 months or so someone was shot dead by the Police in a rough area of London for carrying a gun shaped cigarette lighter, a tragic mistake, but it was the last thing they wanted to do. And on a much more brighter and subjective note, not even my local bobby (Police) carry guns! Which I think is great, because it simply means they donÔÇÖt need them I was actually speaking to a Police officer on the street a few weeks ago (You know, as you do ) and one of the questions I asked was whether they (the Police) ever got concerned for their safety while doing their job. His answer was no, and that even when they had do to do the things like local raids etc, they get kitted out in Knife proof jackets first for protection, which theyÔÇÖre completely happy with. So, being a Brit , my opinion is that guns are best left for the really good people and the really bad people, and that the people like us left in the middle should just take our chances and go about living life. Since after all, if youÔÇÖre staying out of trouble then you shouldnÔÇÖt need to worry Chuck
  10. PowerCow

    Time to separate the Brits from the boys

    Another Mr Bean here. Shouldn't the SC be taking this?
  11. Hello! I was well happy when I found a Galaxian! Galaxian I found one a long time ago, I think I was the first too! But only because I was hex editing all my saved games to have all the Artefact powerups and stuff, hehe!(THATS how I survived that black hole!) I did a lot more scouring but never found anything else Chuck.
  12. PowerCow

    Newbie Strategy

    Hello! Long time no see. Anyway! : I was reading this thread and I remembered my old BC site, and after some digging through CD’s I discovered I actually did make a backup before it got pulled from Tripod (probably from neglect). I thought it might be useful for the BC3000AD newbies that are playing the old (new) legacy version. Its got lots of tips and other info etc. It can be found here: www.cowzilla.com/bcweb I think my web host is doing a server move within the next couple of weeks, so it might go down for a short time, but do try and visit again later if you have trouble! Hope that helps, Chuck ICV I’ve forgotten
  13. PowerCow

    Insurgent Call To Arms

    Cmdr Cook ICV Valentine Moven' & Grooven' across the dance floor to report for duty! de de la la la laa. PC PC, Another Mottley Fool you shall be. Jester awaits Thee! [This message has been edited by Rattler (edited 12-05-1999).]
  14. PowerCow

    Eve of the War

    <rp> Commander Cook lay back in his leather coated command chair as the ICV-Valentine slowly approached the jump gate to the Jupiter System. Impatient, Commander Cook relived the auto pilot from duty and hit the after burners, the low hum of the thrusters echoing through the ship and giving the commander most satisfying feeling of power. 'Verifying Location' chirped the battle cruisers computer. 'Shinji, Get a lock on the GVC-Predicant and hyper jump to her position ASAP' Ordered Commander Cook to his flight officer, 'Engaging Hyper Drive!' Replied Shinji, as the ICV-Valentine bevelled round to face the battered GalCom vessel. Commander Cook swiftly moved out of his chair and faced his tactical officer, Commander 'Remain cloaked until my mark.' Tactical :'Sir - The enemy craft have detected the jump anomaly and are systematically sweeping the area, The GVC-Predicant is heavily damaged, but up and fighting sir!' 'Good. Engage engines at mach 3 and proceed with evasive manoeuvres, tease them Shinji' Ordered Commander Cook, smiling to himself as he intensely watched the seconds count down until the hyper jump engines were fully powered up, '8..7..6..5..' Read the display on the main screen.. 'Establish a tractor lock on the Predicant and engage the jump engines at the Earth jump point' Commander Cook rose from his chair, calling up the Tacops computer, he watched the many enemy ships swarm around their newly acquired target. The Valentines shields hit 0 as the Predicant was locked in the tractor beam, like clockwork, the hyperspace engines engaged, and the GVC-Predicant was town across the sector and placed next to the jump point to Earth. 'Dis-Engage the tractor beams, raise shields, and pull a 180!' Ordered Commander Cook as he sat back down. Silver circles of light began to highlight the black space that was in front of the ICV Valentine, 'Where are you Sagan?' Asked Commander Cook to himself. 'Deploy the Interceptors - Shield this jump gate. I don't want ANYTHING passing through here except the Predicant' Vincent turned to his communications officer, 'Comm, Send a message to the Predicant' ****Out going message To: GVC-Predicant From: ICV-Valentine Sub: No Subject Make your way through the jumpgate, Antti, if unable, I'll ram you through Cook out. **** <rp off> PowerCow
  15. PowerCow

    Defense of Our Homeworld

    DeSylva - 'Whatever is said in Latin sounds profound'