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  1. Ok, thanks for the info. I hope these come out soon. I'm having a blast with this game anyways.
  2. Good day everyone! I have a question. I recently purchased UCSE from D2D and downloaded the GBS-IV files on the download page here, but when I open the playmod file (the D2D one) it tries to validate my license but It says I don't own UCAWA (of course, I purchased UCSE, not AWA), therefore I can't use it. In conclusion, the program looks for UCAWA not UCSE (which is the version I own). Note that I downloaded the the GBS-IV files from the appropiate link (download page => UCSE). Can anyone help? Thanks in advance
  3. NWN2 SW: Empire At War Battlefield 2 Dragon Age Every Upcoming Derek Smart Game. Hey $ilk, if you have homeworld 2 then you could try the Star Wars Warlords Mod, Empie at War looks like it's going to be something like it (at least the space combat part). It's got ship from the clone wars up to the NJO. (Republic, Sepparatists, Empire, Rebellion, New Republic, and even Yuuzhan Vong Ships.)
  4. come on guys... I think it's really good, though i admit to being one of those hardcore star Wars fans that has read most of the SW novel out there, a SW fan that likes Star Wars even when things are crappy. I got good impressions and it made me recall back my d20 roleplaying buddies to start a campaign... Again, a really nice Trailer, and best of all: There was no Jar Jar Binks there, woohoo!!!
  5. PS2 can play DVD-Rs and +Rs (i'm not sure about the latter though).
  6. Hehehe, you're right LostInSpace... though my small island is far away enough from US soil to be out of range .
  7. What's the best web page to keep up with the current vote count? the last i saw Bush had 81 electoral votes and Kerry 77... but now i dont know how outdated it is lol.
  8. -Knights of The Old Republic II -Lord of The Rings: Battle for Middle Earth -Final Fantasy XII (i'm glad this one will be single player...) -Dragon Age (from Bioware) -Halo 2 -LOTR the Third age -The Next UC/BC titles (Hold the Line, Hostile Intent, etc.)
  9. yeah, and then all that'll be left will be some rogue states (north Korea comes to mind) hostile to the US of A...which will eventually come down. It's a long way to go but at least the job is being done... for now. Now, don't bash me cuz I irritated any of you! J/K!
  10. This has been one hell of a hurricane season for Florida, i'm lucky that we decided to install shutters long ago for our house at Miramar. I think you guys are already getting used to it, aren't you?
  11. Wow, that was great Quazar, you did a good Story despite the fact there really isn't that much information about the early years.
  12. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:Originally posted by Cmdr_ Laracuente: it really doesnt look good, especially for indie and small niche Developers. Only those who can't fend for themselves and who rely on publishers. Yeah, and i am really thankful that you don't have to depend on publishers to stay afloat, the last i would like to see is 3000ad going down and with it my favorite franchise of Games. It seems hard enough already to survive in such a hostile Industry.
  13. Wow man, a lot of this sh*t is happening lately, i guess these are the effects of big companies growing stronger all the time, greedy publishers... and yeah, because of bad games too. IMO i think we'll have someone with a big monopoly over PC games (just look at EA) in the coming years. it really doesnt look good, especially for indie and small niche Developers.
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