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  1. quote:Originally posted by Soback: Lets take this hypothetical situation. 3. We extend the same terms [comply or we nuke you] to other terrorist harboring countries. They will either comply or face the same consequences, and believe me, they would rather comply once they see what happened to Afghanistan.{/QB] That way the war would probably be over in about a year. Yes we would probably have retaliatory strikes but we would have them anyway and at least my way we will take care of the problem faster with great assurance that it will not happen again because any terrorist that wants to choose US as a target next time will know that not only his life is on the line (which they don't care about anyway) but also the life of his family, his people, his country of origin, his supporters and his believes. So from previous experience he will realize that if he does strike against US all that he believes in will be gone and that would serve no purpose. Also the people of the countries that are likely to sprout terrorism will try to contain and fight it themselves for fear of being discovered and annihilated. ouch - this is the attitude that the terrorists have. if someone hits you in the face for no appreciable reason that you understand, do you not hate that guy and plot to attack him at the first available opportunity? let me illustrate. The Taliban hate the americans because the americans helped the Mujjahadeen (sp?) during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, afterwards, the US ignored the problems in that country (an admitted mistake on the US's part). They now hate the Americans because they felt abandoned and they are right. They are wrong to suppoort terrorism as a form of revenge...but what options do they have? the point I'm making is that Afghanistan is a nation that has low to no education, that means that the people are manipulated by force (1 TV for every 1000 people, under penalty of death). The lives of the Afghan people are governed by a blood thirsty regime that is bent on teaching the western world a lesson. If we perpetuate that idea, by dropping nukes all over the place, not only do we violate the human rights that we apparently hold in the highest esteem, but we become terrorists ourselves. There is nothing to be gained by nuking a desert full of innocent people that have not been taught how to respect human life as a sacred thing, as we supposedly have been. an extremist view simply begets another extremist view. Ghandi said - "an eye for an eye can only make you blind". using the SAS and Special Forces to go after the specific targets that are responsible is just fine by me....but blasting a country into oblivion that's already in the stone age is just ridiculous. Albert Einstein said; "I don't know how WW3 will be fought, but WW4 will be fought with sticks and stones." words to live by.
  2. the coalition is going to mop up the dirt in afghanistan with some Taliban butt. the Taliban are now crying and pleading that the attack is not fair....do they really believe that no one has been paying attention? *sigh* Jaguar is right, Nukes won't be used....unless under DIRE circumstances, as an ultimate resort. Nuking Afghanistan would be pointless anyway. This will remain a conventional 'war'. one question....why is Pakistand still recognizing the Taliban? why are they even giving the Taliban "ambassador" the ability to say anything? extradite the bleeder and beat him to within an inch of his life.
  3. quote: Now if we only knew what cave Osama's hiding in. He will be LADEN with bullet holes. what's the difference? He will be sought, he's a cowardly moron who won't be able to resist taking pot shots now and then, which will reveal his position and cause his destruction (eventual or immediate). If he has to keep hiding in a cave...he will eventually starve to death....either way, problem solved. Supplies going into the hills will be noticed. Think of all the high resolution satellites that are scrutinizing that area right now. Can you imagine...some old fart on a Llama with a bag of chips.
  4. quote:...It's one of the few industries (long distance) where the customer doesn't have to expressly order services to be charged for them. it's more like there isn't a provision that actually REQUIRES a signature for the service to be effective. At the moment this works in the favour of the LD company. I believe that this particular practice will soon change though, but that's more of a feeling....
  5. Osama Bin Laden has just publicly been on the TV stating that "the United states and it's citizens will not face security until Afghani and Palestinians face peace first" he is so dead. Osama Bin Laden= Bad Man Is Alone. (rearranged the letters)
  6. Aramike, I have to say, that really sucks. and as a Manager in a customer service dept. for a telecom company (not Sprint) I have seen this kind of thing happen before....of course not to that extent, but it's still a surprise...and I always do my best to ensure that the person who got slammed gets compensated properly. usually I suggest a rerate immediately. Anyway, I'm glad it worked out for you in the end....wait...that came out wrong... at least you ended up paying the rate you were supposed to...even if it was to Sprint, and I don't blame you for not wanting them again. did you ever find out why the rate was so high and why your line was switched? did it have anything to do with the cell phone agreement? why did you feel that you had to get a lawyer involved...I mean wrong is wrong, even a monster company like sprint knows that. I'm just curious. Lucas
  7. I personally think it's a good idea to make a private forum for those that buy the game. It sure as hell weeds out the majority of the 'idiots' out there, besides it is a forum about BCM, not Panty Raider or Deer Hunter 6. Considering that the primary site will still be here and all the information pertaining to the game will still be available, I don't anticipate this being a problem. I have every intention of buying the game...my "problem" is that I live too far away from EB and have no vehicle, but that's not a real problem, if I want it (I do) I will go out and get it...I just didn't preorder. I have the computer, I have the joystick, I have the 19 inch monitor...I'm ready for it.
  8. I suggest you read the reviews of this game before you say that it is about "communism". it's actually a sci-fi first person shooter set on mars. if you want to play a game where you fight commies, play operation flashpoint.
  9. as has been stated above, we do not yet understand what causes gravity (or how ito replicate it) except that the larger and denser an object, the stronger it's 'gravitational attraction', that would suggest that a wormhole is similar to a black hole. We would have to be able to measure gravity before experienceing it, and then be able to counteract it. a magical "anti grav device" would be nice, but I like the fact that travelling through a wormhole damages the ship. It makes travelling faster than light a statiscal and engineering analysis instead of "I'm goiung here..." and being there with nothing to do but look around in a half bored daze. To make something realistic, things have to break. I really like that.
  10. metalgearhz - that link doesn't work
  11. demolition....WTF?? blades.... that was....cute.
  12. that's pretty cool indeed. Can't wait the 20 years (probably longer) it'll take to be implimented into the computers that we use.
  13. Surviving the Game was really good. and Bruce Willis is a great actor and great action movie star...but he should stay out of the music scene. Boyz in the Hood was a great movie. so basically, Hellbinder, you and I agree.
  14. quote:Originally posted by Scrivener: an unequivocal rule of film: Any movie which stars or otherwise makes use of a rapper, pop singer, vocal artisan, professional wrestler, or other professional from a specialized field other than stage or film (Extending less strictly to those associated with network television) is absolutely destined to fail. Really, I find this "unequivocal rule" of yours rather interesting. Especially as one of the most successful box office draws of all time started in film knowing almost no english and his only claim to fame at the time was having been Mr. Universe. I am of course talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger, ever hear of him? And what about Rowdy Roddy Piper? a wrestler (I'm not a wrestling fan) who made one really excellent film called 'They Live'. Do you then believe that Martial Arts movies suck too? Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, to name a few, started in competition sports...not acting...or rather movie making. Perhaps you need to generalize less and express your opinion more succinctly. I find it interesting how a person can formulate a negative opinion on something they haven't even seen. Now I personally have little interest in 'the Ghosts of Mars', except perhaps to wait for the video release, but I will likely check it out at a later date, and form an opinion after I have seen it. Bear in mind, I'm not in total disagreement with you....Shaq, Hulk Hogan, Brian Bosworth and many others who started out in sports, should have stayed in sports, but most of the time, they are thrown bag loads of money and a stupid script and they don't give a damn about the movie itself. This seems to be the cookie cutter nature of mainstream 'blockbuster' making, but is not a statement for all films made with people who did not start out in acting...or classically trained actors. Rant over.
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