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  1. I think the funniest was when someone tried to sell "nothing"...the bids got pretty high for it, before they pulled the plug on the joke.
  2. quote:Originally posted by Outlaw: Firefly to me was alright but really needs improvement. That rust bucket definately needs some weapons to survive space combat. Show reminded me of Outlaw Star and Cowboy Bebop. Anybody else notice this?Yep. Well, the commercial at least. I heard "girl in a box", and Melphina popped into my head...
  3. As said by the SC about "John Doe": quote: Its like The Pretender but more fast paced and less surly. That's EXACTLY what I said to a friend after I watched it. I like it. I missed Firefly, but I guess I shouldn't have been worried about it. Is LAO: Criminal Intent picking up any? I've watched random bits of it, but it didn't ring that well with me, as much as the original and SVU did. Anyone watch CSI: Miami tonight? I'm not sure what to think...especially with two former NYPD Blue actors in it. Edit: Ah yes, Space: Above and Beyond. One of Fox's early crowning glories. I miss thee. [ 09-24-2002, 12:31 AM: Message edited by: XenoZohar ]
  4. Ok, up front, this will rock. If you expect good acting, especially from either, uh, you might want to look elsewhere. (maybe I'm wrong, we'll see) This is a spy movie. Not just any spy movie, though. A spy VS. spy movie. BRING. IT. ON. Can you tell I'm excited?
  5. I tried it. Only for a day though. Haven't played any more than that...yet. Seemed interesting, and the atmosphere is a heck of a lot better than EverCrack's. Expect to do a lot of rat and spider hunting... It seems to be the only thing a newbie can do. (sound familiar? ) Oh, and if the size of the download scares you, don't try it... I had to resume the download many times, and I have a cable connection. A bunch of users grabbing it at once, added to all the download servers being international(AFAIK), makes for a SLOW time. Good luck, and have fun!
  6. Objects in space...visible from the ground... Let me make it clear to myself....are you saying that you'll be able to see little dots moving around and shooting each other...or even...use the DIE's zoom mode to watch a star grow steadily brighter, until you realize...it's a BUGNOR?(RANDOM's overrated... ) ...wow. (PS, if I'm totally off base there, just slap me and move on... )
  7. Thanks. Looks like my GF3Ti500 will do the trick nicely. Was afraid I'd have to upgrade.
  8. Pretty...but does it make toast? Back to reality, though, what cards have said abilities right now?
  9. ...and there was a great groaning in all of the 'net...
  10. goaliejerry, that's about the funniest thing I've heard in years.
  11. Nothing's perfect. (you're only kidding yourself if you think ANYTHING is) I imagine some troll will find a way...and then be booted to the other side of the universe. Can't wait.
  12. There are no silly questions, just people who read announcments at 4 in the morning, like me.
  13. Ok, how high are you willing to go with this "fee"? Have you thought about how this might create a multiplayer schism between those who can afford to shell out extra and those who keep BCM Unleaded? I mean, if we have to send in the manual and cdrom, then we can't play regular BCM with those who don't get the Gold...and I'm sure there will be quite a few in both camps... ...or maybe I'm overreacting.
  14. Appropriate smiley: Now, could you be so kind as to direct me to the nearest bucket?
  15. Just got this in my inbox: quote: Due to popular demand after its exclusive premiere at the Trek Expo in Tulsa this past weekend, the brand-new trailer for "Star Trek: Nemesis" will now premiere on Entertainment Tonight Wednesday, June 26! (Please check local listings for time and channel.) The trailer will then launch online in conjunction with the official movie Web site! Both will go live at 7:30 p.m. PDT/10:30 p.m. EDT in beautiful QuickTime format from our friends at Apple. The trailer will be available in small, large and full-screen sizes (QuickTime Pro 5 required for full-screen viewing). Additional streaming formats will also be available soon. The new "Star Trek: Nemesis" trailer runs 1:34 and will play in theaters during the July 4th weekend. The "Nemesis" Web site contains stunning imagery from the movie, as well as a 360-degree IPIX spin of the Romulan Senate set, wallpapers, AIM buddy icons, and more! Visit STARTREK.COM Wednesday night, June 26, at 7:30 p.m. PDT/10:30 p.m. EDT! I'm a bit excited. I doubt anyone will be able to reach that site for a while tomorrow. If anyone here is at all interested in Trek anymore, voice your opinions here.
  16. quote: ...advertised no less than six times one recent evening... You think that's bad? Tune into Cartoon Network for any extended period of time. The friggin' PowerPuff Girls movie, advertised in some manner, no less than six times IN ONE COMMECIAL BREAK, is what you'll find. Gr.
  17. I think we already discussed this in the "New Planet" thread. I'll read it anyway, though.
  18. *points to the thread labeled, "BCM 1.0.08 RC9 Released"*
  19. Scan..developed...film....? Do you mean negatives? I keep reading that and I can't figure it out... Forgive me, my photography knowledge is limited, and has degraded...
  20. So, Tac, ever used "the line"? You know what I mean... The one that begins with "Dude"? Soback, that printer probably is what you want. I thought photo cd's were just the images from the film put on a CD as JPEGs. Those could be printed out very easily....now, if they aren't very high resolution, then the photo paper and even that nice printer aren't going to do you any good. You'll still see the dots. Soooo, you need a high resolution scanner, and high res printer. This thing has it all in one. I hope I've helped...if not, point me to an airlock.
  21. quote: I saw it, liked the story but I felt the movie's execution was poor. Could you elaborate? I'm curious.
  22. Hmm... Well, I still get this vibe that they are trying to persuade those in hard to reach areas to use the internet, rather than help those that actually WANT the ability... Maybe I'm just nuts.
  23. Read this. Am I the only one who thinks this group is over-reacting? Since when does EVERYONE need the internet? I think this "digital divide" is just in the minds of those who think there is an untapped market just waiting to be exploited...
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