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  1. I wish they had done this sooner... My first PS2 half died on me, where it wouldn't play PSX games, and CD-ROM PS2 discs. DVDs and DVD-ROMS played fine, though, albeit a little more slowly. Very confusing, though I did transport the thing a lot. Anyway, I had loaned my PSX to a friend, who promptly left it in another state, so I was out of luck playing my PSX games. If I had known about this, I could have, A. Gotten my second PS2 cheaper, or B. Gotten a $50 PS1, and not play my grand total of 2 CD-ROM PS2 games.... Oh well...at least I have more shelf space.
  2. If you're joking, . If you really want to know, then I think I remember it being some kind of cd/dvd rom bios hack...it's been a while, like I said.
  3. That's been known about for a while now. It was cracked very shortly after it came out. It's still stupid, though...
  4. Yeah, real men use name calling....ok, so I'm bored.
  5. quote:Originally posted by Parias: ... plus, with my PS2, I've got Xenosaga to look forward to Well, well, do I detect a fellow Xeno-nut?
  6. Why is is posts like this degenerate into either PC vs. Console or Console vs. console... For crying out loud, Jamont was probably just making a joke. Can we get back on topic please? Good grief. I have a cube. I have LM, Rogue(can't get past one mission, though), SSBM (THE reason to own the system), Wave Race: Blue Storm, and soon to be Lost Kingdoms and the aforementioned Resident Evil.
  7. Still haven't seen it yet, but with that resounding endorsement, I probably will this weekend. Besides, it's got Berg in it. PS - If you know who I'm talking about, you get a tilde.
  8. Damn those Elitians. I think I'll start calling everyone who uses it Neo-Elitians. Confuse the heck out of them.
  9. heh, if I had gone into Genesis games and/or NES games, I would've been typing that all night. Oh, and yes, original consoles (NES, SMS, Atari, etc.) are perfectly welcome. [ 04-12-2002, 11:03: Message edited by: XenoZohar ]
  10. Simple subject, spawned off of the fav PC game thread. Xenogears Final Fantasy VI, VII, IX, X Chrono Trigger/Cross Illusion of Gaia Secret of Mana Street Fighter (multiple ones, mainly II and Alpha) Earthbound Galaga/Galaxian METAL GEAR SOLID (plus sequel) Super Mario RPG Mario * (Pick a Mario game, I liked it, probably) Zelda * (barring 2) Metroid * Yuki Yuki Troublemakers Castlevania SOTN and COTM F-Zero Ok, that's it, I'm not going on anymore. I could go on forever, and probably name some obscure console games that no one here would know about (I bet Illusion of Gaia is one...or Actraiser) Now, the one and only diehard console gamer retires to the sanctity of his..um...sanctum.
  11. Descent Descent II Deus Ex Mechwarrior 2/3 Galaga/Galaxian (hey, it counts...) BCM, of course. Homeworld/Cataclysm Shogo: MAD [ 04-12-2002, 01:59: Message edited by: XenoZohar ]
  12. PI Akira Transformers Independance Day The Matrix Most Star Trek Movies All Star Wars but Ep. 1 (liked, but not a fav) Random Godzilla movie(barring the Rolland Emerich one) Ladyhawke(whoo hoo, thought I was the only one) Back to the Future All Kevin Smith (Mallrats the most) Final Fantasy (so fricken sue me, I like the thing) Bad Boys (thanks $iLk for reminding me) Fight Club And, most of what's already been listed (I'm easy to please, I guess)
  13. Happy Birthday, creator of the time-eater!
  14. ....all I'm going to say is: You DON'T jump-kick zombie dogs. Period. End of discussion. Load of crap. Whether you are a fan of the RE series or not. I'm done.
  15. *Xeno's extra popcorn bags start exploding from the extra heat in this thread*
  16. That would work, as long as there are checks in place to prevent people from sentancing car thiefs to death, for example...
  17. Ahem...well, uh, make sure drivers are up to date(since your profile says "newest", and that could be wrong.), and uh, maybe you're power supply is too small? You've got a real power eater of a machine, there. If getting another card, get a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz. I've heard good things about them(my roommate has one, and the SC recommends them, too), and that's what I would have gotten if I had thought about it before. (I have an audigy platinum)
  18. *pulls up some chairs and sets up the public popcorn bowl*
  19. Heh, oops. Well, when it gets late, I tend to mash my saying together to form something entirely incoherant.
  20. *sigh of relief* I thought I was the only one who thought this after reading Nova's posts. quote: A person is smart. People are stupid. --Tommy Lee Jones, Men in BlackPeople are cattle. Pure and simple. Many stray from the herd, but the majority of the herd is led by the herders (aka, the government, popular opinion, etc.), because it's ingrained into the system of life in this country. It's the nature of popularity. Nobody admits it, but everyone is affected by the herders, even those of us who can SEE that it's happening. We just choose to resist it. Yet we are ridiculed and critisized for it because it's "uNkEwL", as Stormshadow said. There's also an odd double standard about it too. Things that are popular are seen as good, but things that are good aren't always popular. Then again, just because something is popular, doesn't mean it's bad. However, I don't believe hope is completely lost. Enough people are smart enough, I think, to kill this thing before it reaches the point where bad things can happen and Echelon is reborn. You know, I'm tired, and I just depressed myself. Anyway, I'm glad someone piped up about what is bad about this thing. Thanks HB and SS. NEXT!
  21. quote: Wouldn't it be great if it was still just "nerds" and AOL users on the internet? It'd make the net soooo much easier. Hey, it's still that way! It just has nerds with cd burners and a will to do illegal things...and AOL users? They haven't changed that much over the years. (Trust me, I was one, long ago.)
  22. Honestly, no matter what this thing does, it probably won't get anywhere for the sheer fact that it emits Big Brother no matter how you look at it. I'm probably about to show my ignorance again, but a line in the proposal says, "...and an antitrust exemption is included." If I read that right, then if there were a monopoly-like standard worked out, it wouldn't be challenged...or something. Also, the standards could be agreed on AFTER the bill was passed, so that exemption would still apply, even if those that passed the bill don't like it...or something....I need to stop now. I'm just making myself look more ignorant, probably. HEY! You political thinkers of the board! Where are you? Where's $iLk and aramike, etc.? Nova and I are probably really screwing up the meaning of this thing! (no offence, Nova. )
  23. Another link for you. The word appears to be spreading like wildfire accross the net, from what I've seen at some other boards. Edit: A verbatim quote from the above link, to get some to read the entire thing. quote: The SSSCA's scope is breathtakingly broad, forcing technology companies to add support for copy and use restrictions into virtually all future digital technology. This would include not only all software, PCs, hard drives, CD-Rs and other computer peripherals, but also many non-PC technologies like cellular phones, TiVos, set-top boxes, video game consoles, digital watches, CD players, MP3 players, GPS receivers, ATM machines, digital cameras, digital photocopiers, and fax machines. Although existing devices are grandfathered under the statute, all future models of these devices would have to be revised to incorporate federally-mandated technology intended to help Hollywood control how its content may be used by consumers. The SSSCA also applies to anyone who sells or distributes these digital technologies, and to anyone who bypasses or modifies any DRM systems in them. Those who violate the SSSCA would face civil fines and criminal penalties. And who gets to define the particulars of the DRM systems? According to the SSSCA, Congress will rely on technology companies and content companies to select DRM systems based on criteria set by Congress. If the industries are unable to agree, federal bureaucrats will choose. The public is not invited to participate, nor do the criteria set out in the SSSCA require the preservation or protection of fair use, first sale, the public domain, or any of the other rights reserved for the public by copyright law. [ 03-06-2002, 18:46: Message edited by: XenoZohar ]
  24. I think the section to worry about is 104. The "private sector" has to come up with the standards, or the Secretary of Commerce would step in. Who knows what kind of whacked out standards would be in place with big names like Microsoft and Intel pushing people around. Might be something like limiting the amount of bandwidth that network cards can use, or even limiting the processing power of consumer PC's. See what I mean now? Heck, it might even make it so that Windows would be the only OS one could use, as it would be the most "secure"(laugh with me ). The term technology doesn't just apply to hardware, you know. Edit: One more thing. The standard might be that only major manufacturers can buy these secure devices, and that WOULD make it illegal to build you own computer. The controlling the internet part...um...well, I think I did post this really late last night, after playing Deus Ex. [ 03-06-2002, 16:12: Message edited by: XenoZohar ]
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