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    Trading with shuttle

    I downloaded it from bmt micro, so I don't have the 1.0 version unfortunately. The one I have is not too bad though. The one thing which is reallying annoying though are the constant ctd's. Most often when observing planets, or establishing planetfall, also sometimes when looking at the Perscan when boarded or saving. Is the 1.0 any more stable, or is there any way of making 2.0 more stable? I also noticed that compared with the free version when on planet there is a tendecy to get stuck on or near buildings. I think this might have to do with the new engine, so 1.0 could work better in that area also. Is it possible to fix any of those glitches? Thanks for replying!
  2. kassiber

    Can't issue commands to marines via TOM

    It happens when you issue for ex the defend command or they engage in combat for a long time. I have figured it out though. Apparently when this happens you need to holster your weapon ( 0 )and do (shift+; ), which is the 'follow me' command while having the marine in question selected via for ex. the priority list, to get control over them again. It's not too easy to find this info though..
  3. When playing as a marine on a planet I lose the ability to issue commands to the team after a while or after issuing certain orders. My marines color code on the map, menus etc. also seems to change from light green to darker green after this change. When I select them via the priority menu and press esc. instead of getting the order menu, all I get is: can't issue order. This also can be the case when as a commander you use the transporter to get to the planetary surface. You can't issue orders via the TOM but can still order the marines via the tactical display (alt+s). Is there anyway to resolve this? Is a lot of fun otherwise.
  4. I'm using UCCE v2. I am not able to trade anything when in a shuttle. Also it's not possible to access the Navitron in the shuttle. It is possible to do both of those things in UC free. Has this changed from the free version? Edit: There seems to be a strange graphical glitch, the Navitron,Tradcom and other buttons are not visible when in shuttle or fighter. You can still hear the sound associated with them and activate them by clicking with the mouse in the space where these would appear. When docked the tradcom button is not visible. Just press where the logistics or tactical button is to activate it.