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    Great Job :) on the GCES se

    ~S~ Thanks Sho been a long time flying any DS games. Glad I did buy the GCES se. Not an easy flight Sim and loving it
  2. AC_Black

    Great Job :) on the GCES se

    ~S~ can I edit the key bindings because I have 5 more buttons on my x52 that I am not using edit quess I should read the Q&A da a well still having fun relearning the controls and maps lol
  3. ~S~ Hello Commander I am a very VERY OLD fan of your 3000 games and I seen the demo of GCES. SE Had to download it and give it a try, for old time sake. Put about 35 mins in and relived the fact that this is a Derek Smart game what are you doing. Just a quick note that your style has not changed, players still have to do their HOMEWORK (read Manual) before flight training heheheh very cool... Gave me a eye strain for 2 hours, BUT well worth the time I spent. Your manuals were always printed out after an edit to take the stuff I knew out... I am going to now miss that second screen lol.. I am still very impressed with your games and EVEN though I cannot play some of them now due to the OS changes lol (I am too lazy to make them work) I have very fond memories. Will go out tomorrow and get the Steam card and buy it. Again thanks.