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  1. I can see that people like to bash you Derek,   Man you're tuff to fight back like that. Many left the gaming industries. I remember the 2 guys at the head of Bioware when they released Star Wars : The old republic. They left after all the bashing they got about the game. The writer of Dragon Age 2 quit because of death threats. John Smedly having to go because of hackers. And the dev that one day balanced a weapon in Call of Duties and getting death threats?    I don't know the gamers of today anymore. You express your concerns about something and you end up being the target of angry followers that get so indoctrinated, that the game is now a religion for then. And they will fight to the death even if they are not right.  If you are winning in a game against another player, you can get swatted because the other player didn't like to loose.   I don't post in those type of forums anymore. It's all full of Trolls now. You ask for advise, you get trolled. You give advises to someone, you get trolled too.   And now, before I get tossed out of the airlock, I'll get back to the topic :rotfl:   I'm a backer too. I didn't put a lot of money but still. The more I see the more I get the impression that in the end the product wont be like it was supposed to be or it will never get officially out. That the dev lost control of the project. And they lost control of the forums. I think it require a full time paid moderator to keep people in check in there.   Keep sane Derek :jam_on:   Martin
  2. Won't be as good as Battlecruiser 3000 but it's a start flagshipgame.com Martin
  3. Man I do miss the game a lot. THE ONLY GAME that you had the feeling of being in control of a capital ship. Hope you can do the game. I would like to be a commander once again. Martin
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