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  1. Does anybody know how many turrets the Engstrom Carrier has?
  2. I occasionally cross Supplystations in Space. Can i use them in my CC? If yes how do i do that?
  3. I just invaded a TERR/INS Starstation. In the first effort i was thumped pretty good and had to be toed back to Galcom HQ. then i assembled a fleet of 25 Ships and went back in. i managed (after 5 attempts) to capture the Station without destroying it :-DD.
  4. Thank you. i just downloaded the UCCE for free in Steam. Ist great. the stars are so beautiful and the acm is bigger then with UC. Ill follow your advice. I just transferred 1000 nutripacks to the Transporter.....
  5. In Universal Combat there are many Spare Parts available to buy. Question: In my Firestorm Super Carrier What Spare Parts should i buy(the most important ones)? Thank you in advance....
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