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    Planet ops

    I am having trouble doing planet ops. I am just not able to keep my marines alive for long. Please can someone tell me a good strategy for it. I have gone through the forums but no technique worked for me. Example, even if I deploy my tanks safely as long as 20 units distance away, the enemy launch bases deploy gunships which make a quick work of my OCS. I have fleet c & c by the way.
  2. dromon

    Need help.

    It is great to hear that uc CE has been declared as a freeware, but something is troubling me. Steam and Amazon are giving it for free then why is gamers gate charging for it. Isn't it illegal to charge for a freeware software? Here is a link to it http://www.gamersgate.com/DD-UCCE20/universal-combat-collectors-edition-20 Which brings me to my second question. Are you going to make uc collectors edition v1 free too? Lot of guys who do not have the rig good enough to run v2 will appreciate v1. By the way I love UC because it is a true space sim and not just a shoot first think later kind of game. Kudos to sc for such a great game.
  3. dromon

    Universal Combat Advanced

    Are the galaxians going to make a comeback in this new version? The have been a mystery since ages. Can't wait for the new release.