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  1. Quick note... Got in for a little bit before I crash for the night, and trekked around Frostbite. Caught a cool sorta "long snow drift" blowing by, which looked awesome. It was night, so it had this sorta "ghost train" type of appearance, especially as it passed by and receded into the distance. Anyway, the main point of my post is that it looks like the performance is back, and I was hitting upward of 60FPS again (@1920x1080 with the DX9 client). Didn't get to test any of the other areas again, but can give them a look tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to hopping into a ship, and getting to interact with other players, even if it means (as it probably will lol), getting my butt kicked into next week. So, just wanted to pop in and follow up on the topic. 'til next time! o7
  2. Ah okay, so that's the preferred place to post anything that pops up, then? Given the rather caustic/unhelpful nature of many on the Steam forums, I'd thought this might be the preferred place for bug/issue related feedback. No problem, though. I'll post over there going forward, then. Thanks!
  3. Hello, So, I've been doing some more exploration/testing of LoD, but am finding it difficult to do much in the past couple days, as there's been a serious drop in frame-rate, specifically on planets. Stations are still fine. For a few days, I was getting smooth performance, but with a sort of "hitching" every few seconds. Now, however, running the game at the same settings that was yielding almost 60FPS my first few days in the game, even while recording footage at those settings, I'm now dropping into the single digits, going as low as 7FPS at one point. Have changes been made to the terrestrial part of the engine, or some part of the renderer, that might explain this? I can try and gather more specific information to help identify it, if it would help. Also, is there a limitation to how many players can currently inhabit a given planet location? I saw there was one person on Gulge, so I thought "Oh cool! I can interact with another player". Except it won't let me connect to that zone, no matter the method (drop, direct log-in, or teleporter). I tried a few times. Each time, it brought me back to the login screen. I'll keep trying to figure it out, but it's been rough getting much done in the last couple days. Edit: I did a force update (just in case), and deleted the config file to reset everything, then logged in again. Thought maybe changes I made to the defaults might provide a clue. But that turned out to be negatory. Same results, even with full default settings.
  4. No prob! I have popped my head into UC, thought "Yeah... way beyond me right now". I decided to stick with Galactic Command because it is kind of a stripped down version of those other games (at least that's my understanding of it). A bit less to bite off all at once. For UC, I've found a great channel on YT (lazy chan), and he does an awesome job of explaning/demonstrating the basics. So, I'll be relying on those videos when I make the hop.
  5. So, a quick update. I did take the advice to go and check out other games. However, I can't seem to get into those, because I'm so dead-set on digging into one of the 3000AD games. Just how I am. If I have my heart set on doing one thing, nothing else is going to keep my interest. So, I loaded up Galactic Command Echo Squad, and started going through the tutorial (voice-over version). I'm using mouse/keyboard, so I'm learning those commands. For now, I don't have access to a printer (working on that, though), so in addition to using the tutorial manual in-game, I'm jotting down the key acronyms (MFG, NID, etc) as well as keyboard shortcuts on a notepad to keep right next to me here. I fell behind the voiced-over tutorial somewhere into the "fly to Jupiter then back to Earth space" (just not fast enough for Mother, I guess!), so I just did my best with hopping in and out of the tutorial document (super handy having that easily accessible in-game). I got to the bit where you're placing a waypoint to land near Hadley.... No BS or blowing smoke here... while the whole experience is definitely going to take time to learn (and I'm not even into combat yet lol), I'm loving the hell out of this already. I was sitting here, just spinning the map around where you select a waypoint, laughing, and saying "this is too cool!". When I get that kind of reaction from something, I know I like it. So, yeah... I'm committed - but not in the straight-jacket, padded room way. That might come later. Who knows. I don't care how long it takes, I'm going to learn this game and dig in. I've been looking for a game with a lot to learn and wrap my brain around for a long time. Old-school MMOs used to fill that role for me, but even they've become far too streamlined/easy anymore. So, I think this is it. I imagine, by extension, the other 3000AD games work on similar controls/setups (at least for the aspects in common with Calactic Command)? If that's the case, then I'll be digging into them as well at some point. I'm going to get the tutorial guide and the different keyboard maps and such printed out, to keep them handy, so I don't have to keep pressing ctrl-H, etc. So... just wanted to share my nerd-gasmic excitement with y'all
  6. Hey everyone, Thanks for the additional feedback, and the suggestions. I think I have one or two of those games y'all have listed. I know for sure I have Freespace 2 through GOG. So, basically, I should pick up some of those older games, as a primer for the 3000AD titles, then? Seems reasonable enough. I dove into the 3000AD stuff because of its complexity, and I figured it'd be a fun challenge to wrap my head around it. But, if playing older games would give me a better context/foundation to help learn, then I can certainly do that. I do own Freespace 2, so I can look at that for now. I like the look of Ascent, and dig that it's developed by a single person - that's impressive! So I'll likely look into that as well. Thanks again everyone
  7. Hello! Just wondering if there's a soundtrack available for the Battlecruiser series games (including LoD)? Something that jumps out at me while I'm playing is how good the music is. Has a nice ambient and not too "in your face" kinda vibe to it. Would love to have it playing while I'm doing other stuff, working on projects, etc. Thanks!
  8. Ahhh excellent. Okay, yeah I was wondering about that.... how to indicate where I am. Awesome. Thanks for the tip!
  9. Ah, okay, so more or less what I've been doing. I've found spots where boulders and such are floating above the ground. Some good tips there. I'll keep an eye open for similar things when I'm logged in. Thanks!
  10. Hello everyone, First, forgive me if this is the wrong place to post this kind of stuff, but I saw the section here, and thought it'd be a good place to pop in and share some thoughts of LoD so far, of course considering it's in development, etc. First, I'm digging the overall look of the game. I've chatted a bit back and forth with Derek about this on FB, as well. Each time I log in, I get to see something a bit different from the last time - specifically the different lighting throughout the day/night. It doesn't seem there's a lot to be done for now, until more stuff is added (ships, etc) and/or more people start popping in, which I imagine will happen as it gets nearer to full release. As far as "Tech Support" type things...The connection is still a bit hit-or-miss at times. Sometimes I can log right into whatever area I choose. Other times I can't. I'm not sure why that is; if it's an internet thing, or due to some work being done on the game servers, etc. I just keep poking at it 'til it lets me in :p. I'm also noticing a bit of a hiccup in-game when running around, specifically on a planet-surface. It seems that every 2 or 3 seconds, there's a "hiccup", and it pauses for a fraction of a second. This is very new, within the last day or so, as it wasn't like that before just recently. I thought it might have been because I was recording some footage, but it happens even if I'm not recording. Has something changed that might be causing that? Also, I'm noticing that when I'm jumping into an area from a station, where I'm double-clicking on the map doesn't seem to be reflected in where I land. I posted a video on YT (and shared on FB), where I click on one spot, but seem to land some distance away. Is this intended, or is it something still to be addressed? In any case, it's cool to be able to kinda get a peek behind the curtains, and see things in development, and improving over time. I am curious if there's anything in particular the developers would like to have tested? Are there certain areas, items, or what not, that you'd like some direct player-data or feedback for? I'd be happy to do whatever, if it helps. If I'm gonna be skulking around your world-in-progress, I may as well make myself useful. Anyway, enough rambling from me. Look forward to seeing you all in-game!
  11. ShoHashi, Hey thank you! Yeah, I've been considering printing out a sheet of at least the commands to keep in front of me while I'm playing. I think, because there seems to be a variety of different content you can do, that I might just try a "free roam" type approach first, and experiment a little with everything. Or, maybe picking more directed activities might be better. I'm also jumping into LoD now, so... there's a lot of 3000AD in my gaming basket at the moment. If I have any questions that I haven't been able to find an answer to myself, I'll be sure to look here, and/or ask. Thanks again!
  12. Hi all, As the subjects states, I'm really new with Space Sims, and am interested in diving in and learning them. I've delved into several games recently ('Oolite', then Elite Dangerous, as well as a couple other 3000AD games, specifically Galactic Command Echo Squad: SE, and Battlecruiser Millenium). I've decided to begin my "journey" into this genre with Galactic Command: ES. Having made that choice, I'm getting impression that there is no real "shallow end" to this pool, so I'm just trying to find out which corner of the deep end is recommended for someone new to the genre overall? I've started up the tutorial missions, but feel like I should have a physical printed manual in front of me for that - to follow the tutorial, and for a handy reference to always have in front of me - or at least a cheat sheet for all the acronyms and HUD elements. I suppose I could print something out myself. Anyway! Not sure if there is any advice beyond "just jump in and start learning", but any help, suggestions, advice is greatly appreciated, regardless. Thanks!
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