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  1. Resign, Paul

    Universal Combat Advanced

    I've read all that before I wrote here, but I can't interact there because it requires an account on steam which I couldn't do without disregarding and disrespecting their terms of service, in which case, if I'd do that, I wouldn't want to write there anyway becuse it would reveal my identity, they would realize that I have 3000ad games from them and therefore, I'd get banned from there for disrespecting their terms. Also, I wanted to attempt to bring discussion back here. I like this forum.
  2. Resign, Paul

    Universal Combat Advanced

    Fantastic news. This has touched me and it is the reason I am registering on this forum after well, more than a decade stalking the forums without and almost two decades of playing the games. I'm going to be honest because its what I'm good at. I don't like the other games you've made. For me it is only about Battlecruiser and it being improved, polished, upgraded and assembled through the years. I don't care how you rename or claim to see it as different games, I'm just glad you're sharing the process with everyone. --- What the hell are you talking about? Didn't Derek asked to stay on topic? You have to be kidding. Will you please RTFM, more precisely the "2. ENHANCED NAV MODULE" part. Jesus. --- You can't just drop any "MP3" nowhere, if it works with a crappy player, that's a miracle. Here's the deal, if Derek accepts my help, I could write a simple batch script using ffpmeg maybe so you can drop any mp3 on the music dir and run the script so it goes to a format the game wants. It could come along with the game files like Directx. Or you could have done it by yourself already, couldn't you? Regarding the "ALL" function, I miss that too. Now that you mentioned it, there are some repetitive tasks like ordering marines in batch while in FPS for instance that could have a "button" or something. Also, since I am Resnig, Paul Resnig I feel that I m in position to ask for a "Send all (or most all) marines on search duty" command for purposes of dealing with intruders, so as to clean up my name from all these rumors. It has come to my attention that most players think they should send me to detention hold right after they hear "priority one alert", and that's kind of insulting, actually. A "Deactive launch and transporter control power" as a panic measure, without even going into Logistix would be useful as well. The other things you said and I haven't quoted are related to low AI stupid marines that you decide to put on control of your shuttles, and those things have been discussed elsewhere, why are you wrecking this topic? --- I was going to suggest crowd funding for the Battlecruiser remake, as it has already been suggested and considered, actually. I'm going to be honest once again. I've never payed for any of your games and the reason is that I just don't like this kind of method and I will never like. Crowdfunding on the other hand it's something that I do like and I will definetly invest a lot in a crowdfunding game when you pull that out. As for spaceman00's comment, I suggest you to go see about the story of Wasteland 2. In short, Brian Fargo has released the game on steam (hate it) and good old games (love it), then actually "finished up" the game and released the "director's cut" edition, which was given for free for the backers, just like a patch or something. It's one of the stories to get inspired when going towards that path. Let me state this again. I am anxious to finally show my support in a financial way to the 3000ad games if you decide to try crowdfunding. --- Can we have this on UCADV?
  3. Resign, Paul

    Mining drone lost

    First, I am fully aware that this game was released for free, no longer supported, I'm a decade late, etc. That said, I've did some testing with the "FREE GAME – Universal Combat" I've got from http://www.3000ad.com/download/ and it seems that whenever you don't put mining drones on your priority list when you leave them to travel, you have a chance of coming back and never find them. I've parked a Stormcarrier next to Gamma-1's Starbase, dropped all four mining drones, went to space to launch probes and the first time I came back, I've already lost one of the mining drones, nowhere to be found on Tacops neither in the SUL. On Tactical-Loadout it appears as "STATUS: DEPLOYED" and "ASSIGNMENT: GAMMA-1 - FULL". Then I parked the craft again and went to enemy bases trough DJPs. When I came back, yet another "missing" drone. The shuttles couldn't extract it, a message in the Commlink said something about the drone not being in vicinity. Then I went to another mission zone to park the craft, drop the remaining two drones and DJP to wreck some enemy bases, to come back and find out I had only one drone left. The thing is, I can't replace the drones with spares because the Tactical computer requires the old ones to be destroyed. Also, I did fly a shuttle through the surface of the planet with active radar to find out that I was flying a shuttle through the surface of the planet with active radar. And not finding any drone in the whole yellow squared area, even not around it. Was it looking for Xenon on Gamma-1's core? Was it cloaking to troll me? Were it the Galaxians? - come on, you laughed at this Seriously, the other glitches (or call it whatever you may call) that I've noticed that could possibly have a relation to this was: Any and all crafts sometimes flying up to the highest possible altitude out of nowhere when they had AHS on and pass through specific cells - is it "cell" the technical name? - I've trying passing through these "special places" and when AHS is on, every asset seem to fly up like it's flying on a geyser, while mother says "warning!". With AHS off, nothing seems to happen. Seems like some crafts are being pulled down on water areas just like the aforementioned situation. I've been finding them via Tacops normally, though. Sometimes planetary things stop to show up on Tacops as selectable objects. They're still on the TRS, though. If anyone still bothers or are just curious, I have saved game files.
  4. This is how Windows works, and can't and won't be fixed. You should try using virtualization. I use two computers.